2012 WBC Team Tournament—The 21th Run for the Slivers
July 26, 2012

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BRACKET BUSTIN' WBC STYLE: Got March Madness withdrawal? Can't wait for the NFL season? Last year, contestants correctly picked only 2.44 teams of the top 10 in ten guesses, down from 2.66 last year. Mark Love's 2009 winning score of six correct guesses in our initial contest remained the high water mark. In 2011, the high score was just five teams—selected by Bruno Wolff. Can you do better this year? The Happy Handicapper is daring you. Send your Top Ten picks for the WBC Team Tournament listed in order from 1st to 10th to conventiondirector@boardgamers.org by July 29 for a chance to win free admission to WBC 2013. One entry per person.

TEAM TOURNAMENT: Teams are composed of any four players pre-registered as a team. Each team member must select a different event as his official game. Team members and games may change only during pre-registration. No changes may take place on-site.

All Team Points are awarded automatically when the GM turns in the Winner’s Claim for an event (see the Points Schedule). A bonus point will be awarded to everyone who earns team points in an event that they have previously not won. The team that gains the most points is the winner. The number of entrants in each team’s events is the tie-breaker.

Team Tournament Point Schedule
Entrants 1st 2nd 3rd-4th 5th-6th
128+ 10
64+ 9
32+ 8
16+ 7
8+ 6

Scoring: To improve the speed with which the standings are updated, Team Member, whether they score a point or not, should post their point totals on the Team Tournament kiosk Standings Board as soon as they are known. The Point Schedule is listed in the printed program. Those who score points in an event they have never won will receive one bonus point. While the self-service scoring is unofficial and subject to verification, it allows attendees to gain a current sense of where they are in the standings as the week unfolds. Since the results of some events are not known until the very end (and later) of the convention, the official scoring will be done the following week and posted here. Each member of the winning team receives a Team plaque and is memorialized on the website and in the Yearbook. The winning team will receive a plaque at the 2013 convention.

In the Starting Gate [7/24/12]
by Stuart "Happy Handicapper" Tucker

Lancaster, PA: The horses are in the starting gate—all 86 of 'em. The odds are posted. The late arrivals have been shooed away and told to get their act together earlier next year. It's time for the 22nd run for the Slivers at Lancaster Downs. It's a good field with the usual favorites jockeying for advantage—one bunch of ringers even impressed the Happy handicapper enough to crowd out perennial favorite Nest of Spies as the overall favorite. But there's a dark horse on the horizon too. Can an all Finnish delegation under the leadership of Riku Reikkinen repeat his dazzling upsets of 2009 and wrest gold from the favorites? Or will some other unknown worthies break to the fore—aided by BPA's handicap points system for non-champions?

You make the call. Study the racing form at http://www.boardgamers.org/wbc/teamtour.htm and then select 10 teams which are your picks to reside at the top of the leader board when WBC 2012 ends. The member who selects the most teams in the Top 10 will win a free 2013 membership. List your teams in order from 1st to 10th and include both Team Number and Name. Only one entry per member allowed. But hurry! Send your picks to conventiondirector@boardgamers.org no later than Midnight EST, Saturday, July 28, 2012.

2012 Teams, by odds [as of July 24, 2012]
Click on the graphic to see a larger version. Unofficial team logos courtesy of Dave Dockter and Kaarin Engelmann. If you would like to supply your own team logo, send it to webmaster@boardgamers.org.
1 2 3 4 5
Wood Bee Contenders
Name: Your Name's Not Bruce?
Team #: 4
*Power: 425
Odds: 22-1
Bruce Beard 8xx,
Bruce Monnin WAS,
Bruce Reiff FBS,
Bruce Young UPF 

Name: Nest of Spies
Team #: 40
Power: 407
Odds: 23-1
James Pei FTP,
Chris Byrd TWS,
Kevin Wjtaszczyk WOR,
Bob Heinzmann CBC


Name: Wood Bee Contenders
Team #: 47
Power: 317
Odds: 30-1
Jeff Cornett BCY,
Jason Levine FDE,
Bill Crenshaw MFD,
Doug Galullo AOR

