2010 WBC Team TournamentThe 19th Run for the Slivers
July 29, 2010

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BRACKET BUSTIN' WBC STYLE: Got March Madness withdrawal? Can't wait for the NFL season? Make your brackets for the WBC Team Tournament. Send your Top Ten picks for the WBC Team Tournament listed in order from 1st to 10th to conventiondirector@boardgamers.org by July 31 for a chance to win free admission to WBC 2011. One entry per person. Mark Love won his way to WBC last year by picking only six of the Top Ten... you gonna let him get away with that again? Surely, you can do better than that? The Happy Handicapper is daring you. And if you are one of our hundreds of jockeys, remember to post your own score on the self-scoring Team Tournament display in the Ballroom Foyer.

The usual word of warning to those teams whose members are listed in red below: if you're not pre-registered by July 25th, you're outa the running. There's no walk-ons in the Team Tournament.

Self-Service Scoring: To improve the speed with which the standings are updated, Team Member, whether they score a point or not, should post their point totals on the Team Tournament kiosk Standings Board as soon as they are known. The Point Schedule is listed in the printed program. Those who score points in an event they have never won will receive one bonus point. While the self-service scoring is unofficial and subject to verification, it allows attendees to gain a current sense of where they are in the standings as the week unfolds. Since the results of some events are not known until the very end (and later) of the convention, the official scoring will be done the following week and posted here. The winning team will receive a plaque at the 2011 convention.

2010 Teams, in order by rank [as of July 29, 2010]
Click on the graphic to see a larger version. Unofficial team logos courtesy of Dave Dockter and Kaarin Engelmann. If you would like to supply your own team logo, send it to webmaster@boardgamers.org.
1 2 3 4 5
EPGS #Champagne Room Gamers St Paul's Rejects Band of Fools Amish Terrarium
Team #: 19
Power: 490
Odds: 21:1
James Pei/FTP
Stefan Mecay/TWS
Chris Byrd/HRC
Ron Fedin/WNW
Team #: 60
Power: 357
Odds: 29:1
Bruce Reiff/FBS
Sean McCulloch/TT2
Jeff Mullet/AOR

Team #: 56
Power: 270
Odds: 38:1
John Pack/VIP
Mike Backstrom/UNP
Rich Moyer/SSB
S Packwood/776

Team #: 6
Power: 245
Odds: 42:1
Gary Dickson/TRC
S Dickson/MOV
Ray Freeman/TIM
Tom Gregorio/BTD

Team #: 50
Power: 225
Odds: 46:1
Eric Wrobel/MOV
Kate Taillon/BAT
Arthur Field/SPB
Bill Crenshaw/MFD

6 7 8 9 10
The Defectors GM #1: The Corleone Family 3 Men & a Canadian EPGS1 - Wabbit's Wevenge Central Florida Gamers

Team #: 51
Power: 224
Odds: 46:1
Pete Stein/KRM
D Gutermuth/EPB
L Gutermuth/FMR
K Gutermuth/AOR

Team #: 62
Power: 208
Odds: 50:1
Bill Beckman/SSB
Bryan Collars/CBC
John Emery/UPF
Josh Githens/CMS

Team #: 30
Power: 205
Odds: 50:1
Bill Dyer/FDE
Brad Johnson/RRY
Joe Abrams/MOV
G McMaster/DUN
Team #: 24
Power: 204
Odds: 51:1
Chris Moffa/GOA
B Flaxington/TKL
Eric Freeman/AMR
Greg Thatcher/STA

Team #: 53
Power: 202
Odds: 51:1
Jason Levine/FDE
Doug Gallulo/ACV
Jeff Cornett/E&T
Ann Bruck/MED

11 12 13 14 15
Alwr2Eng@Minwlkn2abar Polish Lancers Return of the Empire reservoirdogs
Team #: 8
Power: 200
Odds: 52:1
K Hunsinger/ATS
Paul Risner/B17
Jim Jordan/BRI
Bruce Monnin/WOG
Team #: 26
Power: 198
Odds: 52:1

