2010 GM of the Year
Jan. 11, 2011

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We are pleased to award the Best GM honor for 2010 to Stuart Tucker who bested Ed Beach, by seven points, leaving Ed in the bridesmaid position for the second year in a row. Stuart’s winning score of 76 was based on a nearly unanimous judgement—faring no worse than fifth on seven of the eight ballots—including two top scores. Stuart will receive free lodging at WBC 2011 in gratitude for his service. 

Stuart’s recognition as GM of the Year probably has more to do with persistence rather than anything he did differently in 2010. This was his ninth straight year at the helm of the Hannibal pre-con—an event he continues to run despite work and family commitments which cause him to miss most of the remainder of WBC week. His annual After Action Reports are always among the most entertaining and informative, while serving as a reminder of why The General was never in better hands than under his editorship.

In addition to running Hannibal, Stuart didn’t hurt his case with the voters with his past services to WAM GMing and his ongoing stint as the Happy Handicapper in the WBC Team Tournament. Despite its age, Hannibal remains a top draw with 50 players answering the role call in 2010—an unprecedented number for a two-player wargame of its vintage and length. The grueling five-round swiss event is my pick for the best WBC tournament in terms of combination of skill, commitment, and number of legitimate contenders. Although Stuart is lured to do battle in his own event, he has never finished higher than this year’s sixth place laurels. Here’s hoping this award tops that highwater mark and makes it a red letter year for one of WBC’s best GMs. 

Overall, scores ranged from Stuart’s 76 to a low of 17. The Board’s eight first-place votes were split among six nominees. Finishing second in the voting to take his fourth Top Six nomination with one of those first place votes was Ed Beach, who garnered a score of 69 for hosting Here I Stand, with extra consideration for his work in the Juniors room and the Great Campaigns event. Marc Houde garnered his first Top Six honors to finish third with 63 points for hosting Robo Rally. Rounding out the remainder of our Top Six GMs were John Weber (Puerto Rico) and Claire Brosius (Ticket to Ride) with identical scores of 57, and Larry Lingle whose decoration of the Marietta Room into a veritable Pirates of the Caribbean ride was good enough for a score of 56, as Cap’n Larry drew 100 cutthroats to Pirate’s Cove. Well done all. Our sincere thanks to you and all others like you who try to make WBC a little more special every year.

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