Name: Me & 3 Stiffs
Team #: 42
Power: 303
Odds: 32-1
Keith Wixson TWS,
Marvin Birnbaum MMA,
Chris Withers GCA,
Mike Rinella BKN

Name: Band of Fools
Team #: 52
Power: 281
Odds: 34-1
Richard Beyma WAT,
Gary Dickson TRC,
Ray Freeman TIM,
Tom Gregorio BWD
6 7 8 9 10

Name: Roll One Die
Team #: 22
Odds: 38-1
Pete Stein CCA,
Jeff Mullet SJN,
Sean McCulloch TT2,
Lisa Gutermuth CAR

Name: Greenville Mafia: War
Team #: 80
Power: 246
Odds: 39-1
Bill Beckman SSB,
John Emery UPF,
Josh Githens CMS,
Bryan Collars HIS

Name: Uncivil Servants
Team #: 16
Power: 234
Odds: 42-1
Chris Trimmer WOR,
Ty Hansen A&A,
Kevin Youells ACV,
Ewan McNay BRI

Name: We Ain't Dead Yet!
Team #: 23
Power: 223
Odds: 44-1
Frank Sinigaglio CMS,
Larry Lingle QGB,
Bruno Sinigaglio BAR,
Don Greenwood BKN

Name: St. Paul's Rejects
Team #: 17
Power: 222
Odds: 44-1
John Pack VIP,
Steve Packwood A&A,
Sam Packwood EPB,
Paul Weintraub PRC
11 12 13 14 15
3 Men & A Canadian
Name: 3 Men & a Canadian
Team #: 50
Power: 219
Odds: 44-1
Bill Dyer FDE,
Brad Johnson RRY,
Glenn McMaster DUN,
Joe Abrams MOV
Name: Polish Lancers
Team #: 30
Power: 213
Odds: 46-1
John Poniske WWR,
Rick Young RA!,
Paul Gaberson WNW,
David Metzger AHD

Name: Jormungandr
Team #: 1
Power: 207
Odds: 47-1
David Meyaard ELC,
Jonathan Gemmerll CAR,
Nicholas Henning LRC,
Karl Henning GXT

Name: Flush Stein
Team #: 64
Power: 206
Odds: 47-1
Mark Mitchell GXY,
Dennis Nicholson WAS,
Harry Flawd PDT,
Jordan Flawd FMR

Name: EPGS Wabbits Wevenge
Team #: 66
Power: 205
Odds: 48-1
Eric Freeman AMR,
Barb Flaxington ELG,
Chris Moffa GOA,
Craig Moffit E&T

16 17 18 19 20
Name: Rhesus Pieces
Team #: 19
Power: 197
Odds: 49-1
Pete Reese WLL,
George Young TWS,
Bill Edwards CBC,
Andy Maly UPF

Name: Reservoir Dogs
Team #: 71
Power: 197
Odds: 49-1
JR Tracy CBC,
James Doughan ATS,
Phil Barcafer NW5,
Matt Fagan DUN

Name: The Shockers
Team #: 61
Power: 191
Odds: 51-1
Joshua Cooper ACQ,
Justin Thompson JUC,
Marty Musella PZB,
Bert Schoose TRC

Name: The Old Guard
Team #: 48
Power: 190
Odds: 51-1
Forrest Pafenberg B81,
Joe Beard WAT,
Kevin Keller SCT,
Randy Heller BWD
Name: MVGA
Team #: 54
Power: 170
Odds: 58-1
Eric Brosius Fi5,
Jeff Meyer CYL,
Rich Meyer EPB,
Chris Senhouse PGD
21 22 23 24 25
Name: Amish Chicks Dig Wood
Team #: 46
Power: 159
Odds: 62-1
Jack Morrell CCN,
Bill O'Neal CCA,
Bill Place BCY,
Rob Winslow SKG

Name: Yoshi's Tea Time
Team #: 6
Power: 158
Odds: 62-1
Paul Risner B17,
Jim Jordan BRI,
Keith Hunsinger ATS,
Mark Yoshikawa MMS