Martin Sample/ACS
A Applebaum/VIP
Dave Finberg/TTN
Aaron Fuegi/TT2
Team #: 4
Power: 197
Odds: 53:1
John Poniske/WTP
Rick Young/CCA
P Gaberson/WNW
Dave Metzger/AHD

Team #: 48
Power: 196
Odds: 53:1
Harald Henning/EPB
R Lehrer/AGE
A Warszawski/AMR
Haim Hochboim/AGR

Team #: 78
Power: 184
Odds: 56:1
J. R. Tracy/CBC
Phil Barcafer/NW5
Matt Fagan/DUN
Jim Doughan/BKN
16 17 18 19 20
Me & 3 Stiffs Reese's Pieces Team X We Ain't Dead Yet Ghosts
Team #: 73
Power: 183
Odds: 57:1
Keith Wixson/HRC
Marvin Birnbaum/WTP
Mark Giddings/DOM
Brian Smith/EPB
Team #: 1
Power: 181
Odds: 57:1
Peter Reese/WLL
Bill Edwards/ATS
George Young/WTP
Andrew Maly/CM8

Team #: 7
Power: 175
Odds: 59:1
Tim Dolan/BCY
Dan Dolan Sr/ELC
Ed Witkowski/BWD

Chris Storzillo/ABN

Team #: 70
Power: 173
Odds: 60:1
Bruno Sinigaglio/B81
Frank Sinigaglio/CMS
Tom Oleson/ANZ
Don Greenwood/FBS

Team #: 68
Power: 172
Odds: 60:1
Larry Lingle/QGB
John Wetherell/RFG
Charles Hickok/POG
Dennis Culhane/EOS

21 22 23 24 25
Old Guard AREA GM #2: The Barzini Family Flush Stein Cold Java Ink Drink

Team #: 40
Power: 171
Odds: 61:1

Bill Morse/QGB
F Pafenberg/B81
Randy Heller/BWD
Phil Evans/TRC

Team #: 33
Power: 167
Odds: 62:1
Ed Menzel/GBG
Bob Hamel/GSR
John Sharp/ VIP
Bill Thomson/SQL

Team #: 63
Power: 167
Odds: 62:1
Bruce Young/ATS
Ken Richards/B17
Ralph Gleaton/UPF
Scott Pfeiffer/NW5

Team #: 31
Power: 162
Odds: 64:1
Mark Mitchell/GXY
Harry Flawd/PDT
M Yoshikawa/ATS
D Nicholson/MMS

Team #: 12
Power: 155
Odds: 67:1
Nick Henning/GSR
Jon Gemmell/CAR
Karl Henning/QGB

Dave Meyaard/ELC

26 27 28 29 30
Gang Greene

Animal House Crew

KoeszarLientzPlatz Forced Laughter
Team #: 2
Power: 150
Odds: 69:1
R McCracken/TRC
Rod Coffey/776
Mark Miklos/BAR
Andy Lewis/SSB

Team #: 91
Power: 148
Odds: 70:1
Gordon Rodgers/M44
Blair Morgen/RA!
Rob Kilroy/E&T
John Kilbride/DOM

Team #: 20
Power: 147
Odds: 71:1
Eric Brosius/EPB
Rich Meyer/PGD
Jeff Meyer/CYL
S Shambeda/ACQ
Team #: 5
Power: 141
Odds: 74:1
Steve Koleszar/ALH
L Koleszar/MOV
Dave Platnik/SJN

M Koleszar/TTR
Team #: 87
Power: 139
Odds: 75:1
Charles Drozd/CQP
Jennifer Drozd/ACV
Robert Drozd/WAS
Ted Drozd/EBG
31 32 33 34 35
LOL GAMERZ Werewolf Bait Tell Me The Odds Nick Tahou's Revenge Go Flank Yourself

Team #: 71
Power: 138
Odds: 75:1
Allen Kaplan/CCA
Chris Bauch/MMS
Dewayne Curry/ACS
Terry Coleman/AHD

Team #: 23
Power: 137
Odds: 76:1
Alex Henning/SLS
A Collinson/PRC
Allyson Field/MOA
R Hebner/LST

