2011 WBC Team Tournament—The 20th Run for the Slivers
July 27, 2011

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BRACKET BUSTIN' WBC STYLE: Got March Madness withdrawal? Can't wait for the NFL season? Make your brackets for the WBC Team Tournament. Send your Top Ten picks for the WBC Team Tournament listed in order from 1st to 10th to conventiondirector@boardgamers.org by July 31 for a chance to win free admission to WBC 2012. One entry per person.

In 2010, contestants correctly picked only 2.62 teams in ten guesses as making the Top Ten. Mark Love's winning score of six correct guesses in our initial contest in 2009 proved to be setting the bar too high as last year's high score was a paltry four teams selected by six contestants—Mark Love, Bob Hamel, Andy Lewis, Ben Knight, Dave Meyaard and Terry Coleman—who all finished in a tie for first. It was decided on the fifth tie breaker and went to Ben Knight. Can you do better this year? The Happy Handicapper is daring you.

If you are one of our hundreds of jockeys, remember to post your own score on the self-scoring Team Tournament display in the Ballroom Foyer.

The usual word of warning to those teams whose members are listed in red below: if you're not pre-registered by July 25th, you're outa the running. There's no walk-ons in the Team Tournament.

Self-Service Scoring: To improve the speed with which the standings are updated, Team Member, whether they score a point or not, should post their point totals on the Team Tournament kiosk Standings Board as soon as they are known. The Point Schedule is listed in the printed program. Those who score points in an event they have never won will receive one bonus point. While the self-service scoring is unofficial and subject to verification, it allows attendees to gain a current sense of where they are in the standings as the week unfolds. Since the results of some events are not known until the very end (and later) of the convention, the official scoring will be done the following week and posted here. The winning team will receive a plaque at the 2012 convention.

Post Time [7/26/2011]
by Stuart "Happy Handicapp
er" Tucker

With 82 teams reporting, the first thing to bet, is on whether registration has really closed. Do we really want a down year? Every year teams wait until the last second to register. Many get in after the deadline, out of the goodness of the convention director’s heart. Well, here’s a first. The Happy Handicapper is going to handicap the field with some of those teams that haven’t yet entered--as it’s a good bet they will try to enter in the next minutes, hours, or days. For example, can we deny a late entry of the defending champion? Don’t bet against that. Will a late Boarding Party be shafted? I don’t think so. I’m tired of my odds oscillating at the last minute. I’m including these perennial  delinquents in my odds calculations as I lay them to rest. Others may slip in at the end, but those listed herebelow include some powerful teams that typically keep the same name each year, so in my mind they are a factor in the team competition still. Five of them would be in the top 25 teams. And if they don’t enter as a team, their individual players are still stumbling blocks to other teams trying to earn points. So, if  you want to bet the latecomers, here are their odds:

Delinquent Entries:
I Beat Bill Crenshaw, 42-1
Return of the Empire, 49-1
Reservoir Dogs, 57-1
KoleszarLientzPlat, 64-1
MVGA, 66-1
Boarding Party, 90-1
Batty Bohemians, 167-1

2011 Teams, by ranking [as of July 26, 2011]
Click on the graphic to see a larger version. Unofficial team logos courtesy of Dave Dockter and Kaarin Engelmann. If you would like to supply your own team logo, send it to webmaster@boardgamers.org.
1 2 3 4 5
Win...or You're Grounded Shockers The Defectors Central Florida Gamers
Team #: 7
Power: 591
Odds: 17-1
James Pei/FTP
Stefan Mecay/TWS
Chris Byrd/CBC
Dave Dockter/POG
Team #: 23
Power: 351
Odds: 29-1
Nicole Reiff/BCY
Jeff Mullet/SJN
Sean McCulloch/TT2
Bruce Reiff/FBS
Team #: 28
Power: 300
Odds: 34-1
Keith Wixson/WNW
Marvin Birnbaum/MRA
Henry Rice/HRC
Chris Withers/TWS
Team #: 51
Power: 276
Odds: 37-1
Debbie Gutermuth/EPB
Pete Stein/KRM
Bruce Beard/8XX
Ken Gutermuth/AOR
Team #: 57
Power: 264
Odds: 39-1
Jason Levine/FDE
Doug Galullo/PGD
Jeff Cornett/BCY
Scott Cornett/SCT
6 7 8 9 10
War Band of Fools Alwr2Eng@Minwlkn2abar We Ain't Dead Yet Wednesday Night Club
Team #: 30
Power: 239
Josh Githens/CMS
Bryan Collars/KPR
John Emery/UPF
Bill Beckman/SSB
Team #: 19
Power: 226
Odds: 46-1
Ray Freeman/TIM
Gary Dickson/TRC
Bill Morse/B81
Tom Ggregorio/BWD