Name: Team Delaware XIX
Team #: 69
Power: 158
Odds: 62-1
Tim Hitchings EIS,
Vince Meconi GBG,
John Kirk M44,
Verity Hitchings PRC

Name: Ghost Division
Team #: 10
Power: 156
Odds: 63-1
Kevin Hammond TWS,
Mike Kaye VIP,
Andrew Cummins SQL,
Jim Eliason BKN

Name: Forced Laughter
Team #: 74
Power: 156
Odds: 63-1
Jennifer Visocnik ACV,
Charles Drozd VIP,
Robert Drozd WAS,
Ted Drozd GBG
26 27 28 29 30
Name: Cynical Stoics
Team #: 9
Power: 151
Odds: 65-1
Derek Landel WOG,
Eric Wrobel MOV,
Mike Ussery HRC,
Matt Bacho KPR

Name: Gang Greene
Team #: 20
Power: 151
Odds: 65-1
Rob McCracken FBS,
Mark Miklos BAR,
Andy Lewis SFR,
Rod Coffey HRC

Name: Team X
Team #: 13
Power: 149
Odds: 66-1
Dan Dolan Sr ELC,
Dan Dolan Jr CCA,
Greg Schmittgens LBY,
Chris Storzillo ABN
Name: Werewolf Bait
Team #: 59
Power: 146
Odds: 67-1
Alex Henning RRY,
Ashley Collinson TAM,
Rebecca Hebner LST,
Devon Miller 7WS
Name: Beach Bums
Team #: 39
Power: 145
Odds: 68-1
Ed Beach GCA,
Sarah beach T&T,
Matt Beach Fi5,
Natalie Beach ING
31 32 33 34 35

Name: The Bluedevils
Team #: 15
Power: 140
Odds: 70-1
Chris Kizer TTR,
Stephen Hunt PGF,
Debbie Gutermuth EPB,
Ken Gutermuth WPS

Name: Tea Brigade
Team #: 51
Power: 138
Odds: 71-1
Chris Bauch MMS,
Terry Coleman WOG,
Dewayne Curry ACS,
Allen Kaplan CCA

Name: Magic Men
Team #: 38
Power: 137
Odds: 72-1
Randy Buehler SPG,
Sceadeau D'Tela EGZ,
Andrew Emerick NVG,
Ed Fear DOM

Name: AREA
Team #: 5
Power: 135
Odds: 73-1
John Sharp VIP,
Bruno Wolff TT2,
Bob Hamel GSR,
Ed Menzel GBG

Name: Tell Me The Odds
Team #: 21
Power: 134
Odds: 73-1
Nick Page LHV,
Geoff Pounder IOV,
Robb Effinger DSP,
Jason Ley AGE
36 37 38 39 40
Name: Triple Crossers
Team #: 55
Power: 119
Odds: 83-1
Andy Latto T&T,
Claire Brosius EPB,
Sam Brosius LST,
Cally Perry IOV
Name: Sweep the Leg
Team #: 41
Power: 115
Odds: 85-1
Jeff Burdett HIS,
Nels Thompson BKN,
Jeff Heidman ACS,
Jeromey Martin SKG
Name: Barry's Behemoths
Team #: 85
Power: 104
Odds: 95-1
Barry Barnes TT2,
Mindy Kyrkos PRO,
Vassili Kyrkos MOV,
Eric Monte RFG
Name: Gaming Speed Bumps
Team #: 24
Power: 101
Odds: 97-1
Lee Rodrigues KRM,
Craig Yope EOS,
Robert Frisby ANZ,
Doug Porterfield AOA

Name: Go Flank Yourself
Team #: 32
Power: 97
Odds: 102-1
Justin Rice HIS,
Rob Doane BAR,
Allen Hill MAN
Dave Cross CQP