Team #: 82
Power: 135
Odds: 77:1
Nick Page/VSD
Robb Effinger/ELG
Geoff Pounder/DOM
Jason Ley/AGE

Team #: 27
Power: 133
Odds: 78:1
Bill O'Neal/CCA
Bill Peeck/WTP
Bill Place/MAN
Rob Winslow/CBC

Team #: 42
Power: 132
Odds: 79:1
Chris Withers/TWS
Jay Meyers/EOS
Rob Doane/WTP
Justin Rice/HIS

36 37 38 39 40
Avenel Hill Game Co Phi Slamma JAMA EPGS #3: Serious Gamers Ghost Division Iron Meeples
Team #: 94
Power: 132
Odds: 79:1
Andy Gardner/VIP
Henry Richardson/B17
P Richardson/WAS
Ben Gardner/GSR

Team #: 81
Power: 131
Odds: 80:1
Alex Bove/GOA
Steven LeWinter/FDE
Cary Morris/STA
Sceadeau D'Tela/DOM

Team #: 55
Power: 130
Odds: 80:1
J Castonguay/PGD
Mike Kaltman/CYL
R MacInnis/HRC
Kevin Youells/ACV
Team #: 11
Power: 124
Odds: 84:1

K Hammond/BKN
Mike Kaye/VIP
A Cummins/SQL
Nick Frydas/POG

Team #: 36
Power: 121
Odds: 86:1
Grant LaDue/AOA
Gary Phillips/WOG 
Robert Sohn/ABN
D Pulhamus/CBC

41 42 43 44 45
The BB Guns Beach Bums CABS #2: The Waltons Boarding Party Team Delaware XVII

Team #: 90
Power: 121
Odds: 86:1
Bruce Bernard/HWD
Brandon Bernard/ABN
Brittany Bernard/ING
Beth Zhao/PRC

Team #: 38
Power: 118
Odds: 88:1

Ed Beach/GCA
Sarah Beach/T&T
Matthew Beach/HWD
Natalie Beach/ING

Team #: 61
Power: 116
Odds: 90:1
Mike Stanley/CMS
Nicole Reiff/MMS
Ellen Hoam/MOA
Nate Hoam/ALH

Team #: 9
Power: 116
Odds: 90:1

Ben Knight/BCY
Roy Gibson/ACS
M Fitzgerald/DOM
Rob Eastman/FDE

Team #: 76
Power: 115
Odds: 91:1
Tim Hitchings/EIS
Vince Meconi/AF
Bill Rohrbeck/WSM
K Hitchings/TTR

46 47 48 49 50
Shockers (for John P) Gaming Speed Bumps Sweep The Leg The Handsome Tacos Cynical Stoics

Team #: 39
Power: 112
Odds: 93:1

Marty Musella/PZB
Bert Schoose/TRC
Bill Scott/AFK
John Schoose/AUC

Team #: 69
Power: 111
Odds: 94:1
Craig Yope/ BCY
Robert Frisby/776
Chris Trimmer/WOR

Doug Porterfield/AOA

Team #: 14
Power: 110
Odds: 95:1
Jeff Burdett/HIS
J Martin/NW5
N Thompson/BKN
Jeff Heidman/ACS
Team #: 95
Power: 101
Odds: 103:1
Winton Lemoine/RA!
Roderick Lee/SSB
Kyle Greenwood/GOA
Daniel Eppolito/LHV
Team #: 74
Power: 99
Odds: 106:1
Derek Landel/MMS
Mike Ussery/VIP
Matt Bacho/KPR
Mike Dwyer/FDE
51 52 53 54 55
Revenge of the Bunches Triumph of the Whim Triple Crossers Chicks with Dice Cardboard Heroes

Team #: 85
Power: 98
Odds: 100:1
Robert Renaud/RFG
Tedd Mullally/AGR
Pei-Hsin Lin/SET
JR Geronimo/PRO

Team #: 89
Power: 96
Odds: 109:1
Ray Stakenas/DOM
Ken Whitesell/FBS
Ray Stakenas II/UPF
Chris Villenueve/AOA

