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WBC 2017 Orphans/Preliminary Events List
Last updated 3/21/2017.

WBC 2017 is now closed to new events.

WBC is now finalizing its 2017 schedule which will be announced in mid-May.
The list below is temporary and only identifies events eligible for inclusion based on 2016 performance,
the completed 2017 membership vote and the participation of GMs and sponsors.

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The kiosk hallway funnels hotel guests on their walk to the convention center -
reassuring them they are reaching the WBC gaming nirvana.


Century Events

Century: These events compose the combined Century & Legacy Group of featured events that are supported by multiple prize levels, ranging from two to six plaques and a Centurion shirt, based on a formula using the most recent statistics of attendance and player hours. Slots were pre-determined by 2016 performance and Board vote under the Legacy rules (see BPA FAQs) and require only the commitment of a BPA member to GM the event by the March 15 deadline.

Failure of a member GM to submit a suitable event form for the event by the deadline will drop it from eligibility. All events require a BPA member acting as GM to submit a satisfactory Event Form no later than March 15. Prospective GMs should review the GM Guidelines. All requested event times are approximate and subject to change when the final schedule is released.

Events are not held for their prior GM but are awarded based on merit determined by past performance, timeliness of event submission and format. Events without a GM commitment at this time are OPEN to any current member who submits an acceptable event form.