Team #: 13
Power: 222
Odds: 47-1
Paul Risner/B17
Keith Hunsinger/ATS
Bruce Monnin/WAS
Jim Jordan/BRI

Team #: 40
Power: 222
Odds: 47-1
Bruno Sinigaglio/AFK
Frank Sinigaglio/CMS
Tom Oleson/ANZ
Don Greenwood/FBS
Team #: 61
Power: 220
Odds: 47-1
Steve Packwood/776
Sam Packwood/RBN
Mike Backstrom/UNP
Rich Moyer/SSB
11 12 13 14 15
Polish Lancers Wabbit's Wevenge Ghosts 3 Men & a Canadian Rhesus Pieces
Team #: 41
Power: 219
Odds: 47-1
John Poniske/WWR
Rick Young/CCA
Paul Gaberson/WNW
David Metzger/AHD
Team #: 38
Power: 216
Odds: 48-1
Barb Flaxington/TKL
Eric Freeman/ AMR
Christian Moffa/PRO
Greg Thatcher/ELG

Team #: 42
Power: 213
Odds: 49-1
Larry Lingle/QGB
Dennis Culhane/EOS
Charles Hickok/AGE
Henry Russell/NW5

Team #: 47
Power: 205
Odds: 51-1
Bill Dyer/FDE
Brad Johnson/RRY
Glenn McMaster/HRC
Joe Abrams/DUN

Team #: 16
Power: 200
Odds: 52-1
Peter Reese/WLL
George Young/WWR
Bill Edwards/CBC
Andrew Maly/AUT
16 17 18 19 20
MIT SGS Fortune Favors the David Flush Stein Shockers Hungry Like The Wolf
Team #: 35
Power: 198
Odds: 52-1
Marty Sample/ACS
Michael Johnson/CBC
Dave Finberg/TTN
Aaron Fuegi/TT2
Team #: 21
Power: 185
Odds: 56-1
David Meyaard/ELC
Karl Henning/QGB
Jon Gemmell/CAR
Nick Henning/GSR
Team #: 20
Power: 174
Odds: 60-1
Mark Mitchell/GXY
Harry Flawd/PDT
Dennis Nicholson/MMS
Mark Yoshikawa/ATS

Team #: 27
Power: 152
Odds: 69-1
Justin Thompson/JUC
Marty Musella/PZB
John Ohlin/TRC
Bert Schoose/AFK

Team #: 29
Power: 151
Odds: 69-1
Jeff Burdett/CBC
Nels Thompson/BKN
Jeromey Martin/HIS
Kevin Youells/ACV
21 22 23 24 25
Gang Greene We Don't Care: 3 Buoys and an Anchor The Old Guard Cynical Stoics
Team #: 14
Power: 150
Odds: 70-1
Rob McCracken/TRC
Mark Miklos/BAR
Andy Lewis/SFR
Rod Coffey/776
Team #: 58
Power: 148
Odds: 70-1
Bob Wicks/SJN
Richard Shay/BRS
Rich Norhy/PZB
Rob Kircher/SFR

Team #: 8
Power: 145
Odds: 72-1
Michael Wojtaszczyk/CAR
Danny Lewis/FMR
Joseph Belyeu/AOA
Kevin Wojtaszczyk/WOR

