World Boardgaming Championships Publicity
Oct. 20, 2014

2013 WBC Pre-Registration
(pdf; 1MB)

2013 WBC Poster
(jpg; 207kB)


Media Coverage of WBC 2013

The Party GameCast World Boardgaming Championships Minisodes

The Brosius family attends the 2013 World Boardgaming Championships (Eric Brosius)

WBC 2013 - a week in DonCon's Amish Paradise (J.R. Tracy)

Randy Buehler's WBC 2013

WBC 2013: First Timer's Report (Vidar Aas; ludocrat)

Brad Raszewski's WBC 2013 (BradRaz3)

Adventues at WBC - the Boardgaming Paradise! (Joel Tamburo; Joelist)

WBC Needs Losers: My 2013 Geeklist (Anni Foasberg; Ibaimendi)

WBC 2013 - Games Played & Purchased (Jerdude)

2013 WBC Reports Metalist (Chris Palermo; Lemur)

My WBC 2013 -- A Return to Something That I Used to Know (Chris Palermo; Lemur)

WBC 2013 - hosting our 1st tournament (Larry Bogucki; lbogucki)

2013 WBC- Those Pesky Kids!!! (Peter Stein; Bordgamer)

Sean's 2013 WBC Geeklist (Sean McCulloch; SeanM)

WBC 2013 - Good Gaming - Bad Memory Chip (Gary Phillips; dropded)

My WBC Goes to 11 (Alex Bove; montu)

WBC 2013 - A Theater, Some Luck, and a Whole Lot of Eights (Doug Faust; Phrim)

G. Gambill's WBC 2013

All the craziness, half the time: My WBC 2013 (Mike K; Coyotek4)

My WBC 2013, or "How do 9 days go by that fast?" (Max Jamelli; sigtaulefty)'s World Boardgaming Championships 2013

Alliance Games: World Boardgaming Championships

2013 WBC - Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Game 4 Game 5 Game 6 (Videos discussing A World At War game at WBC)


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