 Event - Code - Demo Requested Century GM & Requested Start Time-
7 Wonders - 7WS - D: TBD C-1 Philip Shea; TBD
7 Wonders Duel - 7WD - D: TBD C-2 David Edelstein; TBD
1775 - 775 - D: TBD C-3 Jeffrey Lange; Mu: FSu13, Mo10+
1830 - 8XX - D: FSa10 C-4 Tom McCorry; FSa11, FSa18, FSu9, FSu17; SF/F: Mo9
Acquire - ACQ - D: TBD C-5 Cliff Ackman; TBD
Adel Verpflichtet - ADV - D: FSu18, We10 C-6 Angela Bender; FSu19, Mo10, We11; SF/F: We14
Advanced Civilization - ACV - D: TBD C-7 Nathan Barhorst; TBD
Afrika Korps - AFK - D: Tu17 L-1 Jon Lockwood; FSa10+; SF/F: Sa14
Agricola - AGR - C-8 Sceadeau D'Tela: FSa12, FSa15, FSa20; SF: FSu9; F: We9
Air Baron - ABN - D: FSu18 C-9 Max Jamelli; FSu19, Mo9, Tu18, Th21; SF/F: Fr12
Alhambra - ALH - D: FSu9 C-10 Debbie Gutermuth: Su16, We18; SF/F: We20
Amun-Re - AMR - D: Tu20 C-11 Greg Thatcher; TBD
Atlantic Storm - ACS - D: We18, Th18 C-12 Ben Knight; Tu18, We19, Th9, Fr13; SF/F: Fr15
Attack Sub - ATS - D: Sa16 L-2 Steve Caler: Su9+
Auction - AUC - D: Tu17 L-3 Bob Wicks: FSa22, FSu9, Tu18, We15; SF: We16; F: Su9
Automobile - AUT -  D: TBD C-13 Andrew Maly; TBD
Axis & Allies - A&A - C-14 Craig Yope; FSa13+
B17 - B17 - C-15 David Terry: Th9+
BCY - Battle Cry -  C-16 Peter Stein: FSu11, Sa9; Rd 2: Sa12+
BAT - Battle Line - D: Fr18 C-17 Sean McCulloch; Fr19+
Battles of the American Revolution Series (aka Saratoga) - BAR - D: We16 C-18 Mark Miklos: Mu: We18; Th9, Th12+
Brass - BRS - D: TBD C-19 Bruce Hodgins: TBD
Breakout Normandy - BKN - D: Tu17 C-20 Nels Thompson; Mu Tu18, We9+
Britannia - BRI - D: TBD C-21 James Jorden: TBD
Can't Stop - CNS -  C-22 Andrew Drummond; We23
Carcassonne - CAR - D: Mo9 C-23 Jennifer Visocnik; Mo10, We14, Fr11; QF/SF/F: Sa21
Castles of Burgundy - COB - D: FSu12 C-24 Richard Irving; FSu13. Mo21, We13; SF/F: Sa13
Castles of Mad King Ludwig - CMK - D: Fr17 C-25 John Corrado; We11, Fr18, Sa13, SF/F: Su9
Catan; Cities & Knights - C&K - D: TBD C-26 Chris Gnech; TBD
Churchill - CHL - C-27 Greg Schmittgens; TBD
Circus Maximus - CMS - D: We9 C-28 John Jacoby; Mo13, Tu18. We19, Fr9; SF: Sa10; F: Sa18
Combat Commander - CBC - D:TBD C-29 Bryan Collars: TBD
Commands & Colors Ancients - CCA - C-30 Andy Lewis: Th9+
Concordia - CNC - D: We11 C-31 Craig Reece; We13, Fr20, Sa11; SF/F: Sa13
Diplomacy - DIP - D: Fr17 C-32 Thomas Haver: Fr19, Sa10, Sa19
Dominion - DOM -  FSu15 C-33 Duncan McGregor: TBD
Dune - DUN - C-34 Brad Johnson; We13, Th13, Fr9; F: Sa9
Egizia - EGZ - D: Tu17 C-35 Andrew Emerick: TBD
El Grande - ELG - D: We17 C-36 Rob Flowers; Tu18, We18. Th9; SF/F: Th13
Empire Builder - EPB - D: Mo10 C-37 Bob Stribula: Mo12, Tu18, We12; SF/F: Th9
Empire of the Sun - EOS - C-38 REPLACED
Euphrat & Tigris - E&T - D: Sa16 L-4 Craig Moffitt: Fr11, Sa17; SF/F: Sa19
Evolution - EVL - D: We11, Th9, Fr9 C-39 Luke Warren; Th11, Th21, Fr11, Fr21; SF/F: Sa11
Facts In Five - FI5 - L-5 John Corrado; Sa21
Five Tribes - 5TR - D: We19 C-40 Michael McKibbin; Mo17. We20, Th11; SF/F: Th19
Football Strategy - D: We17 L-6 Bert Schoose: Mo16+; We18+
For the People - FTP - D: Th9 C-41 James Pei; Th10+
Formula De - FDE - C-42 Carolyn Caton: Mo10, Tu17, We10; F: Th10
Formula Motor Racing - FMR - D: We14 C-43 Chris LeFevre: Tu20, We16, Th9; SF/F:Th12
Gettysburg - GBG - D: Tu9 C-44 Ed Menzel; FSa10+, SF/F: Sa9
Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage - HRC - C-45 Stuart Tucker; Tu19+; F: Su9
Here I Stand - HIS - D: Tu18 C-46 Jeffrey Heidman: Tu19, Th19; SF: Fr9; F: Sa9
History of the World - HWD - D: We10 C-47 Ty Hansen; Mo15, We18; SF: Th18; F: Sa15
Ingenious - ING - D: TBD C-48 Joe Yaure; TBD
Ivanhoe - IVH - D: Tu15 C-49 Ashley Kilroy: Tu23, We21, Th23; SF/F: Fr22
Julius Caesar - JUC - Demo: Th9 C-50 Michael Sosa; Th10+