Team #: 67
Power: 145
Odds: 72-1
Forrest Pafenberg/B81
Richard Beyma/WAT
Randy Heller/BWD
Robert Schoenen/ATS

Team #: 17
Power: 142
Odds: 74-1
Derek Landel/MMS
Eric Wrobel/MOV
Mike Ussery/VIP
Matt Bacho/KPR

26 27 28 29 30
AREA Werewolf Bait Hammer & Creamsicle Avenel Hill Game Co Forced Laughter

Team #: 22
Power: 142
Odds: 74-1
Bob Hamel/GSR
John Sharp/VTP
Bruno Wolff/TT2
Ed Menzel/GBG

Team #: 24
Power: 141
Odds: 74-1
Ashley Colllinson/ALH
Alex Henning/RRY
Allyson Field/SET
Rebecca Hebner/LST
Team #: 82
Power: 140
Odds: 75-1
Chris Bauch/MMS
Dewayne Curry/ACS
Terry Coleman/WOG
Allen Kaplan/CCA
Team #: 68
Power: 139
Odds: 75-1
Andy Gardner/VIP
Ben Gardner/GSR
Pat Richardson/WAS
Henry Richardson Jr/B17
Team #: 78
Power: 139
Odds: 75-1
Ted Drozd/WSR
Robert Drozd/ALH
Charles Drozd/VIP
Jennifer Visocnik/ACV
31 32 33 34 35
Tell Me The Odds Team X Beach Bums Amish Chicks Dig Wood Death
Team #: 80
Power: 134
Odds: 78-1
Nick Page/LHV
Geoff Pounder/ELG
Robb Effinger/SET
Jason Ley/AGE
Team #: 12
Power: 133
Odds: 79-1
Dan Dolan Sr/ELC
Dan Dolan Jr/FBS
Chris Storzillo/ABN
Greg Schmittgens/WWR

Team #: 54
Power: 128
Odds: 82-1
Ed Beach/GCA
Sara Beach/T&T
Matt Beach/MRA
Natalie Beach/ING

Team #: 55
Power: 126
Odds: 83-1
Bill Place/IVH
Bill O'Neal/CCA
James Terry/CBC
Rob Winslow/WOG

Team #: 31
Power: 120
Odds: 87-1
Dan Lawall/RRY
Tim Rogers/KPR
Ralph Gleaton/UPF
Scott Pfeiffer/BRI
36 37 38 39 40
Master Gamers Gaming Speed Bumps Ghost Division El Chupacabra Cardboard Heroes
Team #: 63
Power: 118
Odds: 89-1
Mel Casselberry/WLL
Jim Castonguay/PGD
Michael Kaltman/CYL
Randall MacInnis/HRC

Team #: 2
Power: 117
Odds: 89-1
Craig Yope/EOS
Robert Frisby/776
Chris Trimmer/WOR

Doug Porterfield/AOA

Team #: 66
Power: 113
Odds: 93-1
Kevin Hammond/TWS
Andrew Cummins/ BKN
John Sutcliffe/POG
Mike Kaye/VIP

Team #: 49
Power: 109
Odds: 96-1
Bruce Bernard/LST
Brandon Bernard/ABN
George Deutsch/AOA
Scott Smith/M44

Team #: 64
Power: 99
Odds: 106-1
Kathy Stroh/RFG
Bill Navolis/RRY
Cliff Ackman/STA
Stephen Squibb/ACS
41 42 43 44 45
Divide by Zero Triple Crossers Pestilence Victorious Secret Team Delaware XVIII
Team #: 65
Power: 98
Odds: 107-1
Dan Eppolito/LHV
Cary Morris/AGR
Steven LeWinter/FDE
Ian Streeb/MCO

Team #: 43
Power: 97
Odds: 108-1
Andy Latto/T&T
Cally Perry/TTR
Claire Brosius/EPB
Sam Brosius/LST

Team #: 33
Power: 94
Odds: 112-1
Bruce Young/ATS
Claire Pfeiffer/ELC
Henry Pfeiffer/PRC
Chris Daly/STA
Team #: 70
Power: 94
Odds: 112-1
Robert Renaud/RFG
Edward Fu/DOM
Daniel Speyer/LHV
Nicholas Kiswanto/KPR