41 42 43 44 45
Name: Handsome Tacos
Team #: 60
Power: 96
Odds: 103-1
Roderick Lee FDE,
Winton Lemoine RA,
Eugene Hourany BRS,
Daniel Eppolito LHV
Name: EPGS Four to Beam Up
Team #: 68
Power: 89
Odds: 111-1
Ken Horan LHV,
Steve Cameron GXY,
Mike Kaltman CYL,
Jason Wagner GSR
Name: Angela's Assets
Team #: 7
Power: 88
Odds: 112-1
Angela Collinson CMS,
Jacob Hebner WOR,
Nathan Hill MAN,
Kevin Lewis FI5 

Name: Greenville Mafia: Death
Team #: 81
Power: 88
Odds: 112-1
Ralph Gleaton UPF,
Daniel Lawall RRY,
Tim Rogers SKG,
RJ Gleaton PRC

Name: Iron Meeples
Team #: 43
Power: 85
Odds: 116-1
Grant LaDue WNW,
Bob Sohn ABN,
Derek Pulhamus WSR,
Gary Phillips NVG
46 47 48 49 50
Name: 3 Men & A Lady
Team #: 8
Power: 82
Odds: 120-1
John Keating ACS,
Tim Keating IVH,
Shannon Keating ING,
Joel Tamburo LBY 
Name: Lady Luck
Team #: 35
Power: 82
Odds: 120-1
Laurie Wojtaszczyk LST,
Jamie Tang TTR,
Jenna Sunderlin ING,
Marcia Morelli CAR
Name: Chit Pickers
Team #: 79
Power: 82
Odds: 120-1
Ed Kraska SKG,
Rich Shipley NW5,
Barry Setser HIS,
Cary Morris STA
Name: Rhody Rubberneckers
Team #: 72
Power: 81
Odds: 122-1
Charlie Faella STA,
John Faella WWR,
Franklin Haskell SCT,
Roger Budz RA
Name: Cardboard Heroes
Team #: 53
Power: 79
Odds: 125-1
Cliff Ackman STA,
Steve Squibb ACS,
Bill Navolis RRY,
Kathy Stroh UNP
51 52 53 54 55
Name: Chicks with Dice
Team #: 12
Power: 74
Odds: 133-1
Kaarin Engelmann SLS,
Carrie Lewis MMS,
Marilyn Flowers CAR,
Rolinda Collinson GSR
Name: Rolling Thunder
Team #: 70
Power: 74
Odds: 133-1
Bruce Bernard ABN,
Brandon Bernard PRC,
Scott A. Smith ELC,
David Earls HWD
Name: 3 Brits & a Yank
Team #: 44
Power: 71
Odds: 139-1
Peter Card HIS,
Nick Smith AUC,
Chris Hancock SCT,
Mark Love VSD

Name: Occam Shaves Unicorn?
Team #: 25
Power: 68
Odds: 145-1
Chris Yaure BAT,
Phil Yaure KRM,
Joe Yaure CCA,
Samantha Berk NVG

Name: Jay's Basement
Team #: 11
Power: 67
Odds: 147-1
Bruce Duboff POF,
Jay Fox TTR,
Albert Schwartz ELG,
Yoel Weiss LST

56 57 58 59 60
Name: KGB Comrades
Team #: 84
Power: 66
Odds: 150-1
Ron Draker CRX,
Malcolm Smith HOS,
Greg Ottoman CCN,
Fred Bauer M44
Name: Team Destiny
Team #: 58
Power: 64
Odds: 154-1
David Hood AOR,
Chris Kreuter AGE,
Tedd Mullally EPB,
Jeremiah Peterson HIS
Name: We Like Monopoly
Team #: 73
Power: 64
Odds: 154-1
Jon Senn AGR,
Ben Scholl DOM,
Mario Arnold PRO,
Luke Winters LID
Name: Gonzo's Beserkers
Team #: 29
Power: 61
Odds: 162-1
Joe Harrison M44,
Tom Johnston TTN,
David Gubbay QGB,
Sophie Harrison SET
Name: Kromp-on-Krewe
Team #: 3
Power: 60
Odds: 165-1
Roger Taylor LBY,
Paul McCarthy HIS,
Chris Godfrey TWS,
Phil Rodrigue NW5 
61 62 63 64 65
Name: Not Age of Steam!
Team #: 34
Power: 58
Odds: 170-1
JF Gagne DUN,
Sylvain LaRose DIP,
Eric Caron M44,
Dominic Blais RA!
Name: Band of Brothers
Team #: 49
Power: 54
Odds: 183-1
Adam Wojtaszczyk FMR,
Mike Wojtaszczyk CAR,
Wes Lewis PGF,
Dan Lewis EPB
Name: Gaming Bunch
Team #: 77
Power: 51
Odds: 194-1
Forrest Speck PCV,
Judy Wobbeking IVH,
Faith Wobbeking TTR,
John Speck TTA

