BPA Game Library
July 17, 2015

The WBC Open Gaming Theater and BPA Library is sponsored by Alliance Games and Marbles: The Brain Store.

The games below are new to the library in 2015.

BPA Library Inventory
(Updated 7/17/15)
6 NimitAmigo
10 Days in AsiaOut of the Box
10 Days in the USAOut of the Box
1775Academy Games
1812 - Invasion of CanadaAcademy Games
1960: The Making of the PresidentZ-Man Games
1989: Dawn of FreedomGMT Games
Aachen - First to FallDecision Games
Abyss Asmodee
Ace of AcesFlying Buffalo Inc.
AgricolaZ-Man Games
Agricola: All Creatures Big & SmallZ-Man Games
Airlines - EuropeRio Grande Games
AlhambraQueen Games
Alien FrontiersClever Mojo
Aliens vs. ZombiesVictory Point Games
AndroidFantasy Flight Games
Angels One Five Victory Point Games
AquarettoRio Grande Games
AquariusLooney Labs
Amoung the StarsStronghold Games
Are You the TraitorLooney Labs
Are You the Werewolf?Looney Labs
Arena Roma IIQueen Games
Ark & NoahElfinwerks
Artic ScavengersRio Grande Games
Article 27Stronghold Games
ArtusRio Grande Games
Attila Blue Orange Games
AvalonIndie Cards & Games
AztackBlue Orange Games
BaronsCambridge Game Factory
Battle ThisClance Morning/Self Published
Battle SheepBlue Orange Games
BattlegroupLost Battalion
BattlelineGMT Games
Battlestar Galactica: Pegasus ExpansionFantasy Flight Games
BelfortTasty Minstrel Games
Blockade Runner Numbskull Games
Blood and RosesGMT Games
BoxcarsRio Grande Games
Brave RatsBlue Orange Games
Bridges of Shangri-LaUberplay
Bruxelles 1893Z-Man Games
Bug OutOut of the Box
BugsValley Games
Builders, TheAsmodee
Burger JointRio Grande Games
BurrowsZ-Man Games
C.C. Higgins Rail Pass Numbskull Games
Cable CarQueen Games
Capitals, TheMercury Games
Capo Dei CapiDoctor Finn's Games
CarcassonneRio Grande Games
Carcassonne Dice GameRio Grande Games
Carcassonne Hills & SheepZ-Man Games
Carcassonne: Hunters & GatherersRio Grande Games
Carcassone: New WorldRio Grande Games
Carcassone: Wheel of Fortune ExpansionRio Grande Games
CardcassonneRio Grande Games
Cargo NoirDays of Wonder
CarnivalDice Hate Me
Cartoon Network FluxxLooney Labs
Cartoona w/expansionGame Salute
Cash-A-CatchQueen Games
Castle DiceFun to 11
Castle of BurgundyAlea
Castle of Burgundy w/expansionAlea
Cauldron - Battle for GazalaDecision Games
Cavemen: Quest for FireRio Grande Games
Celestial RainbowsGriggling Games
Chang Cheng Z-Man Games
Cheap ShotGut Bustin' Games
Choose OneLooney Labs
ChrononautsLooney Labs
Cinque TerreRio Grande Games
Circus TrainVictory Point Games
City of IronRed Raven
Claim ItWattsalpoog
ClubsNorth Star Games
CO2Stronghold Games
Code 777Stronghold Games
Collateral DamageGozer
Colossal ArenaFantasy Flight Games
Combat Commander: EuropeGMT Games
Command and Colors: NapoleonicsGMT Games
ConcordiaRio Grande Games
Conflict of Heroes: Eastern Front Academy Games
Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear - Firefight Generator Academy Games
Conflict of Heroes: Guadalcanal Academy Games
Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel Academy Games
Conquest of ParadiseGMT Games
CopycatRio Grande Games
Core WorldsStronghold Games
Core WorldsStronghold Games
Core Worlds: Galactic OrdersStronghold Games
