2010 WBC Sportsmanship Nominees
Nov. 28, 2010

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While lots of people get caught up in the quest for “wood,” the folks listed below subscribe to a higher standard. These are the sportsmen and women of the WBC…the shining example of sportsmanship that we should all aspire to. These folks are the ones that make it all bearable for our GMs and contribute most to the friendly atmosphere of the convention. Their shining example contributes to the remarkable esprit de corps and camaraderie for which the WBC has always been noted.

Nominations are not accepted for individuals who conceded a victory to allow a beaten opponent to continue in an event in their place. While a player who allows another to play on in "his" place may well have good intentions, doing so is contrary to the purpose of a tournament. A player who concedes a won game is circumventing the rules of the event by dispensing byes in a non-random, unearned manner and is actually committing an unsportsmanlike act in the eyes of some. Such a kindness bestowed upon one player is actually grossly unfair to the other participants who had to win their right to advance and tarnishes the event as a true test of skill.

So without any further ado, let's present the class of 2010—and a classy group it is too. The following individuals were just some of many nominated for the reasons indicated below and owe their appearance here to both their own demeanor and the fervancy of their sponsors in relating it to BPA. When more than one event is mentioned with a nomination it is because that individual was nominated by both events.

As is our practice, all prospective BPA members are urged to vote for one of sportsmanship nominees listed below when submitting their 2011 membership form and voting for new Trial Events. All ballots are due by Jan. 1, 2011. Reward a good sport with our biggest prize…free lodging at the next WBC.

2010 Nominees

ADVANCED CIVILIZATION: Susan Cornett is not your typical WBC competitor. She games more to please and empower her family than out of any vicarious thrill from victory. So an eight-hour game is not high on her list of ways to pass the day. Yet her daughter enjoys the game and when their six-player game suffered a casualty two hours into play, a substitute was needed lest the game be irrevocably damaged by the withdrawal of Crete. Answering the call at the expense of a planned shopping excursion was mom who dutifully soldiered on for six more hours in a losing positionbut not without getting her licks in by trading her daughter several calamities by way of thanks, and generally making the game more social and fun for all involved.

AGE OF STEAM: Pierre Paquet is a two-time champion and perennial contender in this event. When the number of qualifying semi-finalists opting to advance resulted in an ungainly number, Pierre volunteered to drop out to allow two-five player games.

AUTOMOBILE: Lyman Moquin volunteered to substitute his board for a borrowed one which had been damaged by a liquid accident.

B-17: Paul Weintraub has been instrumental in the escalating popularity of this event with his help in administering it - even going so far as to make dozens of control tower replica dice rollers to be used in the event.

DUNE: Phil Barcafer graciously volunteered to coach a beginner's table in one heat and traded his faction for a weaker one of a newer player in anoher heat.

FORMULA MOTOR RACING: Katie McCorry helped the GM who was busy with a record turnout by teaching the game to new players.

GETTYSBURG: Ed Menzel was denied his chance to extend his championship streak to five when, after being announced as a playoff participant, a clerical error was discovered that knocked him back to fifth place and out of contention. He took it with his customary good grace.

HELL OF STALINGRAD: Bill Powers lent a hand with an inexperienced GM to get the event underway.

IVANHOE: Brian and Nessa Mongold subbed for the GM on occasion, running heats and standing ready to play as needed to complete four-player games.

MONSTERS RAVAGE AMEICA: Joanna Melton was a victim of the confusion which often accompanies events that allow multiple versions of the same game. Joanna had won her semi-final game, but the Menace and Ravage rules differ on the order in which Military monsters are attacked in the Monster Challenge so she graciously replayed the Challenge from the point of the infraction - this time losing.

PUERTO RICO: Debbie Anderson helped the GM by switching to a table with two former champs to resolve a seating issue in another game.

RICHARD III: Rob Buccheri graciously declined an offer of a rematch when it was discovered that the Final he had just lost was influenced by some missing pieces.

ROBO RALLY: Jason Levine was seemingly assurred of winning the event, so large was his lead, that he was going to play his cards face up befoe crossing the finish line. When Ewan McNay, currently in sixth place, told him to pick up his cards because he wasn't going to win, Jason was incredulous. But sure enough, Ewan had found an unexpected back door move—that while it would not help Ewan win—pushed Jason off the final flag—much to the amusement of the entire table long afterwards. Jason, always upbeat, remained the perennial smile machine as Alexandra passed him for the win.

RUSSIA BESIEGED: Marty Musella allowed his opponent to adjust an obvious setup mistake.

SETTLERS OF CATAN: Jeremy Osteen allowed a player who misunderstood a rule to redo his turn.

STAR WARS; QUEEN GAMBIT: Tony Musella graciously instructed a new player how to play—only to lose and be knocked out of the elimination rounds as a result.

TIGERS IN THE MIST: GM Ray Freeman who is the designer and frequent champion may have taken his role as instructor too seriously...making several suggestions for improving his opponents moves that resulted in a tie game.

UP FRONT: John Emery and Ray Stakenas Sr were engaged in another of their memorable championship matches culminating the eight rounds that compose the gauntlet of the Up Front tournament when a bystander noticed an irregularity in that John was playing with more men than listed in the scenario. As the players had been responsible for checking each others OB and no one wanted to be a kibitzer, the error went otherwise undetected to the conclusion of the match which saw John win his sixth title while turning away Ray as a bridesmaid yet again. When discretely informed of his error by an onlooker, John immediately offered to forfeit the title to Ray who responded with equal class by declining and requesting a rematch instead. And with that, they refought the championship match in total with nary a hint of anomosity or controversy. Not that any was expected from these two competitors who have always exhibited the greatest integrity and class while spawning a cadre of compatriots who share their values.

WATERLOO: Joe Angiolillo graciously consented to a delayed start of his semi-final game to allow his opponent to finish another semi-final.

WELLINGTON: Melvin Casselberry continuously coached less experienced players often to his own detriment.

WOODEN SHIPS & IRON MEN: Defending champ Derek Whipple repatedly coached less experienced opponents; some of whom went on to defeat him.

HONORABLE MENTION: Those nominated with no specific reason given other than their generally pleasant demeanor include: Paul Gaberson, Pierre LeBoeuf, Bob Hamel, Rob Olsson, Renee Dudley, Tom Browne, Phil White, Ray Stakenas II, Dennis Culhane, Rebecca Hebner, Dirk Knemeyer, David Anderson, Bill Morse, James Pei.

Past Sportsmanship Winners

Chuck Stapp
1992 - NJ

Tiger Von Pagel
1993 - FL

Rob Kilroy
1994 - PA

Ian Lange
1995 - AE

Jim Matt
1996 - MI

Ed Connery
1997 - NJ

Frank Sinigaglio
1999- NJ

Robert Sacks
2000- NY

Bret Hildebran
2001 - OH

Kaarin Engelmann
2002, 2008 - VA

James Jordan
2003 - MD

Steve Okonski
2004 - MD
Bruno Sinigaglio
2005 - AK
Phil Barcafer
2006 - PA
Rebecca Hebner
2007- CO
Mark Yoshikawa
2009 - CA
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