Name: Ski Patrol
Team #: 33
Power: 49
Odds: 200-1
Juhana Keskinen: P1S,
Antero Kuusi EOS,
Mikko Raimi MAN,
Riku Riekkinen POG

Name: Possum Gamers
Team #: 27
Power: 44
Odds: 230-1
John  Elliott ACS,
Joe Collinson III A&A,
Ben Collinson NVW,
Ben Collinson Jr IVH

66 67 68 69 70
Name: Les 3 Mousquetaires
Team #: 14
Power: 42
Odds: 240-1
Stephane Dorais ABN,
Marc Beauregard FAS,
Romain Jacques PGD,
David Gagne T&T
Name: Kilroy Was Here
Team #: 57
Power: 41
Odds: 240-1
Rob Kilroy LST,
Ashley Kilroy RDG,
Steph Kilroy TTR,
Kathy Kilroy LID
Name: Lords of King George
Team #: 62
Power: 40
Odds: 250-1
Craig Melton GXY,
Thomas Melton TTA,
John Rinko ACS,
Franklin Rinko BRI
Name: Daybreak Gamers
Team #: 65
Power: 39
Odds: 250-1
Tim Horne P1S,
Chad Martin CAR,
Dan Ottey SET,
Janet Ottey TAM

Name: Mean Sheep
Team #: 76
Power: 38
Odds: 260-1
Jason Long CYL,
Dana Champion RFG,
Barrett Straub PRC,
Jon Anderson ACV

71 72 73 74 75
Name: The Cabooses
Team #: 36
Power: 35
Odds: 280-1
Adina Weiss SET,
Yoni Weiss LST,
Drew DuBoff TTR,
Max DuBoff GXY
Name: Greenville Mafia: Famine
Team #: 82
Power: 31
Odds: 320-1
Kevin Emery UPF,
Bill Burtless SET,
Ken Richards SJN,
Carl Sykes BCY
Name: Barbarossa
Team #: 75
Power: 28
Odds: 350-1
Fred Minard B&O,
Chris Gnech T&T,
Jef Hing RA,
Max Jamelli ABN
Name: Ladies of King George
Team #: 63
Power: 27
Odds: 370-1
Joanna Melton GXY,
Rebecca Melton TTA,
Virginia Melton ABN,
Anna Rinko SET
Name: Local Yokels
Team #: 78
Power: 27
Odds: 370-1
Chad Weaver DOM,
Dusty Usner CAR,
Erik Schlosser GXT.
Ken Schlosser 7WS
76 77 78 79 80

Name: Team Boosh
Team #: 28
Power: 26
Odds: 380-1
Evan Hitchings WSM,
Rose Hitchings PGD,
Zachary Frank ADV,
Nora Tuke TTA

Name: Pixel Juice
Team #: 2
Power: 24
Odds: 410-1
Carmen Petruzelli MED,
Kevin Shud ACS,
Brad Sherwood TTR,
Lou Traini RA  
Name: PeckofPickledPeppers
Team #: 18
Power: 23
Odds: 430-1
Peter Perla CCN,
Mark Herman HRC,
Zach Lawrence FTP,
Richard Phares TIM
Name: EPGS Mountin' Laurels
Team #: 67
Power: 22
Odds: 450-1
Jim Vroom ADV,
Randy MacInnis HRC,
Keith Layton LHV,
Bob Stribula EPB
Name: The Lunch Bunch
Team #: 56
Power: 21
Odds: 470-1
Jennifer Gorman RA,
Patrick Gorman SKN,
Dave Blisard CAR,
Cody Zimmerman TTR
81 82 83 84 85

