World Boardgaming Championships Publicity
Oct. 20, 2014

Want to go above and beyond the call of duty? Download a copy of one of our posters or flyers in PDF format* and print, hang, and distribute as many as you like.

2011 WBC

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2011 WBC

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2011 WBC


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2011 WBC


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Press Release
July 8, 2011

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Game Trade
June 20, 2011
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Media Coverage of WBC 2011

FATcast WBC Special Edition Part 1 (Fortress Ameritrash)

Best of Face Off In 'World Boardgaming Championships' by WGAL TV 8 (Broadcast Segment)

World Boardgaming Championships 2011 - Convention Coverage by M. Evan Brooks (

Ethics in gaming: Reflections on the WBC seminar (Paul Owen's Man OverBoard blog)

2011 Wubbies: My awards for this year's WBC (daveroswell)

WBC 2011 - From Italy and Back (Kaarin Engelmann; kengelma)

Things I learned at WBC, 2011 Edition (Anni Foasberg; Ibaimendi)

WBC 2011 List - Eight Days A Week (John Corrado; jmc003)

My WBC gaming and dining flops (Loc Nguyen; Da L0C)

2011 WBC: The quest continues (Curt Collins; Spleen)

WBC 2011 - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (Chris Palermo; Lemur)

Fun at the 2011 WBC (Joel Tamburo; Joelist)

WBC 2011 Marathon (David Dockter; Herr Dr)

Sean McCulloch's 2011 WBC (Sean McCulloch; SeanM)

2011 WBC - My Second Geeklist (Bobby B. Basa; bonkee3000)

2011 WBC Run Down (Gary Phillips; dropded)

The Year of Thirds: WBC 2011 (Alex Bove; montu)

WBC 2011 - More DonCon Than You Can Shake a Stick At! (J. R. Tracy; jrtracy)

I was at WBC 2011, and all I got was a deck of cards (Mike K; Coyotek4)

The 2011 WBC according to Stormseeker75 (stormseeker75)

My WBC 2011 (Kurt R; enzo622)

2011 WBC Week (John Weber)

My 2011 WBC Week (Max Jamelli; sigtaulefty)

WBC 2011 Games Played (Chad Weaver; chadw09)

My WBC 2011 Experience: Thursday through Saturday (Garry Rice; garry_rice)

The Brosius family attends the 2011 World Boardgaming Championships (Eric Brosius)

Another Great WBC Bruce Reiff (Bruce Reiff; BDReiff)

Coverage of 7 Wonders Tournament (Next Level Card Games)

Preliminary Round Game One
Preliminary Round Game Two
Quarterfinal Round

WBC Coverage: Dominion (Next Level Card Games)

Semifinal and final

WBC Coverage: Race for the Galaxy Semifinals (Next Level Card Games)


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