Kaiser's Pirates - KPR - D: We18, Fr11 C-51 Tim Rogers; Fr13, Fr16, Sa10; SF/F: Sa13
Kremlin - KRM - D: We15 L-7 Steve Cucarro: Mo9, Tu21, We16, Fr12; F: Fr18
Liar's Dice - LID - C-52 Nicole Reiff: Fr23+
Lords of Waterdeep - LWD - D: Tu17 C-53 Robert St. Pierre; Tu22, We16, Th17; SF/F: Fr20
Lost Cities - LST - D: TBD C-54 John Conlon: TBD
March Madness - MMS - D: Tu18 L-8 Terry Coleman: Mo19, Tu19, Fr9, Fr18; SF/F: Su9
Memoir '44 - M44 - D: Th20 C-55 Sam Edelston; Mu: Th21, Fr9+
Merchant of Venus - MOV - D: Mo14 C-56 Richard Irving; Mo16, We9, Fr13; SF/F: Sa9
Mister Madison's War - MMW - D: Tu17 C-57 David Stiffler; Mu: Tu18; We9+
Monsters Menace America - MMA - D: FSu21, Mo18, We18 C-58 Mark Love; FSu22, Mo19, We19, Th9; SF/F: Fr18
Napoleonic Wars 5-Player - NW5 - D: Th10 C-59 Garethe Williams; Mo18, We18, Th12; SF: Fr18; F: Sa18
Navegador - NVG - D: TBD C-60 Anni Foasberg; TBD
Paths of Glory - POG - C-61 Tom Gregorio; Mu: FSa14, FSu10+
Pirate's Cove - PRC - D: TBD C-62 Jason Fisher; TBD
Power Grid - PGD - D: TBD C-63 Kevin Broh-Kahn; TBD
Puerto Rico - PRO - D: We11 C-64 Richard Shay; Th17, Fr20, Sa9; SF: Sa15; F: Sa22
Ra! - RA! - D: Tu20 C-65 Steve Scott; FSa21, Mo21, Tu21, We9; SF/F: Th21
Ra; The Dice Game - RDG - D: Tu13 C-66 Robert Kilroy: We15, Th9, Fr14, Sa16; QF/SF/F: Sa17
Rail Baron - RBN - D: We16 C-67 Trella Bromley: We17, Th17, Fr19; SF/F: Sa9
Robo Rally - RRY - D: TBD C-68 Marc Houde; TBD
the Russian Campaign - TRC - C-69 Gary Dickson: FSa10+; SF/F: Sa9
Russian Railroads - RRR - D: Mo14 C-70 Tom DeMarco: Mo17, We15; SF/F: Sa15
Saint Petersburg - SPG - D: TBD C-71 Amy Rule; TBD
San Juan - SJN - D: FSu9 C-72 Lexi Shea; FSu10
Santa Fe Rails - SFR - D: Mo18, Tu17 C-73 Rob Kircher: Mo19, Tu20, We18; SF/F: Th9
Sekigahara - SKG - D: Mo9 C-74 Matt Calkins; Mo10+
Settlers of Catan - SET - D: TBD C-75 Rich Shipley: Sa9+
Slapshot - SLS - C-76 Sean McCulloch; Sa23+
Small World - SMW - D: FSa9, FSa12 C-77 Jay Spencer; TBD
Speed Circuit - SCT - D: Th13 C-78 Chris Long; Th15; Fr?, Sa?; F:Su9
Splendor - SPD  - D: We15 C-79 Duncan McGregor: TBD
Squad Leader - SQL - D: TBD C-80 Peter Pollard; Sa10+; SF/F: Sa9
Star Wars Miniatures - SWM - D: TBD C-81 Frank Sinigaglio: Tu18, We9, Th18, Fr18; QF: Sa12+
Star Wars; Queen's Gambit - QGB C-82 Buddy Sinigaglio; Mo19, Tu20, We21, Th9; Fr12+
Stone Age - STA - D: Tu20 C-83 Rodney Bacigalupo: Mo15, We13, Fr13; QFSF/F: Sa9
Superstar Baseball - SSB - D:Mo20 L-9 Roderick Lee; Draft: Tu19. Tu20,We20, Th20; SF/F: sa20
Through the Ages - AGE - C-84 Ramdy Buehler; FSu12, FSu18, Mo10; SF:Mo17; F: Tu10
Thurn & Taxis - T&T - D: Mo21 C-85 Andy Latto; Mo23, Tu18. Th15; QF/SF/F: Fr9
Ticket To Ride - TTR - D: We9 C-86 Claire Brosius; Mo17, We11, Th20, Fr9; QF: Sa15; SF/F: Su9
Tin Goose - T_G - D: TBD C-87 Joel Tamburo: Tu19, We17; SF/F: Th17
Titan - TTN - D: Tu20 C-88 Dave Strock: Tu21, We9, 13, 17, 21, Th9, 13, 17 ,21; SF: Fr9; F: Sa9
Titan The Arena - TTA - D: Tu17 L-10 Greg Crowe; We17, Th21, Sa14; SF/F: Sa16
Twilight Struggle - TWS - D: Th16 C-89 George Young: Fr9+
Up Front - UPF - C-90 Jim Burnett: Th9+
Vegas Showdown - VSD - D:Mo14 C-91 Eric Freeman; FSu16, Mo17, We9; SF/F: Th15
Victory in the Pacific - VIP - D: FSa18 C-92 John Sharp; FSu9+
Virgin Queen - VGQ - D: FSu10 C-93 Michael Kiefte; FSu12, FSu18; SF/F: Mo9
War At Sea - WAS - C-94 Vincent Meconi; Th9+
War of the Ring - WOR - D: Th18 C-95 Kevin Wojtaszczyk; Mu: FSu18; Fr20+
Washington's War - WWR - formerly WTP (We The People) - D: Th18 C-96 Keith Wixson; Sa9+
Waterloo - WAT -  C-97 Martin Musella; FSa10+; SF/F: Sa9
Wilderness War - WNW - C-98 Keith Wixson; FSa13+
Win, Place & Show - WPS - D: FSa18 C-99 Jim Burnett: FSa9, FSa19, Tu23, Sa16; F: Sa19
World At War - WAW - D:FSu13 C-100 Mike Crowe; Mo10+