Name: Athena & the 3 Spartans
Team #: 86
Power: 17
Odds: 550-1
Kirk Harris HIS,
Bertha Torres-Harris SET,
Manuel Bravo IVH,
Evan Harris MMA

Name: Desperation Grand
Team #: 37
Power: 15
Odds: 700-1
Laura Brown GXY,
Laura DeWalt DOM,
Nick Ferris SJN,
Lynda Shea ALH

Name: The Wesley Crushers
Team #: 26
Power: 10
Odds: 1000-1
Deb Yaure STA,
Emily Bacon SPG,
Robin Yaure LST,
Wm Brock IVH

Name: Greenspielers
Team #: 45
Power: 10
Odds: 1000-1
James Denam DUN,
Matthew Craig ING,
Robert Murray T&T,
Marissa Bianco CAR

Name: Something About Lamar
Team #: 31
Power: 9
Odds: 1100-1
Rich Fetzer LST,
Adam Fetzer SJN,
Matt Fetzer IVH,
Maria Geraghty 7WS
Name: Greenville Mafia: Pestilence
Team #: 83
Power: 3
Odds: 3300-1
Gus Collars PRC,
Melody Thompson DOM,
Christin Kolstad SLS,
Josh Smith ING

* A team's Power Rating is the sum of its players' Baton Ratings.
Please note that all players must be pre-registered before the convention or they will be disqualified.

Horse Talk 2012 [7/15/12]
by Stuart "Happy Handicapper" Tucker

Hold your horses, folks, this one looks to be a barn-burner! You heard it here first:  the Nest of Spies (projected at 23-1 odds, once they file their team entry) may not be the favorite this year. Not only are they going to be missing a key member this year (alas, Dockter will be absent), but they face two formidable new threats. Well, maybe its a stretch to call the team Reiff recruits a new threat--after all, his teams are always among the favored teams. However, this year, he has reassembled a different cast. This year, beware the Bruce! By this I mean, beware the team called "Your Name’s Not Bruce?" (also 23-1 odds). Yes, not only have these guys found another humorous angle, but they have found a true oddity:  four guys, all with the name Bruce, ALL of whom you’d pay dear money to have on your team. Yes, these are ringers in more ways than one (and the Greenville Mafia has lost a top—Bruce Young—dawg to ferinners). When the weak leg of the team is Monnin (with three War at Sea plaques), you know they mean business. Apparently, Bruce (...your pick...) is tired of not being the favored team. So, look out team tournament contenders, the field just got top-heavy.

I did say, two threats to the Nest, didn’t I? Well, let’s look at the far end of the list and pick out an otherwise understated threat. Weighing in at 210-1 is Ski Patrol. But don’t let these odds dissuade you from believing that the Finnish invasion is indeed a legitimate threat to win. We know from past experience that two members are the real thing. If two more are willing to fly that far to get away from 21 hours per day of sunlight, I think we should take them seriously, even if we have no data to improve their odds calculation. The Ski Patrol is joined by six other entirely new teams (with entrants who did not field a team last year). One is an experienced group from Quebec that is a threat in all four events:  Not Age of Steam! (179-1 odds).

Last year’s surprise victor (Go Flank Yourself) weighs in at 106-1, an improvement, but still rated a long-shot against the field. Go ahead, I dare you. Put egg on my face two years in a row!

Roll One Die (40-1) is the highest-rated team with a woman. But if you are looking for an all-female team to bet, go with Lady Luck (128-1) or Chicks with Dice (140-1).

Occam Shaves Unicorn? is another team merger aimed at improving their odds (still long at 152-1). The hungry wolves of yesteryear recognize they are more properly named The Cabooses (300-1), but currently the longest shot is a Wood-less group called Something About Lamar (1200-1).

Come on, folks, time is running out VERY fast. The convention director threatens to enforce the deadlines rigorously, so file your entries NOW!

The odds below reflect a projected field of teams similar to last year’s quantity, so these odds assume pending filings by the usual rivals currently missing from the list.

See the 2011 Entries and Results!

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