2011 WBC Sportsmanship Award
Feb. 13, 2012

The Sportsmanship Award is our top honor since it is something we can all aspire to and is within our reach regardless of our skills. It reminds us that there is no fun to be had with these games without affable opposition providing obstacles to overcome. Our Sportsman of the Year always prizes camaraderie and fair play over victory and therein offers a shining example of sportsmanship that we should all do our best to emulate.

Our winner was selected from among many nominees put forth by GMs and other commentators whose recommendations were considered and reduced to a field of 17 worthies included on our annual Membership Drive ballot for selection by the membership at large. The members' choice is rewarded with a free room at the following WBC. 

After 2010's razor thin margin of one vote separating the top three contenders, this year provided more clarity as our winner more than doubled the vote percentage of last year’s recipient by garnering more than 20% of the 251 votes cast. Grognard Bruno Sinigaglio rarely nominates anyone for sportsmanship honors since he has high expectations of everyone that comes under his watch. So you know he is impressed when he finally gives in and places someone in the spotlight. Lo and behold, it was none other than Cap'n Larry (Lingle) who had put aside his pirate gear long enough to don his Jedi knight duds while defending his Star Wars: Queen's Gambit title. The three-time champion had his semi-final game all but won by merely playing out his hand normally, but he didn’t want to win by time limit, so he passed on his own moves, allowing his opponent to beat the clock and win the game as Anakin brought down the death star—ending Larry Lingle’s quest for his fourth title.

Larry’s main competition for free lodging this summer was Eric Monte whose rectifying of an incorrect Ticket to Ride score garnered more than 12% voter support. Following Monte was Thomas Drueding at 9%, a pair of Greenville Mafia lads (John Emery and Tim Rogers) at 8%, and grognard Kevin McCarthy at 6%.  Given all the swag Cap’n Larry hands out in his Pirate’s Cove event, it is truly fitting that he be our guest in 2012.

Past Sportsmanship Winners

Chuck Stapp
1992 - NJ

Tiger Von Pagel
1993 - FL

Rob Kilroy
1994 - PA

Ian Lange
1995 - AE

Jim Matt
1996 - MI

Ed Connery
1997 - NJ

Frank Sinigaglio
1999- NJ

Robert Sacks
2000 - NY

Bret Hildebran
2001 - OH

Kaarin Engelmann
2002, 2008 - VA

James Jordan
2003 - MD

Steve Okonski
2004 - MD
Bruno Sinigaglio
2005 - AK
Phil Barcafer
2006 - PA
Rebecca Hebner
2007 - CO
Mark Yoshikawa
2009 - CA
John Emery
2010 - SC
Larry Lingle
2011 - PA
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