To make a GM Commitment, become a current BPA member of Sustaining level or higher and submit a completed Event Form before March 15. Century events will be run within two hours of the requested time slot or the GM will be consulted for an acceptable alternate time.

The end of the Kiosk hallway leads to registration and entertains passersby
with histories of past tournament results and upcoming schedule details, qualifications and results.

Trial Events

Top 25 Trials are the top 25 selected by members casting their votes on the Membership ballot between Dec. 1, 2016, and Jan. 31, 2017. Any vacancies in these 25 due to lack of a GM commitment will be filled by BPA based on other Alternate GM commitments on hand by March 15, 2017. Although we will try to honor requested timeslots, all GMs of Trial events must be willing to run their events when scheduled by BPA. Failure to do so may disqualify the event.

Events selected by Membership Vote

GM - Requested Starting Times
Ace of Aces - AOA -  T-1 Bill Burtless; TBD
Bitter Woods - BWD - D: TBD T-2 Bruno Sinigaglio; FSa10+; SF/F: Sa9
Commands & Colors Napoleonics - CCN - D: Tu17 T-3 John Kirk; We9+
Elchfest - ELC - D: Mo21 T-4 Alex Bell; Mo22+
Enemy In Sight - EIS - D: TBD T-5 Matt Evinger: TBD
Fire in the Lake - FIL -  T-6 Eric Guttag; Th13, Fr13;SF/F: Sa9
Innovation - IOV - D: Mo12 T-7 Robb Effinger: TBD
King of Tokyo - KOT - D: Tu22 T-8 John Coussis; Tu23+
Las Vegas - LAS -  T-9 Adam Hurd: FSa23+
Love Letters - L_L - D: TBD T-10 Scott Saccenti; TBD
Medici - MED - T-11 Jeff Cornett: Mo9, Th10, Th19; SF/F: Th20
Naval War - NVW - D: Tu17 T-12 James Kramer; Tu18, We10, Fr18; SF/F: Sa17
Orleans - ORL - D: FSu12 T-13 Andrew Drummond; TBD
Panzerblitz - PZB - T-14 Rick Northey; FSa10+; SF/F: Sa9
Princes of Florence - POF - D: TBD T-15 Alex Bove: TBD
Pro Golf - PGF - D: TBD T-16 Bruce Monnin; Th23+
Race For the Galaxy - RFG -  D: We18 T-17 Cally Perry; TBD
Roll For the Galaxy - RGD - D: We13 T-18 Chris Yaure; We15, We16, Th9, Th10; SF/F: Th14
Scythe - SCY - D: FSa17 T-19 Nicholas Henning; FSa18, FSu9,; SF/F: FSu12
Star Wars Rebellion - D: FSu12, We17 T-20 Chris Kizer; Mu: FSu13, We19+
Terra Mystica - D: Tu18 T-21 Hank Griffin; To20; We13; SF: Th9; F: Fr9
Terraforming Mars - TFM - D: FSu17, We18 T-22 Bill Crenhaw; FSu21, Mo9, We20, Th14; SF: Th21; F: Fr20
Trans America - TAM - D: Su9 T-23 Dave Bohnenberger: Su10+
Union Pacific - UNP - D: FSu9 T-24 Steve Shambeda: FSu10+
Wooden Ships & Iron Men - WSM - D: We10 T-25 Tim Hitchings; Fsa10+; SF/F: Sa18