Team #: 76
Power: 94
Odds: 112-1
Tim Hitchings/EIS
Vince Meconi/GBG
John Kirk/M44
Wm Rohrbeck/WSM

46 47 48 49 50
Magic Men 3 Men & a Lady 3 Brits & a Yank Chicks with Dice Go Flank Yourself
Team #: 56
Power: 93
Odds: 113-1
Randy Buehler/SPG
Ed Fear/POF
Sceadeau d'Tela/AGR
Mark Globus/AGE

Team #: 3
Power: 92
Odds: 114-1
Joel Tamburo/KPR
John Keating/KRM
Tim Keating/IVH
Shannon Keating/LST

Team #: 79
Power: 85
Odds: 123-1
Peter Card/SUC
Nick Smith/AUC
Chris Hancock/SCT
Mark Love/PDT

Team #: 5
Power: 78
Odds: 135-1
Marilyn Flowers/CAR
Rolinda Collinson/GSR
Kaarin Engelmann/SLS
Carrie Lewis/MMS

Team #: 59
Power: 70
Odds: 150-1
Justin Rice/HIS
Rob Doane/BAR
Dave Cross/CQP
Brad Merrill/WNW
51 52 53 54 55
Iron Meeples 3rd Generation Gamer Possum Gamers The Con Artists Kromp on Krewe

Team #: 37
Power: 69
Odds: 152-1
Gary Phillips/CCN
Derek Pulhamas/CBC
Grant LaDue/WNW
Bob Sohn/ABN

Team #: 60
Power: 69
Odds: 152-1
Matt Evinger/ACS
Jodi Folk/TTR
Tim Evinger/EIS
Ruth Evinger/GXY

Team #: 48
Power: 67
Odds: 157-1
John Elliott/ACS
Joe Collinson III/HWD
Ben Collinson Sr/NVW
Dan Collinson/STA

Team #: 81
Power: 64
Odds: 164-1
Chad Gormly/BAT
John Shaheen/PDT
Robert Rund/SCT
John Faella/WWR

Team #: 36
Power: 60
Odds: 175-1
Roger Taylor/LBY
Paul McCarthy/HIS
Chris Godfrey/TWS
Phil Rodrigues/SUC
56 57 58 59 60
Team Destiny Jay's Basement Spontaneous Combustion Occam's Razors Knights Who Say Ni

Team #: 53
Power: 58
Odds: 181-1
Jeremiah Peterson/HIS
Tedd Mullally/AGR
David Hood/MFD
Matt Jesser/DOM

Team #: 26
Power: 57
Odds: 185-1
Bruce Duboff/POF
Jay Fox/TTR
Albert Schwartz/ELG
Yoel Weiss/SET

Team #: 10
Power: 51
Odds: 206-1
Jacob Hebner/WOR
Eric Engelmann/STA
Kevin Lewis/RA!
Joshua Cooper/AGR

Team #: 44
Power: 50
Odds: 211-1
Chris Yaure/BAT
Debra Yaure/LST
Phil Yaure/KPW
Emily Bacon/STA

Team #: 77
Power: 46
Odds: 229-1
Keith Levy/PGD
Shira Levy/TTR
Elliot Gloger/SET
Adam Oliner/CAR
61 62 63 64 65
Les 3 Mousquetaires Team Looking Glass Famine Missing Links GCI
Team #: 18
Power: 43
Odds: 245-1
Stephane Dorais/DUN
Marc Beauregard/MED
Romain Jacques/IMP
Francis Beaudet/FRS
Team #: 9
Power: 40
Odds: 264-1
Craig Melton/SUC
Joanna Melton/MRA/
Virginia Melton/ABN
Rebecca Melton/TTA

Team #: 32
Power: 39
Odds: 270-1
Carl Sykes/RRY
Bill Burtless/SET
Kevin Emery/KPR
Ken Richards/B17

