WBC 2009 Requiem and Sneak Peek of Champs
Aug. 17, 2009

Photo courtesy of Margin of Victory, a blog about boardgames.
It covers the adventures of John and Russ at WBC 2009.

That was quite a week. Have you recovered from your "vacation" yet? I'm just starting to return to normal, but there's no time to waste. WBC 2010 is only 50 weeks away. On with the show!

Bruce Beard emerged as the new reigning master at WBC 2009 by holding serve to win his fifth straight 18XX title. He took over sole possession of the bragging rights for championship streaks when Steve Packwood (1776), Devin Flawd (Paydirt) and George Seary (Hammer of the Scots) failed to successfully defend their titles after strings of 6, 4 and 4 consecutive championships respectively.

At the other end of the title spectrum, 32 players won their first WBC championship and 105 earned their first BPA laurels. Fourteen won multiple titles, led by Kevin Wojtaszczyk who took three shields in Santa Fe Rails, Alhambra and War of the Ring. With the latter being a pre-con and not eligible for Consul laurels, it looks like a real horse race for Consul honors in 2009 with many legitimate contenders.

Attendance was up for the convention as a whole and that was reflected in tournament participation as well with 17 events drawing triple-digit participation and the average attendance for the 151 events increasing 2.3 to 49.4, buoyed by 230 players for Dominion and 220 for Ticket to Ride.

You'll find a preliminary list of 2009's champions below, to be followed in November by our detailed event report pages as only WBC does them.

Next year's World Boardgaming Championships will be the 20th anniversary of this reunion of kindred spirits counting back to our roots in the original Avaloncon. We've come quite a ways against long odds, but the future is looking bright thanks to the efforts of over 100 volunteers who contribute their time in varying degrees as Board members, GMs, and behind the scenes workers submitting to a few simple rules to band together for the common good. The point is that we all own WBC and we get out of it only what we put into it. No one profits from this convention or gets paid to run events. We do what we do because we love our hobby and we want to give it substance. We are an organization of volunteers whose combined efforts are greater than the sum of its parts which is a fancy way of saying - here is what You can do to help make next year even better. Regardless of your busy schedule or state of lethargy, I challenge you to find something on the following list you can contribute to the betterment of the next WBC.

1. FEEDBACK: Did you run across an outstanding act of sportsmanship or a great GM performance this year? Tell us about it at doncon99@toad.net. From such unsolicited testimonials, we draw the nominees for our GM of the Year, Sportsmanship, and Hobby Service Awards. Reward good behavior - take a moment to single out those who should be applauded for their service. And conversely, if you had a bad experience with a GM that could benefit from some advice on how to better run their event, tell us about that too. GMs don't get better in a vacuum. They need feedback to consider how they can improve their events and their own performance. We share your input with them and allow you to do so anonymously.

2. SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES: If you had a good time, don't be reluctant to tell others about it. We spend a lot advertising WBC on Boardgamegeek, but it isn't as effective as the many enthusiastic Geeklists that our members have authored since the convention ended relating the fun they had. Out of such testimonials, future gaming partners grow.

3. VOTE FOR NEW EVENTS: Simply by participating in events this year, you helped determine the 2010 Century lineup by pure head count. However, 25 new or "second-chance" events will be determined solely by membership vote in our annual December membership drive. By joining the BPA then you can influence the events that are offered next August. And as a bonus, you'll save money on the cost of registration and get a free full color 2009-2010 yearbook and souvenir t-shirt - items that were unavailable at any price to those who waited to pay at the door. Year 'round membership also gets you free admission to BPA email tournaments and discounts to our other conventions.

4. SUBSCRIBE: Even the most lethargic among you can handle this one. If you are not already receiving our free monthly email newsletters, go to the website address at the end of this message to subscribe and thereby be kept up to date on all the news pertaining to WBC as it happens.

5. PUSH THE ENVELOPE: Not content with the event offerings at WBC? Then do something about it! Our events are run because enough people want to play them, but also because someone got off their duff and volunteered. If you've already done #4 above, then you probably know that every October newsletter announces the call for new GMs to submit event forms for games not run at the previous WBC. Only by doing so in a timely manner, can these events appear on the membership ballot in time for the December membership drive.