Team #: 49
Power: 95
Odds: 110:1
Andy Latto/T&T
Claire Brosius/DOM
Sam Brosius/LST
J Chaplin/MOV

Team #: 28
Power: 91
Odds: 115:1
Eve Secunda/RBN
R Collinson/GSR
K Engelmann/SLS
Carrie Lewis/MMS

Team #: 45
Power: 86
Odds: 122:1
Steve Squibb/ACS
Cliff Ackman/SPB
Bill Navolis/RRY
Kathy Stroh/RFG
56 57 58 59 60
Steel Patriots 3 Brits & a Yank

Blue & Grey Quad

Primanti Brothers
Team #: 18
Power: 85
Odds: 123:1

Rich M. Shay/PRO
Bob Wicks/SFR
J Lockwood/WAS
Joel Feldman/RA!
Team #: 21
Power: 80
Odds: 131:1
Paul McCarthy/HIS
Roger Taylor/CQP
L Rodrigues/KRM
P Rodrigues/SUC

Team #: 77
Power: 78
Odds: 134:1
Peter Card/SUC
Nick Smith/AUC
Chris Hancock/SCT
Mark Love/MRA

Team #: 96
Power: 78
Odds: 134:1
Mark Guttag/CCA
John Vasilakos/BAR
Daniel Broh-Kahn/TKL
Kevin Broh-Kahn/PGD

Team #: 75
Power: 76
Odds: 138:1
Fred Minard/MED
Tom Agostino/NVW
Rob Paul/RSK
Chris Gnech/T&T
61 62 63 64 65
Normal Like You Smortal 3rdGenGamers M.U.L.E. Train Possum Gamers

Team #: 41
Power: 75
Odds: 100:1
V Hitchings/MRA
Lauren Vessey/PRC
L Solomon/SPB
C Hancock/HWD

Team #: 67
Power: 71
Odds: 148:1
John Shaheen/PDT
Scott Nerney/SCT
Chad Gormly/BAT
Rob Kircher/SFR

Team #: 3
Power: 69
Odds: 152:1
Tim Evinger/NVW
Ruth Evinger/DOM
Matt Evinger/ACS
Melissa Oslin/TTR

Team #: 92
Power: 69
Odds: 152:1
Malinda Kyrkos/PRO
Vassili Kyrkos/MOV
Barry Barnes/TT2
Eric Monte/TTR
Team #: 47
Power: 67
Odds: 156:1

John Elliot/ACS
BCollinson Sr/NVW
JCollinson III/HWD

Dan Collinson/DOM
66 67 68 69 70
Amish Terrarium Natty Bohemians Jay's Basement Next Gen

Team #: 44
Power: 61
Odds: 172:1
Jesse Boomer/NW5
Jeff Paull/MAN
Nathan Paull/M44
G Schmittgens'RFG

Team #: 54
Power: 61
Odds: 172:1
Michael Buccheri/TWI
R Buccheri/GXY
Phil White/SCC
Cody Sandifer/RT3

Team #: 22
Power: 57
Odds: 184:1

Jay Fox/TTR
Yoel Weiss/ELG
Bruce Duboff/POF
A Schwartz/DOM

Team #: 10
Power: 53
Odds: 198:1
Ste Dorais/ABN
M Beauregard/ACQ 
David Gagne/T&T
JF Gagne/RA!
Team #: 25
Power: 51
Odds: 206:1

Joseph Belyeu/AOA
Dan Lewis/FMR
71 72 73 74 75
GM #4: The Tattaglia Family Team Red Rebels & Redcoats Occam's Razor Federation of Gamers
Team #: 65
Power: 51
Odds: 206:1
Bill Burtless/LID
Dan Lawall/RRY

Henry Pfeiffer/PRC
Kevin Emery/MAN
Team #: 15
Power: 50
Odds: 210:1
E Hitchings/WSM
PJ Livingston/CMS
Kyle McCool/EIS
Mike Windle/B17

Team #: 37
Power: 50
Odds: 210:1
Joel Tamburo/KPR
John Keating/GXY
Tim Cockitt/ALH
Matt Ellis/BKN