Team #: 74
Power: 37
Odds: 280-1
Mike Mahady/TTN
Paul Richardson/NVW
Marc Houde/KRM
Tamara Houde/RRY
Team #: 75
Power: 37
Odds: 285-1
Brian Wool/CMS
Nick Paciorek/M44
Verity Hitchings/MRA
George Worley/EIS
66 67 68 69 70
EPGS 2: The Other Guys Lady Luck Giants of Gaming The Ent Moot Pixel Juice

Team #: 39
Power: 35
Odds: 300-1
Steve Cameron/GXY
Keith Layton/FRS
Robert Stribula/EPB
Jim Vroom/ADV

Team #: 4
Power: 31
Odds: 340-1
Laurie Wojtaszczyk/LST
Jamie Tang/HWD
Jenna Sunderlin/ING
Marcia Morelli/CAR

Team #: 6
Power: 31
Odds: 761-2
Cal Doughan/DOM
Noah Engelmann/AOA
Thomas Melton/BRI
Paul Weintraub/PRC
Team #: 62
Power: 29
Odds: 360-1
Chris Entwistle/GSR
Phillip Entwistle/STA
Geoffrey Entwistle/GXY
James Gilmore/TTR
Team #: 73
Power: 28
Odds: 380-1
Carmen Petruzelli/MED
Brad Sherwood/RA
Kevin Shaud/ACS
Elaine Petruzelli/7WS
71 72 73 74 75
Mean Sheep Peck of Pickled Peppers Athena & the 3 Spartans Next Gen The Lunch Bunch

Team #: 52
Power: 26
Odds: 410-1
Barrett Straub/PRC
Becky Straub/CAR
Jason Long/CYL
Dana Champion/RFG

Team #: 15
Power: 22
Odds: 480-1
Peter Perla/EOS
Grant Herman/WWR
Mark Herman/NW5
Zack Lawrence/FTP

Team #: 71
Power: 17
Odds: 620-1
Kirk Harris/HIS
Bertha Torres-Harris/SET
Manuel Bravo/IVH
Evan Harris/RTG
Team #: 11
Power: 16
Odds: 660-1
Adam Wojtaszczyk/ING
Wesley Lewis/LLM
Andrew Doughan/ATS
Jack Doughan/RFG
Team #: 46
Power: 15
Odds: 700-1
Patrick Gorman/SJN
Jennifer Gorman/PGD
Dave Blisard/CAR
Cody Zimmerman/TAM
76 77 78 79 80
Something About Unicorns Just Us Bunches Local Yokels Hitting Snews Hungry Like The Wolf

Team #: 45
Power: 14
Odds: 750-1
Joe Yaure/PDT
Samantha Berk/MMS
Meghan Friedmann/LST
Ryan Friedmann/TTR

Team #: 69
Power: 13
Odds: 810-1
Pei-Hsin Lin/BRS
Peter Schmitt/SET
J.R. Geronimo/ELG
Adam Sigal/AGR
Team #: 72
Power: 11
Odds: 1000-1
Eric Schlosser/MAN
Ken Schlosser/PGD
Dusty Usner/CAR
Chad Weaver/DOM

Team #: 50
Power: 10
Odds: 1100-1
Nick Avtges/CBC
Bob Menzel/B17
Gary Libby/ACS
Bill Romaniecki/KPR

Team #: 34
Power: 4
Odds: 2600-1
Drew DuBoff/TTR
Max DuBoff/TWS
Yoni Weiss/ELG
Adina Weiss/SET
81 82 83 84  
True North Pioneers Wednesday Night Club ISIS thE MVPs  

Team #: 1
Power: 2
Odds: 5800-1
Johnny L. Wilson/SSB
Linus Park/EPB
Daniel An/NVW
George Solaymaw/ACQ

Team #: 25
Power: 2
Odds: 5800-1
Paul Martz/SET
Christine Quimby/CAR
David Bliss/DOM
Steve Webb/TTR
Team #: 83
Evan Hitchings/WSM
Rose Bromley/B17
Nora Tuke/PRC
Steve Sabatino/CMS
Team #: 84
Eric Monte/TTR
Malinda Kyrkos/PRO
Vassili Kyrkos/MOV
Pat Monte/FDE

