2015 WBC Team Tournament Winner's Circle
Oct. 4, 2015

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Ringers Take Small Team Tournament Field

Bruce Reiff 7 Bruce Beard 8 Bruce Monnin 2 Harry Flawd 8

Despite record WBC attendance, only 78 teams entered the 25th Run for the Slivers at the 2015 Team Tournament.  It was the smallest field since 2007. The odds-on favorite at 18-1, the Harry B’s—the best assortment of ringers that laurels can buy, reigned supreme with three firsts and a fourth. This came as no surprise since the trio of Reiff, Beard and Flawd had won their respective events a total of 30 times. The smart money has under achiever Monnin with but four titles in his specialty being jettisoned next year for more of a sure thing. In amassing their 25 points, one more than they scored as the 2014 runner-up, they spoiled the sophomore year of the talented Canadian quartet of Page, VanderWal, Drummond and McGregor whose 22-point total would have won 20 of the 25 “races” to date. Andrew Drummond paced the 120-1 underdog Dice Loving Canucks and led all scorers with a maximum score of 12 points for winning Splendor over a 276 player field. Having now finished sixth and second in two tries, mayhap they should get more respect from the handicapper. Both teams managed to score with all four players—a feat accomplished by only one other team—the 11th place Iron Meeples

An even bigger over achiever claimed third as Team Hyboria padded its 21-point score with three bonus points. Without a prior title between them, the Melton and Franklin father-and-son teams managed two championships and a third to edge perennial contender Band of Fools by the entrants tie-breaker. The 32-1 grognard entry used a trio of 7-point wins to remain in the Top Ten.

The U.S.-Israeli alliance of Philly Streets also used three bonus points to claim fifth and was led by Ben Scholl’s 10-point win in Puerto Rico. He was backed by impressive laurel hauls by Israeli’s Haim Hochboim and Aran Warszawski in Agricola and Through the Ages

The real long shot payoff was the newcomer Alham-Bros squad who logged in at 5000-1 odds with three bonus points behind Dan Boyle’s Dominion win and laurel efforts by Ben Carter in Ticket to Ride and Jon Wyatt in Formula De. That was enough to claim sixth place over the next seven highly ranked teams who all came in at or under 54-1 odds.

Rounding out the best of the rest were the defending champion 30.314 who could muster barely half that score in their title defense. One wonders if they will be renamed “16.247” in 2016. Perennial challengers Wood Bee Contenders, KGB and The Siegelman took the last three spots in the Top Ten with 15, 14 and 13 points respectively to provide the answers to our Annual Bracket Busting contest. Honorable Mention goes to the Harris family who claimed 14th place for Athena & the 3 Spartans with 12 points despite 600-1 odds. 

Despite the upsets, it was generally a good year for the favorites with seven teams ranked at 76-1 or better in the Top Ten. A notable exception was Nest of Spies which finished 13th, and again ruined most brackets in our annual Prediction contest. So, if it was a more predictable year, who would be more likely to win our annual Prediction contest than Jeff Cornett—the duelling guest prognosticator of 2014—who tied Mark Love’s all-time record with six correct picks despite a rocky start. Four of his first five selections—Nest of Spies, Me & 3 Stiffs, MIT SGS and Greenville Mafia Pestience went down the tubes before finishing with five straight hits. Among the also-rans at 50% correct were James Pei, Riku Riekkinen and Andrew Emerick—serious Caesar contenders all. Apparently, being a top player also helps your prediction skills. As our winner, Jeff is now freely enrolled as a 2016 Sustaining member for our debut in Seven Springs. 

27 teams were again shut out—the same number as last year. The winner of this year's biggest razzberries for being the highest ranked team failing to score is none other than the 2008 champion St. Paul’s Rejects whose 46-1 odds proved to be a terrible investment. Fame is fleeting. 

Only 27 of our 312 players, less than 9%, managed to successfully call their shots by winning their selected event—six less than last year. 

133 of our 164 events were employed. Dominion was the event most frequently chosen with nine entrants, followed by Agricola with seven entrants. The choice of going big or small remained an interesting contrast with Jay’s Basement swinging for the fences with a combined field of 893. In contrast, the AREA team played small ball and failed to break 100 with a combined field of 92. This time, “small ball” won a 4-0 decision over the shutout Jay’s. 

2015 Teams, in order of finish
Click on the graphic to see a larger version. Rankings courtesy of Stuart Tucker.
Unofficial team logos courtesy of Dave Dockter and Kaarin Engelmann. Some logos provided by the teams.
NOTE: PR=Power Rating (Sum of the players' Baton Ratings); Points=Points (number of points earned).Entrants (total number of entrants in all of team's events)
1 2 3 4 5

The Harry B's
Team #: 56

(Rank)Odds: (1)18-1
PR: 521
Points 25.173
Bruce Reiff FBS 7
Bruce Beard 8XX 8
Bruce Monnin WAS 2
Harry Flawd PDT 8

Dice Loving Canucks
Team #: 3
(Rank)Odds: (47)120-1
PR: 86
Points: 22.560

Nick Page LHV 2,
Sara Vanderwal RDG 4,
Andrew Drummond SPD 12,
Duncan MacGregor CNC 4

Team Hyboria
Team #: 59
(Rank)Odds: (63)240-1
PR: 44
Points: 21.242

Craig Melton ABN 10,
Thomas Melton BBS 2,
John Rinko MMA 9,
Franklin Rinko ACS

Band of Fools
Team #: 5
(Rank)Odds: (4)32-1
PR: 315

Points: 21.097
Richard Beyma GBG 7,
Gary Dickson TRC 7,
Ray Freeman VIP 0,
Tom Gregorio BWD 7