Events are not held for their prior GM but are awarded based on merit determined by past performance, timeliness of event submission and format. All events require a BPA member acting as GM to submit a satisfactory event form no later than March 15. Prospective GMs should review the GM Guidelines. All requested event times are approximate and subject to change when the official schedule is released. Although we will try to honor requested timeslots, all GMs of Continuing Trials must be willing to run their events when scheduled by BPA. Failure to do so may disqualify the event.

Vendor/Sponsor Introductory (New) Trials: Anytime prior to March 15, each vendor and/or Sponsor may add one new Trial event above and beyond the Top 25 Trials determined by the membership vote. Such New Trials will automatically fall into Century or Continuing Trial classifications the following year based on their 2017 performance. These events must be for games which are in print by the March 15 deadline and for which BPA has received an Event Form from a willing GM. Publisher must submit a copy of the game at the time of the event submission. Events chosen by the CD from the Alternates List to replace otherwise qualifying events without GM commitments are also listed below.

Sponsored Trial Events by Vendors/Sponsors Vendor Events  Game Master
Age of Renaissance - AOR - D: Fsa17, Mo17 VS-1 Eric Monte; FSa18, FSu20, Mo18; F: Tu9
Coal Country - C_C VS-2 OPEN:
Conquest of Paradise - CQP - D: Th19 VS-3 Kevin McPartland; Th21, Fr15, Sa9; SF/F: Sa12
Dominant Species - DSP - VS-4 REPLACED
Falling Sky - F_S - D: TBD VS-5 Joel Tamburo; TBD
Festung Europa - F_E   VS-6 Adam Starkweather: TBD
Galaxy - GXY - D: We19 VS-7 Mark Mitchell: Mo21, We20, Th19; SF/F: Fr17
Galaxy Trucker - GXT - D: Tu17 VS-8 David Finberg; Tu19, We18, Th18; SF: Fr20; F: Sa20
Great Campaigns of ACW - GCA - D: We9 VS-9 Dave Cross: We10+
Leaping Lemmings - LLM - VS-10 Bill Powers: TBD
Mage Wars - MGW - TBD VS-11 Tom Cannon: TBD
Maneuveur - MAN - VS-12 Andy Lewis: Mo13+
Metacheckers - MCK - We9 VS-13 Ed Bond: TBD
Orient Express - O_E - D: TBD VS-14 Daniel Broh-Kahn: TBD
Paydirt - PDT - D:We12  VS-15 Ron Pisarz; We13, Fr13
Power Grid: the Card Game - PGC - D: TBD VS-16 Jeremy Billones: TBD
Republic of Rome - ROR - D: We9 VS-17 Frank McNally; We10, Th18; F: Fr18
Talon - TLN - D: Th19, Fr16 VS-18 Michael Powers; Mu: Th20, Fr17, Fr20+
Tigers in the Mist - TIM - D: We18 VS-19 Ray Freeman; Fr9+
Titan Two - TT2 - D: Tu19 VS-20 Rich Atwater; FSu20+

Alternate Events

Alternate Events are those that were submitted too late for the annual Trial ballot or that failed in the voting but are submitted with a completed event form by a willing GMs. Alternate events for which a satisfactory event form has been submitted are used as replacements for any qualifying Century or Continuing Trial; event without a GM commitment by the deadline. Alternate events are occasionally upgraded by Sponsors.