6. VOLUNTEER: Want to get your feet wet before going all out to run an event yourself? Most events are in need of assistants to help sign people in, write event reports, or adjudicate games. Just contact the GM whose address appears beneath each event page on our site to offer your services. Most will gladly accept any and all help. Only when enough people help so that we don't have the same people pulling double and triple duty will there be any chance to actually increase the number of events at WBC - regardless of the attendance. Most of our GMs have been "giving back" to the hobby for years. They could use some help.

Our next convention is EuroQuest VII in Timonium, MD Nov 12-15. Other upcoming events are WAM VIII: January 28-31, 2010 @ Holiday Inn, Timonium, MD; Enlightenment XIII: March 28-31, 2010 @ Holiday Inn, Timonium, MD; and WBC 2010: August 2-8, 2010 @ Lancaster Host, Lancaster, PA.

WBC 2009 Tournaments



City, State



Bruce Beard

Gaithersburg, MD



Chris Withers

Redondo Beach, CA



Rod Coffee

Arnold,  MD


Ace of Aces

Richard Irving

Salinas, CA



Dan Eshleman

Raleigh, NC


Adel Verpflichtet

Phillip Yaure

Plymouth Meeting, PA


Advanced Civilization

Kevin Youells

Camp Hill, PA


Afrika Korps

Vince Meconi

Wilmington, DE


Age of Empires III

Ryan Sturm

Lancaster, NY


Age of Renaissance

Ted Simmons

Mount Laurel, NJ


Age of Steam

Martin Sasseville

St Redempteur, QC



Ted Mullally

Hoboken, NJ


Air Baron

Chris Storzillo

Wayne, NJ



Kevin Wojtaszczyk

Lancaster, NY


Amun Re

Eric Freeman

Richboro, PA



Tom Oleson

Gig Harbor, WA


ASL Starter Kit

Greg Schmittgens

Wichita, KS


Atlantic Storm

John Elliott

Sunderland, MD


Attack Sub

Bill Edwards

Richmond, VA



Steve Cuccaro

Gambrills, MD


Axis & Allies

Andrew Murphy

Lake Ariel, PA



Rich Moyer

St Paul, MN


Battles of American Rev.

