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March 29, 2009

WBC is now closed to new events.

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Century Events

Century: 107 events compose the combined Century & Legacy Group of featured events which are supported by multiple prize levels ranging from two to six plaques and a Centurion shirt based on a formula using the most recent statistics of attendance and player hours. Those 107 slots were pre-determined by 2008 performance and Board vote under the Legacy rules and require only the commitment of a BPA member to GM the event by the Feb. 28, 2009, deadline. Failure of a GM to submit a suitable event form for the event by the deadline will drop it from the Century Group.

All events require a BPA member acting as GM to submit a satisfactory Event Form no later than Feb. 28, 2009, or the event will not be run. Prospective GMs should review the GM Guidelines, which were updated for 2008 with several substantial changes. All requested event times are approximate and subject to change when the final schedule is made.

Events will be held for their prior GM until notified otherwise or Dec. 31, 2008, whichever comes first. Events without a GM commitment on Dec. 31, 2008, are open to any current member who submits an acceptable Event Form.

 Event - Code - Requested Demonstration (if any) Century GM & Requested Schedule
1830 - 8XX - D: We9 C-1 Pierre LeBoeuf; We10, We18, Th11, Th18; SF: Fr13; F: Sa18
1960; Making of the President - 960 -   C-2 Michael Gentile; Sa10+
Acquire - ACQ - D: TBD C-3 Cliff Ackman; TBD
Adel Verpflichtet - ADV - D: Fr18 C-4 Tom DeMarco Fr19; SF: Fr22; F: Fr23
Advanced Civilization - ACV - D: Tu18 C-5 Shantanu Saha; We9, Th9; F: Fr9
Afrika Korps - AFK - D: Tu18 C-6 Jonathan Lockwood; Grognard Pre-con preliminaries only Sa14+
Age of Empires III - AE3 - D: We15 C-7 Ben Knight; Th12+
Age of Renaissance - AOR - D: TBD C-8 Tedd Mullally; We20, Th20; F: Sa20
Age of Steam - AOS - C-9 Peter Staab Fr20, Sa11, SF: Sa15; F: Su9
Agricola - AGR -  D: Tu20 C-10 Malinda Kyrkos; We21, Th21; SF: Fr18+
Air Baron - ABN - D: We19 C-11 Henry Richardson Tu20, We20, Th20, Fr9; SF: Fr20; F: Sa9
Alhambra - ALH - D: We20 C-12 Debbie Gutermuth; We21, Fr13; SF: Fr15; F: Fr17
Amun-Re - AMR - D: TuTBD C-13 Jeremy Billones; We9, We17; SF: Th21; F: Fr9
Anzio - ANZ C-14 Robert Ryan; Grognard Pre-con preliminaries only Sa14+
Atlantic Storm - ACS - D: We19 C-15 John Coussis; Tu18, We20, Th9, Fr12; SF: Fr14+
Attack Sub - ATS - D: Sa18 L-1 Steve Caler; Su9+
Auction - AUC - D: Tu22 L-2 George Sauer; Tu18, We15; SF: We16; F:Su9
Axis & Allies - A&A - C-16 Craig Yope: Th9+
B-17 - B17 - C-17 David Terry; Th9+; After Action Meeting: Fr23
Battle Cry - BCY - C-18 Jeff Cornett; Sa9+
BattleLore - BLR - C-19 Phil Barcafer; We9+
Bitter Woods - BWD - C-20 Ed Witkowski; Mu: Tu18; We9+
Breakout Normandy - BKN - C-21 Andrew Cummins; Mu: Tu18; We9+