Crazy Creatures of Dr. GloomStronghold Games
Credit MobilierRio Grande Games
Crossways USAopoly
CrowsValley Games
Crude: The Oil GameStronghold Games
Cthulhu FluxxLooney Labs
CubaRio Grande Games
CubaRio Grande Games
Cutthroat CavernsSmirk & Dagger
Damage ReportBreak From Reality
Dark HorseKnight Works
Darkest NightVictory Point Games
Dawn of the ZedsVictory Point Games
Days of Battle: Golan Heights Victory Point Games
D-Day DiceValley Games
Destination: NeptuneGriggling Games
Destined HeroVictory Point Games
DiamondsStronghold Games
Disaster on EverestVictory Point Games
DMZ - The Next Korean WarDecision Games
Doge Ship, TheRio Grande Games
DominaireAlderac Entertainment Group
Dominant Species Card GameGMT Games
DominionRio Grande Games
Dominion: Alchemy ExpansionRio Grande Games
Dominion: Cornucopia ExpansionRio Grande Games
Dominion: Intrigue ExpansionRio Grande Games
Dominion: Prosperity ExpansionRio Grande Games
Dominion: Seaside ExpansionRio Grande Games
Doodle Quest Blue Orange Games
Dragon ValleyDiamond K
Dragon's Gold White Goblin Games
Dungeon Roll Tasty Minstrel Games
Dungeon VentureGiochi Uniti
Dungeons & Dragons: Attack Wing WizKids Games
EgiziaRio Grande Games
Eight Minute EmpireRed Raven
El CaballeroRio Grande Games
Elk FestRio Grande Games
Empire of the VoidRed Raven
En GardeSlugfest Games
Epic Spell WarsCryptozoic Entertianment
EpigoMasquerade Games
España 20 Victory Point Games
Evolution Schmidt Spiele
FauxcabularyOut of the Box
Fauxcabulary ExpansionOut of the Box
FealtyAsmadi Games
Fief: France 1429 Academy Games
Fields of Arle Z-Man Games
Fill the BarnHoopCAT Games
Final FrontierVictory Point Games
Fistful of PenginsWattsalpoog
Flash Duel (2nd Ed)Sirlin
Flash Point: Fire RescueIndie Cards & Games
Fleets 2025Victory Point Games
FlorenzaPlacentia Games
Fluxx 4.0Looney Labs
Fluxx - BoardgameLooney Labs
Fluxx- Eco FluxxLooney Labs
Fluxx- Loonacy FluxxLooney Labs
Fluxx- Monty PythonLooney Labs
Fluxx- Star FluxxLooney Labs
Fluxx- Oz FluxxLooney Labs
Fool's Fortune, ARio Grande Games
For the CrownVictory Point Games
For the PeopleGMT Games
Forbidden Desert Gamewright
Formula Motor RacingGMT Games
Fortress AmericaFantasy Flight Games
Fortress EuropePaul Koenig Games
Founding FathersJolly Roger Games
FredrichRio Grande Games
Freedom: The Underground RailroadAcademy Games
FreeloaderCheapass Games
FrescoQueen Games
FridayRio Grande Games
Frontier Stations Victory Point Games
Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943Collins Epic Wargames
Fruit FairWattsalpoog
Galloping PigsRio Grande Games
Gauntlet of FoolsIndie Cards & Games
Gem RushVictory Point Games
Ghosts in the GridVictory Point Games
Glen MoreRio Grande Games
Glory to RomeCambridge Game Factory
GoaRio Grande Games
GoaRio Grande Games
Goblins, IncRio Grande Games/CGE
GobletBlue Orange Games
Going Going GoneStronghold Games
Gone FishingRio Grande Games
Grand AlchemistClash of Arms/Tilsit
Great Chili Cookout, TheJolly Roger Games
Guild HallAlderac Entertainment Group
GunrunnersDoctor Finn's Games
Guns of Gettysburg, TheMercury Games
HaggisIndie Cards & Games
Hamel 1918Blue Panther LLC
Hammer of the ScotsColumbia Games
Hapsburg EcpliseVictory Point Games
