WBC Auction and Auction Store Sales
Sept. 10, 2013

The auction took place in Lampeter again this year, which was fortunate as the auction store set another record with 2,052 items.

The auction sold a total of 529 items with only one item not sold. (See the list of Auction Sales, by Lot Number.) The items sold for just under $17K for an average price of $31.94, 2.5% above last year’s $31.16 average.  Nineteen items sold for $100 or more with The War of the Ring Collector’s Edition  taking top billing at $1,025. Other big dollar items included: Descent Lot $370, ASL Lot $370, 58 S&T from #32-90 #350, Case Blue $310, 18C2C $290, Big Board Circus Maximus $280 and War of the Ring Collector’s Expansion $250.  Another 11 items sold between $100 and $250, 33 items sold between $50 and $95, and 100 items between $30 and $48.  At the low end of the scale, only 67 items sold for less than $10, slightly up from last year’s 61 items.

From a buyer’s perspective, 105 different buyers walked home with games from the auction with 6 buyers spending more than $500 and an additional 24 buyers spending more than $100. 

At the auction store, a total of 2,038 items, of the 2052 registered, were delivered Monday night.  The line started to form at 8 AM in order to be the first in the store at 9:00.  A record 1,560 items sold although the percent of items sold was down 4% at 76%.  The average selling price of the auction store items was $12.58, down 7% from last year’s $13.74.  The Store had 103 items selling at the top price of $30, another 299 items over $20, and 569 items between $10 and $19.  The quality of the auction store continues to improve as the auction closes earlier each year.

For 2013, the auction staff will make the following changes:

  1. All items in the auction will be required to have a minimum bid of $1
  2. All items, auction and auction store will need to be checked in between 6 and 10 PM Monday night.
  3. The Auction Store will be limited to the first 2,200 items as we are running out of space in Lampeter.

Thanks to everyone who participated as both buyers and sellers at this year’s event and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

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