Britannia - BRI - D: TBD C-22 James Jordan; TBD three heats SF & F
Bulge '81 - B81 - C-23 Frank Sinigaglio; Grognard Pre-con preliminaries only Sa14+
Can't Stop - CNS - D: We22 C-24 Beth Zhao; We23+
Carcassonne - CAR - C-25 Tom McCorry; Sa16+
Caylus - CYL - D: Tu20 C-26 Michael Kaltman; Tu21, Th15; SF: TH18; F: Fr11
Circus Maximus - CMS - D: Th9 C-27 John Jacoby; Tu18, Fr9, Fr19, Sa19; F: Su9
Combat Commander - CBC - D: TBD C-28 Joel Tamburo; Mu: TBD, Rd 1+ TBD
Commands & Colors Ancients - CCA - C-29 Andy Lewis; Th9+
Dune - DUN - C-30 Brad Johnson; We14, Th18, Fr16; F: Sa13
El Grande - ELG - D: We12 C-31 Rob Flowers; Tu18, We13, We19; SF: Th13+
Empire Builder - EPB - D:We9 C-32 Tom Dunning; Tu18, We9, We13; SF: Th9+
Enemy In Sight - EIS - D: Fr17 C-33 William Alderman; WeTBD, Fr20, Su9; F: Su12
Euphrat & Tigris - E&T - D: Sa17 L-3 Craig Moffitt; Th11, Sa20; SF: Sa22+
Facts In Five - FI5 - L-4 Arthur Field; TBD
Fast Action Battles: The Bulge - FAB -  C-34 Rick Young; Mu: Tu20, We9+
Football Strategy - FBS - D: TBD L-5 Nathaniel Hoam; WeTBD+, FrTBD+; F: Su9
For the People - FTP C-35 Mark Herman; Th16+
Formula De - FDE - D: We10 C-36 Joshua Githens; We11, Th12; F: Th21
Formula Motor Racing - FMR - D: We14 C-37 Chris LeFevre Tu20, We15, Th9; SF: Th12; F: Th14
Gangsters - GSR - D: Tu21, Th22 C-38 Rolinda Collinson; Tu22, We14, Th23, Sa17; SF: Sa20+
Gettysburg - GBG - C-39 Vince Meconi; Grognard Pre-Con preliminaries only Sa14; SF: Sa10+
Goa - GOA - C-40 Alex Bove; We11, Th9, SF: Fr14+
Great Campaigns of ACW - GCA - D: We9 C-41 Justin Rice; We11+; SF: Th9; F: Sa9
Hammer of the Scots - HOS -   C-42 George Seary; TBD
Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage - HRC - C-43 Stuart Tucker; Omens Pre-Con - Sa14+
Here I Stand - HIS - D: Tu17, Th17 C-44 Ed Beach; Tu19, Th19, SF: Fr9; F: Sa19
History of the World - HWD - D: Tu17 C-45 Kevin Youells Tu18, We9; SF: We18; F: Th18
Imperial - IMP - D: We10 C-46 Dave Bohnenberger; We11, Fr11; SF: Sa13; F: Sa20
Ingenious - ING - D: We13 C-47 Peter Stein; Tu22, We14, Th22, Fr22; SF: Su9+
Ivanhoe - IVH - D: Tu22 C-48 Lee Mewshaw; Tu23, We23, Th23, Fr23; SF: Sa15+
Kremlin - KRM - D: We17 L-6 Steve Cuccaro We18, Th14, Th19, Fr9; F:Fr14
Liar's Dice - LID - C-49 Jason Levine; Fr23+
Lost Cities - LST - D: We12 C-50 Ivan Lawson; We16, Fr20, Sa9, Sa14; Rd 2: Sa19+
Manoeuvre - MAN -   C-51 Andy Lewis; Mo13+
Manifest Destiny - MFD - D: We12 C-52 Bill Crenshaw; We14, Fr20, Sa15; SF: Sa20; F: Su9
March Madness - MMS - D: We15 L-7 Terry Coleman; Tu19, We10, Th9, Fr9; SF:Su9+
Medici - MED - D:Tu17 C-53 Ilan Woll; We9, Sa9; SF/F: Su11
Memoir '44 - M44 - D: Th20 C-54 Mark Guttag; Mu: Th21, Fr9+
Merchant of Venus - MOV - D: Tu18 C-55 Richard Irving; We9, Th20, Fr13; SF:Sa9+
Monsters Ravage America - MRA - C-56 Mark Love; We22.Th17, Fr17, Sa15; SF: Su9+
Napoleonic Wars 5-Player - NW5 - C-57 Mark McLaughlin; We17, Th17; SF: Fr17, F: Sa17
Panzerblitz - PZB - C-58 Bert Schoose; Grognard Pre-Con preliminaries only Sa14+; SF:Fr9; F: Fr17