Team #: 72
Power: 50
Odds: 210:1
Chris Yaure/WOR
Phil Yaure/ADV
Joe Yaure/PDT
Deb Lawrence/TTR

Team #: 58
Power: 41
Odds: 256:1
Craig Melton/SUC
Joanna Melton/MRA
Rebecca Melton/TTA
Thomas Melton/HRC

76 77 78 79 80
Natty Boh 40's GM #3: The Stracci Family Gutter Runners Touche (Too Shea) Peck of Pickled Peppers
Team #: 83
Power: 40
Odds: 263:1
Andy Joy/CCA
Rob Olsson/WLL
Peter Putnam/CYL
Matt Deuber/SCC

Team #: 64
Power: 38
Odds: 277:1
Carl Sykes/RRY
Chris Daly/STA
Mark Smith/MED
Tim Rogers/KPR

Team #: 13
Power: 37
Odds: 284:1
Marc Houde/ADV,
Tamara Houde/TYX
P Richardson/RFG
Mike Mahady/TTN

Team #: 35
Power: 33
Odds: 320:1

Lynda Shea/CNS
Michael Shea/SFR
Lexi Shea/PRO
Jordan Shea/LRC

Team #: 43
Power: 33
Odds: 320:1
Peter Perla/FMR
Rich Phares/TIM
Mark Herman/NW5
Z Lawrence/FTP

81 82 83 84 85
Lady Luck Just For Ben Cheddar Centurions The Fellowship Athena and the 3 spartans

Team #: 34
Power: 31
Odds: 340:1
L Wojtaszczyk/LST
Jamie Tang/HWD
J Sunderlin/TAM
Marcia Morelli/CAR

Team #: 79
Power: 27
Odds: 390:1
Benoit Groulx/DUN
Romain Jacques/E&T
Gilles Duchesne/MOA
Sylvain Larose/COH
Team #: 88
Power: 27
Odds: 390:1
M Holmquist/ AOS
Dave Tianen/WTP
H Spangenberg/CYL
Renee Dudley/PRO

Team #: 52
Power: 21
Odds: 500:1
J Hebner/WOR
E Engelmann/PRO
N Engelmann/RFG
HC Kirketerp/STA

Team #: 46
Power: 17
Odds: 620:1

Kirk Harris/HIS
Bertha Torres/AGR
Manuel Bravo/IVH
Evan Harris/MRA
86 87 88 89 90
Truphen Newben Pack Attack Foxes Hunting Wolves EPGS #2 - Mountin' Laurels Local Yokels

Team #: 59
Power: 15
Odds: 700:1
Alex Maly/FDE
Steve Vance/PDT
Greg Courter/STA
Mike Gentile/CBC

Team #: 57
Power: 7
Odds: 1500:1
Sharee Pack/GSR
David Pack/WOR
Marie Pack/CMS
Aurora Pack/DOM

Team #: 17
Power: 4
Odds: 2600:1
Drew DuBoff/TTR
Max DuBoff/TWS
Yoni Weiss/ELG
Adina Weiss/SET

Team #: 29
Power: 4
Odds: 2600:1
Robert Stribula/EPB
Keith Layton/THS
Jim Vroom/ADV

Team #: 80
Power: 2
Odds: 5300:1
Chad Weaver/DOM
Dusty Usner/VSD
Mark Schlosser/SJN
Erik Schlosser/AGR

91 92 93 94 95
Wednesday Night Club Team BLU Wonder Women GM #4: The Cueno Family Return of the Bunches
Team #: 93
Power: 2
Odds: 5300:1
Paul Martz/ SET
Christine Quimby/CAR
Steve Webb/TTR
Dave Bliss/DOM
Team #: 16
Power: 1
Odds: 10500:1

Tim Packwood/PGD
Brian Wool/CMS
S Sabatino/TTA
Nick Pacieorick/EIS

Team #: 32
Power: 1
Odds: 10500:1
M Flowers/CAR
Suzanne Tuch/HOS
Carol Caler/ACS
K McCorry/ING

