WBC Auction and Auction Store Sales
Aug. 19, 2011

The move to the Lampeter room went smoothly for the auction and auction store, with delivery of items much easier for the sellers. Activities started very smoothly, as not only did the 61 auction store sellers check in their items on Monday evening, but also 27 of the 28 auction sellers, making Tuesday morning more manageable for the staff.

The auction sold a total of 580 items. A single item did not sell, due to a high minimum bid. Items sold for over $19K for an average price of $33.32, almost $1 more than last year’s $32.51. Twenty-three items sold for $100 or more with the 1825 lot including all 3 base games and all expansion kits going for $305 with the Circus Maximus Big Board closely behind at $300. Other big dollar items included: Advanced Civilization $250, 18C2C $230, Rail Baron and full set of C&C Ancients $180 each, DAK2 $170, Streets of Stalingrad $160, and Case Blue $160. Another 60 items sold for between $50 and $95 and 147 items between $30 and $49. At the low end of the scale, only 55 items sold for less than $10, significantly lower than last years 140 items. (See the list of Auction Sales, by Lot Number for all sales.)

From a buyer’s perspective, 113 different buyers—up from 111 last year—walked home with games from the auction with 7 buyers spending more than $500 and an additional 35 buyers spending more than $100. The most spirited bidding came with the large selection of 18xx games in this year’s auction as many folks tried to grab the Deep Thought Games 18xx titles so they don’t have to wait in the 9 month current production queue.

At the auction store, a total of 1,313 items were delivered Monday night. The line started to form at 8 AM in order to be the first in the store at 9:30. The items seemed to be priced to sell during the day, as a total of 1,099 items were sold through the store, a record 84% of the items available. The average selling price of the auction store items was $12.72—up from $12.61 last year—with 83 items selling at the top price of $30, another 204 items over $20, and 372 items between $10 and $19.

For 2012, the auction staff will make the following changes:

  1. the auction store will open at 9AM, have price changes at 11AM and 1PM, and close at 3PM right before the BPA Annual Meeting
  2. all items, auction and auction store will need to be checked in between 6 and 10 PM Monday night.

Thanks to everyone who participated as both buyers and sellers at this year’s event and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

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