Paths of Glory - POG - C-59 Peter Reese; Guns of August Precon; Su14+
Paydirt - PDT - D: We13 C-60 Harry Flawd; We14+, Fr14+; F: Su9
Pirate's Cove - PRC - D: Tu18 C-61 Larry Lingle Tu19, We13, Th9; SF: Th15+
Power Grid - PGD - D: We12 C-62 Jim Castonguay; Tu18, We13, Th11; SF: Fr11+
Princes of Florence - POF - D: We21 C-63 Eric Brosius; Th17; Fr9; SF: Sa9+
Pro Golf - PGF  -  C-64 Bruce Monnin; Th23+
Puerto Rico - PRO - D: Tu17 C-65 John Weber; Th19, Fr16, Sa11; QF: Sa18; SF: Su9+
Queen's Gambit - QGB - C-66 Buddy Sinigaglio; Tu21, We21, Th21; Rd 2: Fr12+
Ra! - RA! - D: Tu20 C-67 Steve Scott; Tu21, We19, Th15, Fr9; SF: Sa20+
Race For the Galaxy - RFG -  D: Fr15 C-68 Winton Lemoine; Fr21, Sa13; SF: Sa22+
Rail Baron - RBN - D: We16 C-69 Ron Secunda; We17, Th18, Fr10; SF:Fr16; F: Sa15
Risk - RSK C-70 Alan Hayes; TBD
Robo Rally - RRY - D: TBD C-71 Marc Houde; TBD
Russia Besieged - RBS - D: We17 C-72 Rob Beyma Mu: We19, Th9+
Russian Campaign - TRC - D: We17 C-73 Tom Gregorio; Grognard Pre-Con preliminaries Sa14+
Saint Petersburg - SPB - D: TBD C-74 Steven Quade; Th13, Th19, Fr9; SF: Sa16+
Santa Fe Rails - SFR -  D: Tu17 C-75 Rob Kircher; Tu20, We12, Th17; SF: Fr9; F:Sa22
Saratoga - SAR - (Battles of the American Revolution Series) - D: Th18 C-76 Rob McCracken; Mu: Th20; Fr9+
Settlers of Catan - SET - C-77 Joseph Maiz; Sa9+
Slapshot - SLS - C-78 Sean McCulloch: Sa23+
Speed Circuit - SCT - D: Th13 C-79 Douglas Schulz; Th20, Fr9, Sa9; F: Su9
Squad Leader - SQL - C-80 Bill Thomson Sa9+
Stockcar Championship Racing - SCC - D: Th16, Fr17, Sa13 C-81 John McLaughlin; Th17, Fr19, Sa15; F: Sa20
Superstar Baseball - SSB - D: Th11; Draft: Tu18 C-82 Chris Palermo; Tu19, We19, Th19, Fr19; SF: Su9+
Thurn & Taxis - T&T - D: Tu20 C-83 Andy Latto; We9, We21; SF: Th19+
Ticket To Ride - TTR - D: Th9 C-84 Claire Brosius; Th11, Fr14, Sa16; QF: Su9+
Through the Ages - AGE - D: Su10 C-85 Raphael Lehrer: Pre-Con: Mu: Su12, Su18+
Tigers In the Mist - TIM - TuTBD C-86 Ray Freeman; We9+
Titan - TTN - D: TuTBD C-87 Bruno Wolff; 10, 14, 18, 22 daily We - Fr; SF:Sa9; F: Sa18
Titan The Arena - TTA - D: We13 C-88 Greg Crowe; We18, Th23, Sa10; SF: Sa15+
Titan Two - TT2 - D: TuTBD C-89 Rich Atwater; We10+
Twilight Struggle - TWS - D: Th18 C-90 George Young; Fr9+
Up Front - UPF - C-91 Jim Burnett; Th9+
Vegas Showdown - VSD - D: Tu20 C-92 Eric Freeman; We15, Th9; SF: Th23; F: Fr14
Victory in the Pacific - VIP - C-93 John Sharp; Rising Sun Pre-Con: Su9+
War At Sea - WAS - D: We18 C-94 Vince Meconi; Th9+
War of the Ring - WOR - D: Sa10 C-95 Kevin Wojtaszczyk; Middle Earth Pre-Con Su19+; SF:Mo19; F: Tu9
Waterloo - WAT - C-96 Marty Musella; Grognard Pre-Con preliminaries Sa14+; SF: Sa9; F: Sa16
We The People - WTP - C-97 Don Chappelle; Sa9+
Wilderness War - WNW - C-98 Keith Wixson; We9+; SF: Su9+
Win, Place & Show - WPS - D: Tu22 C-99 Jim Burnett; Tu23, Sa16; F: Sa19
World At War - WAW - C-100 Mike Crowe; Tu18