Happy’s Betting Tips [7/19/2011]
by Stuart "Happy Handicapper" Tucker

I admit that it didn ’t actually occur to me that anybody reads this drivel.  Then, I get this note today asking about a statistical oddity. Oh wait, Paul, you still aren’t reading this; you only care about your own odds!!! Well, let me explain it to you in simple terms any bookie would understand. When a team called Lady Luck has a power rating of 31, you bet them. They have long odds—something like 370-1. They make you money if you win. They have kharma in their name. And, shucks, when you inevitably loose (as all my suckers do) you can still feel good about backing the ladies. You are a good  samaritan.

But, NOOOOO, this isn’t obvious to a team that chose the semi-humorous name (because they aren’t tall) Giants of Gaming. Their team captain (the only member likely to get close to wood this year) asks, "hey, we’ve got a power rating of 31; how come the odds for us are 400-1?" Now, if you are still with  me, concentrate  on this closely:  NEITHER team has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the team tournament. However, if perchance people are going to start rigging the race, it’ll be for a team with a name like Lucky Lady. So, if the bookie leans on the odds a little, it should be obvious why two such teams with identical power ratings don’t have identical odds. Always expect the unexpected where women are concerned.

Now that only Paul and Kaarin are now reading this drivel, I can admit that it really was a simple rounding error, with one team’s odds being rounded to the nearest 100 (because YOU have no chance), while the other was rounded to the nearest 10. By the way, while I’m talking, the odds just lengthened again tonight for both teams, to 380-1. Would it make you happier if we called it 761-2? I’m sorry, I still have to say Lady Luck has a better chance.

A better bet would be Amish Chicks Dig Wood (inheriting most members of Nick Tahou’s Revenge) at fairly close to even odds of 92-1. Or how about Central FL Gamers, who upgraded their personnel a bit to move into a top five ranking at 43-1. Put them on your betting card! There are about eight teams not yet registered that would make the top 25 in the odds rankings. Get your act together, people; other people want to ride you to victory!

By the way, here’s a betting tip:  Giants of Gaming have no chance. Take that to the bank.

Horse Talk 2011 [7/12/2011]
by Stuart "Happy Handicapper" Tucker

This column has become the easiest job on earth. Bet Nest of Spies. End of  story. Oh wait, that’s how the column began a few years ago. And if you bet the house, my apologies. ‘Cuz in this business, second place is a LOSER (or so goes the dominant philosophy of most of my competitors). So, Nest of Spies fell a point short last year? At least they are always an easy bet for your "Pick the Top Ten" list. Stick with them. They are still the dynasty to beat. So much so, that their chief rival, the Champagne Room Gamers have moved around the personnel and changed names to fit their new mantra:  Win or you’re grounded. It’s nice to have a brood of winners living under your roof to bolster your cause. Both Shockers! and Sweep the Leg have upgraded themselves with personnel changes. The Polish Lancers have justly deserved their climb up the ranks. The Rebel & Redcoats have split up, with some members forming Three men & a Lady.

The quiz of the day:  What happens when the Fellowship is broken? Spontaneous Combustion. The Federation of Gamers has been replaced by Team Looking-Glass. And the Next Gen of last year has split up, while a new Next Gen has been fielded, appropriately at the lower end of the ranks. Welcome to True North Pioneers, the first team to register and currently our lowest ranked team. It’s not all about winning, it’s just fun to play (and beat teams like yours). 

With only 42 teams reporting as of now, there are still a dozen or so Top 25-worthy teams out there that need to register, so don’t pick your top ten yet. Last year’s team champion, I Beat Bill Crenshaw, assuming they stay together, will be ranked at about sixth once the full field registers. St. Paul’s Rejects and The Defectors would garner fourth and fifth.

Sign up your team soon; time is running out. Without further ado, it is  time to unveil the prelimary odds. While only showing 42 teams, these odds anticipate the full field filling out.

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