 Event Proposals on Hand for use as replacements for vacancies GM Commitments with requested timeslots
13 Days - D: FSu9, We13 Kaarin Engelmann; FSa12, FSu10, We14, Th16
1989 - 989 - OPEN:
Arctic Scavangers - A_S - OPEN:
Automobiles - D: TBD Nicholas Henning TBD
Colt Express - D: TBD Samantha Berk; TBD
Conflict of Heroes - COH -   OPEN:
Feast For Odin - D: TBD Sceadeau D'Tela; TBD
Founding Fathers - D: TBD Stephen Scott: TBD
Goa - GOA D: TBD Alex Bove; TBD
Hands in the Sea Tom Drueding; TBD
Indonesia - D: Fr17 Devin Smith; Fr18, Sa9; SF: Sa14; F: Su9
La Granja - D: TBD Doug Faust; TBD
Labyrinth - LBY - &  Labyrinth: The Awakening - D: TBD Trevor Bender: TBD
Moto Grand Prix John Welage; TBD
Nations - D: We17 Bill Crenshaw; Mo19, We19; F: Fr19
Origins of World War II Roy Pettis; TBD
Quartermaster General - D:FSu15, Tu17 Marc Nelson Jr; FSa 18, FSu16, Tu18; SF/F: Fr17
Rommel in the Desert James Kramer; We10+
Stockcar Championship Racing - SCC - TBD Ralph Gleaton; TBD
Tikal - TKL - D:TBD Daniel Broh-Kahn; TBD
Tyranno Ex - D: We11 Tom DeMarco; We12, Fr14; SF?F: Sa9
Tzolkin - TZK - OPEN:
Victory in Europe - VIE - D: TBD Ron Draker:: TBD
Wellington - WLL - OPEN:
Yaspahan - YSP - D: TBD Cally Perry:: TBD

Juniors Events

Juniors Events: Volunteer GMs are always needed to run free events for children aged 12 & under in the WBC Juniors room. Any game is eligible provided it is suitable for children of that age group and available in sufficient numbers to allow all children present to play. You cannot assume children will bring their own copies of the game. The GM should come prepared to instruct children how to play the game. A BPA Room Monitor is always present to help maintain order but is not always available to assist children in playing the game. Recruitment of assistants to aid you is strongly advised. Volunteer Assistants are very much needed. To volunteer, contact Laurie Wojtaszczyk at

Events for Children 12 & under Event # Day Time GM
Augustus J-1 Mon9amAndrew Drummond
Settlers of Catan J-2 Mon 11am Janice Laird
Las Vegas J-3 Mon 2pm Lesley Coussis
King Of Tokyo J-4 Mon6pmJohn Coussis
Lost Cities J-5 Tue9amMegan Byrd
Sushi Go! J-6 Tue11amScott Saccenti
Splendor J-7 Tue2pm Andrew Drummond
Wits & Wagers Family J-8 Tue6pmEric Freeman
Ingenious J-9 Wed9amJoe Yaure
Love Letter J-10 Wed11amLyman Moquin
Guillotine J-11 Wed2pmRay Stakenas
Alhambra J-12 Wed6pmPhillip Shea
Fill The Barn J-13 Thur9amCharlie Hoopes
Formula Motor Racing J-14 Thur11amJames Parauda
Ra! Dice J-15 Thur2pm Derek Landel
Incan Gold J-16 Thur6pmLucas Heinz
Blokus J-17 Fri9amDaniel Broh-Kahn
7 Wonders J-18 Fri11amRob Shollenberger
TransAmerica J-19 Fri2pm Crystal Shipley
Carcassonne J-20 Fri6pmRich Shipley
Apples to Apples J-21 Sat9amJoanna Melton
Can't Stop J-22 Sat 11amTom Parauda
Ticket to Ride J-23 Sat2pm Laurie Wojtaszczyk
Slapshot (7pm!!) J-24 Sat7pmMark Yoshikowa

KEY: FSa = First Saturday, FSu = First Sunday, Mo = Monday, Tu = Tuesday, We = Wednesday, Th = Thursday, Fr = Friday, Sa = Saturday, Su = Sunday; TBD = To Be Determined (GM conferring to maximize facility use); PC - times listed in red are Pre-Cons which commence the preceding weekend; Mu: Mulligan, QF: Quarter Final, SF: Semi-Final, F: Final; +: Continuous Rounds to conclusion or posted SF or F.
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