To make a GM Commitment, become a current BPA member of Sustaining level or higher and submit a completed Event Form before Feb. 28, 2008. Century events will be run within two hours of the requested time slot or the GM will be consulted for an acceptable alternate time.


Trial Events

Eligible Continuing Trials: Eligible Continuing Trials are those which failed to make the Century Group by 2008 attendance standards. 25 of these eligible trials and/or new Alternates submitted by GMs for inclusion on the annual December ballot will be elected by the membership in the December Membership Drive. Any vacancies in these 25 due to lack of a GM commitment will be filled by BPA based on other Alternate GM commitments on hand by Feb. 28.

Events will be held for the prior GM until notified otherwise or Dec. 31, 2008, whichever comes first. Events not claimed by a GM by Dec. 31 are open to any current member who submits an acceptable Event Form. NOTE: Although we will try to honor requested timeslots, all GMs of Trials Events must be willing to run their events when scheduled by BPA. Failure to do so may disqualify the event.

 Eligible Continuing Trial Events & Requested Demos Trial GM & Requested Start Times
1776 - 776 - CT-1 Matthew Burkins; Grognard Pre-con preliminaries only Sa14+
Ace of Aces - AOA - CT-2 Doug Porterfield; TuTBD, We22, Th17, Fr21; F: Sa12
ASL Starter Kit - ASK -  Th9 CT-3 Perry Cocke; Th10+
Battleline - BAT - D:TBD CT-4 Bruce Reiff; Fr19+
Crusader Rex - CRX - D: Fr19 CT-5 Ric Manns; Mu: Fr20; Sa9+
Die Macher - DIM - CT-6 Steve Simmons; Mo12+
Dominion - DOM - D: Th12 CT-7 Thomas Browne Th14, Fr11, Sa15; SF: Sa17+
Elchfest - ELC - D: Tu21 CT-8 Dan Dolan Sr; Tu22+
Empire of the Sun - EOS - CT-9 Mark Herman; Fr9+
Kaiser's Pirates - KPR - D: Th9 CT-10 Jim Day Th10, Th14; Fr10, Fr14; SF/F: Sa10+
Kingmaker - KGM  - D: Fr18 CT-11 Justin Thompson; We10, Th10, Fr19; F: Sa19
Mystery of the Abbey - MOA - D: Th18 CT-12 Ellen Hoam; Th19+
Naval War - NVW - D: Sa17 CT-13 Jonathan Lockwood; Sa18+
Nuclear War - NUC - D: TBD CT-14 Rick Loomis; TBD
Panzergruppe Guderian - PGG -  CT-15 Robert Frisby; Grognard Pre-con preliminaries only SF: Sa13
Pursuit of Glory - PUG - D: We20 & Th9 CT-16 Brad Stock; Th11+ X
San Juan - SJN - D: Mo9 CT-17 Jeff Mullet Mo10+
Stone Age - STN - D: We9 CT-18 Rodney Bacigalupo; We11, Th17, Fr12; SF: Fr22; F: Sa20
Successors - SUC  - CT-19 Rob Seulowitz Tu18, We18; SF: Th18; F: Sa18
Trans America - TAM - D: Su9 CT-20 Lisa Gutermuth; Su10+
Tyranno Ex - TYX - D: We12 CT-21 Tom DeMarco Tu18, We16, Th9; SF/F: Fr12+
Union Pacific - UNP - CT-22 Bruce Reiff; Mo16+
War of 1812 - 812 - D: Tu17 CT-23 Frank Cunliffe; Tu18+
Wooden Ships & Iron Men - WSM - D: We11 CT-24 Tim Hitchings; Grognard Pre-con preliminaries only Sa14+; SF/F: next Sa18+
Yspahan - YSP - CT-25 Jeff Mullet Tu23, We9+

