WBC Auction and Auction Store Sales
Sept. 24, 2014

The auction took place in Lampeter again this year, which became crowded as we neared the break for the annual meeting which saw a huge attendance due to the site announcement.

The auction sold a total of 544 items with no unsold lots.  The items sold for just over $18K, up from 2013, for an average price of $33.44, 4.7% above last year’s $31.94 average.  Twenty-two items sold for $100 or more with an ASL collection taking top billing at $510. Other big dollar items included Big Board Circus Maximus $340, Case Blue $260, Star Wars Queen’s Gambit $250, Streets of Stalingrad $240, and lot of Old S&T Magazines $210.  Another 17 items sold between $100 and $180, 64 items sold between $50 and $90, and 114 items between $30 and $48.  At the low end of the scale, only 61 items sold for less than $10, slightly down from last year’s 67 items. View a list of the Auction Lot Sales.

The requirement of a $1 minimum bid worked well for the auctioneers and staff and will remain in effect for future years.

From a buyer’s perspective, 117 different buyers walked home with games from the auction with 5 buyers spending more than $500 and an additional 42 buyers spending more than $100. 

At the auction store, a total of 1,735 items, of the 1,867 registered, were delivered Monday night.  The line started to form at 8 AM in order to be the first in the store at 9:00.  Only 1,374 or 79% of the items sold as sellers looked to get more than market value for their items.  The average selling price of the auction store items was $13.25, up 5% from last year’s $12.58.  The Store had 126 items selling at the top price of $30, another 266 items over $20, and 478 items between $10 and $19.  The quality of the auction store continues to improve as the auction closes earlier each year.

With 361 unsold items in the store, the auction staff is putting in considerable effort at the end of the auction to return all these games and still get to their gaming.  Because of this, potential changes are being discussed to help alleviate this issue and discourage consistent overpricing of items. 

In addition, there were a total of 86 sellers for the store but 14 of them had less than 5 items and another 18 had less than 10 items.  Registration and check-in are very time consuming and with the number of total sellers between the auction and auction store totaling 103, changes for the store in 2015 are being discussed including minimum quantity for auction store submissions.

Stay tuned to upcoming newsletters for changes to 2015.

Thanks to everyone who participated as both buyers and sellers at this year’s event and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

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