Philly Streets
Team #: 20
(Rank)Odds: (33)76-1
PR: 137
Points: 19.339
Haim Hochboim AGR 5,
Ben Scholl DOM 10,
Jon Senn TZK 0,
Aran Warszawski AGE

6 7 8 9 10

The Alham-Bros
Team #: 14
(Rank)Odds: (77)5000-1
PR: 2
Points: 18.539
Ben Carter TTR 5,
Eric Meader IOV 0,
Jonathan Wyatt FDE 3,
Dan Boyle DOM

Team #: 21
(Rank)Odds: (7)37-1
PR: 279
Points: 16.427
David Meyaard ELC 8,
Nick Henning CMK 0,
Karl Henning GXT 8,
Jon Gemmel LID

Wood Bee Contenders
Team #: 32
(Rank)Odds: (6)36-1
PR: 283
Points: 16.108
Jeff Cornett BCY 1,
Bill Crenshaw GBM 0,
Doug Galullo GSR 8,
Kevin Sudy MFD 7

Team #: 33
(Rank)Odds: (20)54-1
PR: 191
Points: 14.176
Mark Guttag FI5 0,
Lyman Moquin SKG 0,
Ron Draker JUC 7,
Malcolm Smith HOS

The Siegelmen
Team #: 25
(Rank)Odds: (8)37-1
PR: 267
Points: 13.301
Randy Buehler AGE 0,
Sceadeau D’Tela AGR 10,
Andrew Emerick NVG 3,
Steven LeWinter PGD 0

11 12 13 14 15

Iron Meeples
Team #: 58
(Rank)Odds: (15)45-1
PR: 227
Points: 13.289
Grant LaDue WNW 1,
Nels Thompson BKN 2,
Kevin Wojtaszczyk RA 6,
Riku Riekkinen TWS

Roll One Die
#: 55
(Rank)Odds: (5)35-1
PR: 288
Points: 13.270
Sean McCulloch BAT 0,
Pete Stein CCA 0,
Jeff Mullet SJN 9,
Lisa Gutermuth FMR

Nest of Spies
Team #: 44
(Rank)Odds: (2)25-1
PR: 404
Points: 13.324
James Pei FTP 8,
Chris Byrd HRC 1,
Nick Pei HWD 0,
Rob Kircher SJN

Athena & 3 Spartans
Team #: 17
(Rank)Odds: (74)600-1
PR: 18
Points: 12.190
Kirk Harris VGQ 9,
Bertha T. Harris IVH 0,
Manuel Bravo HIS 0,
Evan Harris LBY

EPGS Mountin’ Laurels
Team #: 63
(Rank)Odds: (50)120-1
PR: 85
Points: 11.235
Mike Kaltman NVG 2,
Ken Horan LHV 7,
Tim O’Flynn SMW 0,
Bob Stribula EPB 2

16 17 18 19 20

Uncivil Servants
Team #: 6
(Rank)Odds: (13)43-1
PR: 239
Points: 11.196
Kevin Youells ACV 1,
Ty Hansen A&A 0,
Ewan McNay RRY 10,
Chris Trimmer VGQ

EPGS Wabbit's Wevenge
Team #: 70
(Rank)Odds: (11)42-1
PR: 245
Points: 10.280
Craig Moffit E&T 8,
Greg Thatcher ELG 0,
Eric Freeman AMR 2,
Barb Flaxington PRO

Me & Three Stiffs
Team #: 48
(Rank)Odds: (9)39-1
PR: 263
Points: 9.407
Keith Wixson WWR 8,
Marvin Birnbaum SPD 0,
Terry Coleman MMS 1,
Johnny Wilson SSB

Magic Men XXL
Team #: 10
(Rank)Odds: (37)90-1
PR: 115
Points: 9.235
Rob Murray AGR 0,
Kyle Smith EGZ 0,
John Corrado BRS 0,
Joel Lytle AGE

Gaming Speed Bumps
Team #: 8
(Rank)Odds: (45)120-1
PR: 88
PointsL 9.159
Doug Porterfield AOA 3,
Craig Yope EOS 4,
Lee Rodrigues KRM 0,
Richard Irving UPF 2

21 22 23 24 25

Princess & The Frogs
Team #: 35
(Rank)Odds: (72)400-1
PR: 26
Points: 8.597
Scott Saccenti STA 6,
Antony Saccenti EGZ 2,
Donte Saccenti COB 0,
Holiday Saccenti SPD

Local Yokels
Team #: 18
(Rank)Odds: (57)170-1
PR: 62
Points: 8.531
Erik Schlosser 7WS 0,
Chad Weaver DOM 4,
Dusty Usner CAR 4,
Rich Miller SJN

The GCOM Idiots
Team #: 60
(Rank)Odds: (43)110-1
PR: 91
Points: 8.469
Eugene Yee STA 0,
Henry Dove TZK 5,
Jay Boring COB 3,
Rodney Bacigalupo PRO

Greenville Mafia: Famine
Team #: 40
(Rank)Odds: (53)130-1
PR: 79
Points: 8.165
Ralph Gleaton UPF 0,
Bill Beckman SSB 8,
John Bateman CBC 0,
Bill Burtless NW5

Rage Quit
Team #: 7
(Rank)Odds: (41)110-1
PR: 195
Points: 7.238
Bill Dyer FDE 0,
Quinn Dyer RRY 0,
Lee Proctor BRS 0,
Jacob Dyer DUN

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