Eligible Alternate Trials: Alternate Trials are additional events submitted by GMs before December for inclusion on the annual December ballot for consideration of the membership as one of the 25 Trial events decided in the December Membership Drive. Even if not elected, BPA and its sponsors fill vacancies from this list of events for which a potential GM has submitted a completed Event Form. Alternates may be either events new to WBC or returning after an absence. Alternates will be selected to fill vacancies based on a number of factors. The order in which they are listed here is not one of them.

 Alternate Trial Events with GM commitments  Game Master
Attika - ATK - Cliff Ackman
Cities & Knights - C&K - Christopher Gnech
Crusader Rex - CRX - Ric Manns;
Downfall of Pompeii - POM -  Larry Lingle
Friedrich - FRD - Bill Ashbaugh
Guerilla - GUE - Steve Scott;
Operation - OPN - Josh Githens;
Rommel in the Desert - RID - Jim Kramer
Waterloo; Fate of France - WFF - Rob Beyma
Wizard's Quest - WZQ - Paul Bolduc

Vendor/Sponsor Introductory Trials: Each Vendor and/or Sponsor may add one new Trial beyond the 25 Continuing Trials ceiling. Such New Vendor/Sponsor Trials may be introduced at the rate of one per booth space/sponsorship until Feb. 28. 2009. WBC closes to new events on Feb. 28, 2009. Such New Trials will automatically fall into Century or Continuing Trial classifications the following year based on their 2009 performance. ALL NEW TRIALS MUST BE IN PRINT by the Feb. 28, 2009, deadline. Publishers must submit a copy of the game at the time of the event submission.

 New Trial Events submitted by Vendors/Sponsors Vendor Events  Game Master
Battle: The Napoleonic Wars - BNW - D: TBD VS-1 Jeff Billings; TBD
Brawling Battleship Steel - BBS - D: TBD VS-2 Jeff Billings; TBD
Chicago Express - CHX - D:Fr14 VS-3 John Bohrer; Fr16, Fr18 Sa18; SF: Sa20; F: Su12
Conquest of Paradise - CQP - D: Fr13 VS-4 Kevin McPartland; Mu: TBD, Fr14; SF: Su9+
Eisenbach Gap - EBG - D: Fr9 VS-5 Jeff Schulte Mu:Fr10, Sa9+
Galaxy - GXY - D: We12 VS-6 Mark Mitchell; We13, Th11, Th19, Fr18; SF: Sa13+
Kutuzov - KZV - D: TuTBD VS-7 Fred Schachter; We9, Th9; SF: Fr9; F: Sa9
Monty's Gamble; Market Garden - MGM - VS-8 Nels Thompson; Fr9+
Notre Dame - NTD - D: TBD VS-9 Jim Vroom; Fr22, Sa11; SF: 13+
Republic of Rome - ROR - D: We14  VS-10 Sean Larsen; We18, Th18; F: Sa16
Royal Palace - RYP - D: We18 VS-11 Jim Vroom; We19, Fr14; SF: Fr16+
Storm Over Stalingrad - SOS - D:Th9 VS-12 Nick Richardson; Th10+
Street Soccer - STS - D: Su9 VS-13 Dan Dolan Sr; Su10+
Texas Glory - TXG - D: We20 VS-14 Carl Willner; Th9+
Tikal - TKL - D: Th14 VS-15 Daniel Broh-Kahn; Th15, Fr18, Fr22; SF: Sa11+
Twilight Imperium - TWI - D: Th9 VS-16 Michael Buccheri Th10; F: TBD
Warriors of God - WOG - D: Fr9 VS-17 Nick Richardson; Fr10+
Wellington - WLL -  VS-18 Mark McLaughlin; We11, Th11; SF: Fr11; F: Sa11

