World Boardgaming Championships Publicity
Oct. 20, 2014

Want to go above and beyond the call of duty? Download a copy of one of our posters or flyers in PDF format* and print, hang, and distribute as many as you like.

2012 WBC

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2012 WBC


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2012 EuroQuest


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2012 WBC
Postcard Art


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  2012 WBC
Postcard 2


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Media Coverage of WBC 2012

World Board Gaming Championship (WBC) Promo (Lady of Carcassonne)

GeekList: How I learned to Love WBC (Pete Walsh)

GeekList: WBC 2012...Lampeter or Angola? (Gary Phillips; dropded)

GeekList: WBC 2012 - My 17th Visit (Chris Palermo; Lemur)

GeekList: My WBC (Steven Raszewski; siroman)

WBC 2012 AAR (Jason White; An Extra Point blog)

World Boardgaming Championships – 2012 Edition (hanzelmans; Ihatenickels blog)

Looking Back: The 2012 World Boardgaming Championships (Part One) (Skip Maloney,

WBC: "Ethics in Gaming" revisited (Paul Owen; Man OverBoard blog)

Results for WBC's Facts in Five Tourney (John Corrado; jmc003)

GeekList: WBC 2012 -- The Belated List (Bill; latindog)

GeekList: Sean's 2012 WBC geeklist (Sean McCulloch; SeanM)

GeekList: My WBC gaming flops and hunger games (Loc Nguyen; Da L0C)

GeekList: My WBC 2012, with a final day surprise! (Chad Weaver; chadw09)

GeekList: The Brosius family attends the 2012 World Boardgaming Championships (Eric Brosius)

GeekList: My Return to the WBC (Randy Cox)

GeekList: My WBC 2012 List (Sue; she2)

GeekList: WBC 2012 - Blood, Sweat, and Sleep Dep (John Corrado; jmc003)

GeekList: My Tenth WBC (Alex Bove; montu)

GeekList: 2012 WBC Week (John Weber)

GeekList: Seven Days of DonCon - WBC (J. R. Tracy)

GeekList: WBC 2012 (Daniel Ottey; otteydw)

GeekList: The Last Shuffleboard Tournament on the Titanic: Memoirs of My WBC 2012 (Mike K; Coyotek4)

GeekList: Jamelli WBC Week 2012. The Good, Bad, and Ugly (Max Jamelli; sigtaulefty)


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