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2016 Sportsmanship Award Winner Last updated Feb. 10, 2017

Laurie Voisin of Lockport, NY has been named Sports(wo)man of the Year for 2016 by amassing nearly 17% of the 440 (a record number) votes cast in the annual membership vote. Laurie had been acclaimed the winner of her Five Tribes preliminary game. After the game was put away and everyone had left for other activities, Laurie returned - pointing out a scoring error in the scoresheet that put her in third place. She not only pointed out the mistake but then searched for and found the real winner in Open Gaming to inform him that he had indeed qualified to advance and she had not. That act of sportsmanship by someone with all of two laurels to her name won her WBC’s biggest prize … free lodging at the next WBC.

Her competition in what quickly evolved into a two-candidate race was Nels Thompson who was not nominated as a player, but as a GM of a neighboring event. Due to the disturbance an infant was causing in the area where both event Finals were being conducted, Nels stepped forward and offered to push the baby in his stroller so that both events could proceed without further disturbance. Nels spent the next hour turning circles with the child while both Finals continued. The infant’s presence drew a grateful response to Nel’s intervention from those in the area.

Placing a strong third with nearly 9% of the vote was Eric Brosius whose backing of a new GM’s efforts despite a GM error that cost hm a win struck a responsive chord. Completing the top six nominees were the late Jason Ley with 8% in his last WBC, Charlie Drozd and Rob Kircher each with 6%.