 Juniors Events

Juniors Events: Volunteer GMs and Assistants run free events for children aged 12 and under in the WBC Juniors room between 9 am and 9 pm daily. (Shorter hours on Tuesday and Sunday.) Any game is eligible provided it is suitable for children of that age group and available in sufficient numbers to allow all children present to play; however, only a limited number may be run. The GM should come prepared to instruct children how to play the game and should be prepared to run a tournament. A BPA Room Monitor is always present to help maintain order but is not always available to assist children in playing the game. Volunteer Assistants are very much needed. To volunteer, contact juniors@boardgamers.org.

Events for Children 12 & under
Junior Events
Game Master & requested Time Slot
Adel Verpflichtet JR
Tamara Houde; TBD
Acquire JR
Kelsey Lee; TBD
Apples to Apples JR
Joanna Melton; TBD
Blokus JR
Daniel Broh-Kahn; Fr9
Bumper Car Arena JR
Marc Houde; Sa9
Elchfest JR
Dan Dolan Sr; Fr12
Formula Motor Racing JR
Rebecca Hebner; TBD
Guillotine JR
Ray Stakenas; We12
Igloo Pop JR
Jason Levine; Th9
Ivanhoe JR
Greg Schmittgens; TBD
LoTR: Confrontation JR
James Doughan; TBD
Monsters Menace America JR
Mark Love; TBD
Montgolfiere JR
John Poniske; TBD
Pitchcar JR
Laurie Wojtaszczyk; TBD
Settlers of Catan JR
Ayree Rice; TBD
Slapshot JR
Mark Yoshikawa; Sa18
Ticket to Ride JR
Matthew Beach; We15
Titan: The Arena JR
Greg Crowe; TBD
TransAmerica JR
Ewan McNay; TBD
Ubongo JR
Lynda Shea; TBD

 Teen Events

Teen Events: Returning in 2009! BPA will be offering special tournaments for teens—ages 12 through 18—who are registered for the World Boardgaming Championships. One game will be offered each evening (Wednesday through Saturday) from 9 through 11 pm in the Heritage Rooms. Volunteer GMs and Assistants are very much needed. To volunteer, contact teens@boardgamers.org.

Events for Teens (Ages 12-16)

Teen Events
Game Master & requested Time Slot
Memoir 44 TEEN
Mark Yoshikawa; We21
Pitchcar TEEN
Laurie Wojtaszczyk; Fr21
HeroClix TEEN
Frank Sinigaglio; Th21
Operation TEEN
Josh Githens; We21
Bausack TEEN
Dan Dolan JR; Sa21


Seminars: Returning in 2009! WBC has excellent facilities to host seminars. The Hopewell Room provides tiered seating to accommodate for 60-75. Schedule a Seminar for WBC 2009. All requested times will be honored, as possible; however, tournament events have priority. Direct any questions to acd@boardgamers.org.


Seminars Presenter(s) and Requested Time Slot
The Use of Boardgames in Staff Training
Jon Lockwood; We10-14
Sit 'n' Stitch (Spouse Activities)
Tamara Houde; We-Fr15-16
Ethics in Gaming
Joel Tamburo and Kaarin Engelmann; TBD
Probability and Late-Night Games at WBC
Chris Yaure; We18-20
Wits and Wagers
Dominic Crapuchettes; Fr-Sa20-22
ATO Seminar
Steve Rawling; TBD
Virgin Queen: Design and Development of a Card-Driven Wargame
Ed Beach; TBD
WBC 2009 Video by Debbie Gutermuth
Decision Games/Strategy & Tactics Press Update
Dr. Christopher Cummins; Sa10
Game Design Doesn't Just Happen
Lew Pulsipher; Fr17-19
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