Hearts & MindsWorthington Games
Hell's GateVictory Point Games
Here I StandGMT Games
Hero of WeehakenVictory Point Games
Hex HexSmirk & Dagger
High and TightVictory Point Games
HiberniaVaninglorious Games
HikeHike Moosetache Games
Homeland: The Game Gale Force Nine
Hunt for Red October, TheTSR
I Say, Holmes! Victory Point Games
Ice DiceLooney Labs
Igloo PopRio Grande
Il VecchioTasty Minstrel Games
Imperial 2030Rio Grande Games
Imperial Stars II Victory Point Games
InfectionVictory Point Games
InnovationAsmadi Games
Innovation: Echoes of the Past ExpansionAsmadi Games
Iron and OakGMT Games
Island SeigeAPE Games
Isle of Doctor NecreauxAlderac Entertainment Group
IvanhoeGMT Games
Jerusalem ElfinWerks
Jet SetWattsalpoog
KaiapitBlue Panther LLC
Kaiser's PiratesGMT Games
Kill the OverlordMulti-Man Publishing
KingsburgFantasy Flight Games
King's VineyardMayday Games
King's RansomVictory Point Games
KnockoutVictory Point Games
LancasterQueen Games
Last CallWattsalpoog
Leaping LemmingsGMT Games
Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game Upper Deck Entertainment
Leipzig - Napoleon EncircledDecision Games
LeningradDecision Games
LeuthenVictory Point Games
Lewis & ClarkAsmodee
LiberteValley Games
LibertyColumbia Games
Little DevilsStronghold Games
Loch Ness The Game Master
Long ShotZ-Man Games
Loonacy Looney Labs
Looney Bin, The Numbskull Games
Lord of the Rings Dice GameWizKids
Lord of the Rings: The ConfrontationFantasy Flight Games
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring: Deck Building GameCryptozoic Entertianment
Lords of Xidit Asterion Press
Lost CitiesRio Grande Games
Lost Cities - The BoardgameRio Grande Games
Lost LegacyLost Legacy
Lost TempleStronghold Games
LutsoMarbles: The Brain Store
MacaoRio Grande Games
Mafia CasinoBoite de Jeux
The Magic Labyrinth Playroom Entertainment
ManoeuvreGMT Games
Mansions of MadnessFantasy Flight Games
MaoriRio Grande Games
Marengo Casus Belli
MariaRio Grande Games
Martian DiceTasty Minstrel Games
Memoir '44Days of Wonder
MetropolysRio Grande Games
MilestonesStronghold Games
Mix MatchNon Violent
ModusMarbles: The Brain Store
Mogul Rio Grande Games
Monkey LabAlderac Entertainment GroupBox
Monster FactoryRio Grande Games
MontanaCambridge Game Factory
Moonbase AlphaVictory Point Games
Munchkin DeluxeSteve Jackson Games
Munchkin: LegendsSteve Jackson Games
Munchkin: ZombiesSteve Jackson Games
Mystery of the TemplarsStratelibri
Mythic BattlesIello
Napoleonic WarsGMT Games
NavegadorRio Grande Games
Neuroshima HexZ-Man Games
New ScienceConquistador Games
New WorldRio Grande
Ninja vs NinjaOut of the Box
Nomads of ArabiaWattsalpoog
Notre DameRio Grande Games
Nuclear WarFlying Buffalo Inc.
Oden's RavensRio Grande
Off Your RockerStratus
Oh Gnome You Don'tGut Bustin' Games
Oh Snap! Kickstarter
OregonRio Grande Games
Out of GearsElfinwerks
OutpostStronghold Games
Pacific TyphoonGMT Games
Pacific VictoryColumbia Games
PalaCambridge Game Factory
PanamaxStronghold Games
Panic StationStronghold Games
Paris ConnectionQueen Games
ParthenonZ-Man Games
Paths of GloryGMT Games
Pew Pew Victory Point Games
Piece of CakeRio Grande Games
PinataRio Grande Games
Pink HijinksLooney Labs