Team #: 66
Power: 1
Odds: 10500:1
Claire Pfeiffer/PRC
D Clinkscales/CNS
James Hankins/CMS
Scot Edwards/NW5
Team #: 84
Power: 1
Odds: 10500:1
Peter Schmitt/SET
Adam Sigal/TWS
Daniel Speyer/LHV
Nick Kiswanto/TYX
Just Us Bunches        

Team #: 86
Power: 1
Odds: 10500:1
Colin Davis/AGR
Anthony Sciola/RRY
Vikki Chou/SET
Terry Tai/RFG


Team Registration Deadline Looms by Stuart "The Happy Handicapper" Tucker [July 20]. As we approach the stretch drive for team entries, the field is filling out nicely, with the usual suspects. The Greenville Mafia crowd come grouped by syndicate family names this year, with their top entry, The Corleone Family, ranked seventh at 53-1 odds to win it all. We Ain't Dead Yet returns with upgraded membership to become a strong contender, ranked seventeenth at 64-1. It goes without saying, that Bill Crenshaw's chief competition is himself, so it should be no surprise that he joins the team called I Beat Bill Crenshaw, which also boasts Arthur Field and a healthy ranking of fifth at 50-1. The Champagne Room Gamers check in as the chief threat to the Nest of Spies. A few possible contenders remain out there. I'm sure we'll see the return of Me & 3 Stiffs, The James Gang, and Team Delaware, plus a score or more also-rans. Also, there remains quite a bit of talent out there that didn't join a team last year. Top free agent baton carriers could make even the most obscure team quite respectable. So, get on with the recruiting. --Stuart Tucker

Handicap Update by Stuart "The Happy Handicapper" Tucker [July 12]. The scramble for teammates continues. Da Boys have split up, resulting in the better-than-average entry called Flush Stein, which fields other members stolen from Corellian Stripes and MAWS. Young Adult Girl Squad returns as Werewolf Bait with a stronger fourth.  Shockers reshuffles, leaving some talent on the table for others. Nick Tahou's Revenge improves upon last year's Killer B's talent. Lady Luck draws largely from Moms with Meeples, but remains a severe long-shot. EPGS's Mountin' Laurels remains hopelessly outgunned. An intriguing new team with credible talent is Iron Meeples. A bit less threatening, but still competent is Normal Like You. Returning intact are top-notch teams Nest of Spies and 3 Men & a Canadian. The bar is set:  Nest of Spies is the favorite at 10-1. Happy hunting.

Early Handicap by Stuart "The Happy Handicapper" Tucker [July 2]. With only 12 teams registered at this writing, the Happy Handicapper is going out on a limb and saying that the field will be much like last year, among the favorites anyway. Certainly, we can maybe even bet that more than 100 teams will enter again this year. Names may change (as certainly the Greenfield Mafia folk seem to rarely be satisified with the same name from year to year, and the composition of those EPGS teams seems to fluctuate as often as the weather, as do some of the GCOM teams). Nonetheless, I expect no big surprises among the heavy hitters. The players with the top Baton Ratings seem to like their team composition, so why not rate the field before they even sign up to give the hot stove league something to chew on? So, that’s what you see below--the preliminary odds for last year's 101 teams. Though, certainly I encourage people to shake things up, recruit new team members, create new teams out of those next generation gamers coming of age, etc. But, based upon team composition last year and the early entries this year, the preliminary odds show what the field might look like come August.

Sweep the Leg, though better than many, they still get no respect despite their success last year. Truth is, the top gamers continue to pile up impressive stats that show they will be at the top consistently from year to year. Les 3 Mousquetiers #1 robbed a few from #2 -- perhaps its more of a Mousquetiers All Stars this year. The Band of Fools are the highest ranked team to have  completed team registration thus far, but the favorites are likely to again be Nest of Spies and whomever Bruce Reiff can cobble together this year. Could it be a year of Re-affection rather than Defection? Or just Reflection?

I guess my job is done. The Happy handicapper is off on vacation till mid-month by which time I expect the racing form to be updated with this year's team. Tune back in again in mid-July for the next update.

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