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Battle Cry (BCY)
Experienced players only. 
Rules will not be explained. Neither GMs nor players will teach the game to beginners during the event. GMs are encouraged to remind players about the Event Class to discourage anyone who ignored the printed warnings, especially in multi-player games. This is a courtesy to players who come to the event prepared to play without instruction and will greatly speed play.

Round 1/6 Heat 1: First Sunday @ 11 – Wintergreen
Round 1/6 Heat 2: Saturday @ 9 – Wintergreen
Round 2/6: Saturday @ 12+ - Wintergreen



Pete Stein: GM (3rd Year)

GM Email:




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The first round will consist of two heats with players playing the same battle versus the same opponent, one game as the Confederate and one game as the union. If you win both games in the match you advance. If both players win once in the match, the winner will be (1) players capturing the most flags in both games, (2) players killing the most figures in both games and (3) a die roll. Winners of the match are eligible to advance to Round 2 on Saturday at 12PM for single elimination play. Play in either or both heats.

The second round and later will consist of a single game against a random opponent. While the GM selected what he feels are balanced scenarios, some may feel differently about certain scenarios. If both players want to play the same side, the following bidding procedure will be used. (Same as last year.) Both players will roll all the battle dice. The player who rolls the most crossed sabers will bid first; if the number of crossed sabers is tied, re-roll until there is not a tie. What you are bidding is the victory banners you will give your opponent so that you can play the desired side. Zero is a valid bid. When a player does not want to raise the bid, the bidding is over and that player takes the other side and is given the number of victory banners bid.

The battles will be:

1st round first Sunday: New Hope Church
1st round Saturday: Gaines Mill

2nd Round: Chickamauga
3rd round (and as needed): First Bull Run
Semifinal: Williamsburg
Final: Mufreesboro

All scenarios can be found in the second edition (150th Civil War Anniversary) rule book. The second edition is the default edition, but efforts will be made to accommodate owners of the first edition, particularly in the early rounds.

There will be a time limit of one hour per game. Games not finished in one hour will be subject to adjudication.

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