Pirate FluxxLooney Labs
Pirate vs PirateOut of the Box
Pittsburgh '68Gamewick Games
Power Grid Deluxe Rio Grande Games
Power Grid - First SparksRio Grande Games
Power Mage 54Power Mage
Pressure Cooker Rio Grande Games
Prussia 20 Victory Point Games
Puzzle Stike Upgrade Pack (in Puzzle strike)Sirlin
Puzzle StrikeSirlin
QuarantineMercury Games
QuillisCambridge Game Factory
Quilt Show Rio Grande Games
Quoridor Family Games Inc.
RaRio Grande Games
Ra - The Dice GameRio Grande Games
Race for the GalaxyRio Grande Games
Race for the Galaxy: Brink of War ExpansionRio Grande Games
RagamiMesa Boardgames
RarrrAPE Games
Rattlebones Rio Grande Games
RattusZ-Man Games
Regular Show FluxxLooney Labs
Relic RunnersDays of Wonder
Renaissance ManRio Grande Games
Resistance, TheIndie Cards & Games
RevolverStronghold Games
Revolver 2: Last Stand at MalpasoStronghold Games
RialtoTasty Minstrel Games
Richard IIIColumbia Games
Ristorante Italia ElfinWerks
Rivals for CatanMayfair Games
Road to EnlightenmentConquistador Games
Robo RallyHasbro/Avalon Hill
Rogue AgentStronghold Games
Rock Band ManagerFantasy Flight Games
Rock Me ArchimedesMarbles: The Brain Store
ROFLCryptozoic Entertianment
Rolling FreightAPE Games
Roll for the Galaxy Rio Grande Games
RowboatHike Moosetache Games
Ruse & BruiseRio Grande
Samurai BattlesZvezda
Samurai: The Card GameRio Grande Games
San JuanRio Grande Games
Sands of Iwo JimaBlue Panther LLC
SanitariumAsmadi Games
SenatorFantasy Flight Games
Seven DragonsLooney Labs
Shadow Run: Crossfire Catalyst Game Labs
Sheepdogs of Pendleton Hills (w/ Wolf Booster Pk)Stratamax
Shootin' LaddersSmirk & Dagger
Show ManagerQueen Games
Sid Meier's CivilizationFantasy Flight Games
Sign of the PaganVictory Point Games
SixisAsmadi Games
SkagwayVictory Point Games
SkallywaggsBent Castle Workshops
Sketch ItBlue Orange Games
SlapshotColumbia Games
Slouch Hats & EggshellsLegion Wargames
Small WorldDays of Wonder
Small World: Be not AfraidDays of Wonder
Small World: UndergroundDays of Wonder
Smash Up w/expansionAlderac Entertainment Group
Snake Oil: ElixirOut of the Box
SnapGammon Victory Point Games
Somalia Interventions Blue Panther
Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem Gale Force Nine
Space AlertRio Grande Games
Space CadetsStronghold Games
Space Cadets: Dice DuelStronghold Games
Space Sheep Stronghold Games
Spin MonkeysRio Grande Games
Splendor Asterion Press
Spot ItBlue Orange Games
Spy Alley Spy Alley Partners
Spy Guys Victory Point Games
Star Borders: HumanitiesVictory Point Games
Star Trek ExpeditionsWizKids
Star Trek: Fleet Captains - RomulansWizKids
Stock Car Championship RacingMcGartlin Motor Sports
Stone AgeRio Grande Games
Strada Romana 2nd EdElfinwerks
StrainHungry Robot Games
Strike of the EagleAcademy Games
StrongholdValley Games
StrozziRio Grande Games
Surfs Up Dude!Jolly Roger Games
Survive: Dolphins & Dive Dice ExpansionStronghold Games
Survive: Escape from AtlantisStronghold Games
Survive: Giant Squid ExpansionStronghold Games
SyllaRio Grande Games
Tammany HallStratamax
Temporum Rio Grande Games
TenkaVictory Point Games
Tenka: Shogun Edition Victory Point Games
Terra MysticaZ-Man Games
Terror WarBlue Panther
Tesla vs. Edison Artana
Tetris LinkIdeal
ThebesQueen Games
Those Pesky Garden GnomesRio Grande Games
Through the AgesCzech Board Games
Through the DesertFantasy Flight Games
Thunder Alley GMT Games
Thunderstone Starter SetAlderac Entertainment Group
TichuRio Grande Games
Tic Tac Two Marbles: The Brain Store
Ticket to RideDays of Wonder
Ticket to Ride: Europa 1912 ExpansionDays of Wonder
Ticket to Ride: EuropeDays of Wonder
Ticket to Ride: Heart of AfricaDays of Wonder
Ticket to Ride: IndiaDays of Wonder
Tide of IronFantasy Flight Games
Tide of Iron: Designer's Series Scenario Book1A Games
Tide of Iron: Fury of the BearFantasy Flight Games
Time 'N SpaceStronghold Games
Times SquareRio Grande
TitanValley Games
To Court the KingRio Grande Games
TobagoRio Grande Games
Toboggans of DoomBucephalus Games
TonkinLegion Wargames
Top Secret SpiesRio Grande Games
Traders of CarthageZ-Man Games
Trailer Park WarsGut Bustin' Games
Treasure ChestRio Grande Games
TreehouseLooney Labs
TriesteVictory Point Games
Tsuro Kosmos
Twilight ImperiumFantasy Flight Games
Twilight StruggleGMT Games
Ultimate Werewolf: Inquistion Bezier Games
Unexpected TreasuresRio Grande Games
Urban SprawlGMT Games
Vampire EmpireStronghold Games
Vasco de GamaRio Grande Games
VikingsRio Grande Games
VillageTasty Minstrel Games
Village InnTasty Minstrel Games
Villainous Vikings Victory Point Games
Viva JavaDice Hate Me Games
VoluspaStronghold Games
Wakanda Blue Orange Games
Wallachia 20 Victory Point Games
War Party Treefrog Games
War Stories: Liberty RoadConquistador Games
Waterloo 20Victory Point Games
White Star RisingLock 'N Load
Wiz-War: 8th EditionFantasy Flight Games
Word on the Street- Expansion 1Out of the Box
Workshop of the WorldRagnar Brothers
World at War: America ConqueredLock 'N Load
World of WarcraftFantasy Flight Games
World War II: Barbaroosa to BerlinGMT Games
X Files, The IDW Games
Xtra innings BaseballXtra innings
Yam SlamBlue Orange Games
YelnyaBlue Panther LLC
Yomi: CompleteSirlin
YggdrasilZ-Man Games
YspahanRio Grande Games
Zombie FluxxLooney Labs
Zombie State - Diplomacy of the DeadZombie State Games
Zombies/Ninjas/ PiratesGozer
ZoolorettoRio Grande
Zulus on the RampartsVictory Point Games

Please follow our few courtesy rules when using the library to protect this resource for your fellow attendees now and in the future. 
Violation will cause forfeiture of future lending privileges.

Complete the ENTIRE checkout sheet whenever you check a game IN or OUT. Note the clipboard # you used for check-out to speed check-in.

There is a limit of one game per person at a time. When games are not in use, return them to the library and complete the check-in sheet you originally used to borrow the game.

Library games are NOT to leave the Open Gaming room unless reserved by a GM for a tournament. GMs assume responsibility for returning those games when their events no longer require them.

Return games in the same condition as they were when checked-out, with pieces properly separated and sorted.

The library will be unavailable Sunday so that it can be packed. Return all Library games by midnight Saturday.

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