James Tracy 

Englewood, OH


Battle Cry

Steve Lollis

Frederick, MD



Bruce Reiff 

Lewis Center, OH



Chris Ellis

Tallahassee, FL


Bitter Woods

Tom Gregorio

Blue Bell, PA


Brawling Battleship Steel

Ronald Fisher

Wilmington, NC


Breakout Normandy

Nels Thompson

Buffalo, NY



Rick Kirchner

Florence, KY


Bulge '81

Phil Evans

Le Pradal, France


Can't Stop

Danny Lewis

Lewes, DE



Lisa Gutermuth

Hickory, NC



Peter Putnam

New Freedom, PA


Chicago Express

Grant LaDue

Tonawanda, NY


Circus Maximus

Mark Neale

Tiverton, RI


Combat Commander

Bob Heinzmann

Weston, FL


C&C Ancients

Rick Young

Durham, NC


Conflict of Heroes

Steven Pleva

Turnbull, CT


Conquest of Paradise

Nick Smith

Cheltenham, UK


Crusader Rex

Phil Rennert

Gaithersburg, MD


Die Macher

Jim Castonguay

Norristown, PA



Arthur Field

Greer, SC



Glen McMaster

Troy, ON


Eisenbach Gap

Ted Drozd

Chicago, IL



Brandon Bernard

Fairview, PA


El Grande

Rob Flowers

Odenton, MD


Empire Builder

Mark Kennel

Newark, DE


Empire of the Sun

Dennis Culhane

Lititz, PA


Enemy in Sight

Matthew Bacho

Silver Spring, MD


Euphrat & Tigris

Marc Berenbach 

Somerville, MA


Fast Action Battles

Scott Moll

Arlington, VA


Facts In Five

Richard Meyer

Franklin, MA


Football Strategy

Bert Schoose

Naperville, IL


For the People

James Pei

Sterling, VA


Formula De

Jason Levine

Nanuet, NY


Formula Motor Racing

Chris LeFevre

Mesa, AZ



Joe Burch

Aberdeen, MD



John Elliott

Sunderland, MD



Ed Menzel 

Fullerton, CA



Alex Bove

E. Lansdowne, PA


Great Campaigns ACW

Ed Beach

Columbia, MD


Hammer of the Scots

Lyman Moquin

Washington,  DC



Keith Wixson

Linden,  NJ


Here I Stand

Jeff Burdett 

Honeoye Falls,  NY


History of the World

Henry Dove 

Easton,  MD



Blair Morgen

Burlington,  NJ



Brittany Bernard

Fairview,  PA



Keith Levy

Reisterstown,  MD


Kaiser's Pirates

John Emery

Greer,  SC



Warren Bender

Sayville, NY



Ewan McNay

Glenmont, NY



Dorian Key

Washington, DC


Liar's Dice

B. Beckerman

New York, NY


Lost Cities

Rebecca Hebner

Stanford, CA


Manifest Destiny

Jeff Mullet

Circleville, OH



John Emery

Greer, SC


March Madness

Terry Coleman

Redondo Beach, CA



Robert Drozd

Vernon Hills, IL


Memoir '44

Gordon Rodgers

Philadelphia, PA


Merchant of Venus

Debbie Gutermuth

Hickory, NC


Monsters Ravage

David Meyaard

Brookfield, CT


Monty's Gamble

Dave Long

Greensboro, NC


Mystery of the Abbey

Allyson Field

Greer, SC


Napoleonic Wars 5

Henry Russell

Lancaster, PA


Naval War

James Fleckenstein

Herndon, VA


Notre Dame

Doug Faust

Princeton, NJ


Nuclear War

Rob Hasaard

Berkely Heights, NJ



Bruno Passacantando

Marlborough, CT


Paths of Glory

Stefan MeCay

Kerrville, TX



Rich Northey

Newburyport, MA


Panzergruppe Guderian

Robert Frisby

Bristow, VA


Pirate's Cove

Ashley Collinson

Friendship, MD


Power Grid

Jim Castonguay

Norristown, PA


Princes of Florence

Thomas Browne

Pittsburgh, PA


Pro Golf

Eric Brosius

Needham Heights, MA


Puerto Rico

Steve Pleva

Turnbull, CT


Pursuit of Glory

Chris Byrd

New Milford, CT


Queen's Gambit

Brian Sutton

Laurel, MD



Alex Bove

E. Lansdowne, PA


Race For the Galaxy

Robert Renaud

New York, NY


Rail Baron

Mark McCandless

New Orleans, LA


Republic of Rome

Chris Greenfield

New York, NY



Derek Landel

Ramsey, NJ


Robo Rally

Brad Johnson

Crystal Lake, IL


Royal Palace

Raphael Lehrer

Palo Alto, CA


Russia Besieged

Rob Beyma

Pocomoke, MD


Russian Campaign

Doug James

Boone, NC


San Juan

Tom Browne

Pittsburgh, PA


Santa Fe Rails

Kevin Wojtaszczyk

Lancaster, NY


Settlers of Catan

Rick Dutton

Columbia, MD



Alex Henning

Brookfield, CT


Speed Circuit

Doug Schulz

N. Potomac, MD


Squad Leader

Phil Grasha

Chicopa, PA


St Petersburg

Curt Collins II

Pittsburgh, PA


Stockcar Racing

Phil White

Parkville, MD


Stone Age

Chris Ellis

Tallahassee, FL


Storm Over Stalingrad

Jack Stalica

Ottawa, ON


Street Soccer

Harrison Anderson

1Lancaster, PA



Henry Rice

Albuquerque, NM


Superstar Baseball

Rich Moyer

St Paul, MN


Texas Glory

Fred Bauer

Alexandria, VA


Thurn & Taxis

Andy Latto

Foxboro, MA


Through the Ages

Raphael Lehrer

Palo Alto, CA


Ticket to Ride

Kyle Greenwood

Honolulu, HI



Jack Jaeger

Glen Allen, VA


Tigers in the Mist

Mike Mishler

Camilrillo, CA



David Finberg

Wilmington, MA


Titan; The Arena

Greg Crowe

Frederick, MD


Titan Two

David desJardins

Burlingame, CA


Trans America

Roni Breza

Sterling, VA


Twilight Imperium

Dan Raspler

New York, NY


Twilight Struggle

Chris Withers

Redondo Beach, CA


Tyranno Ex

Tom DeMarco

Cinnaminson, NJ


Union Pacific

Curt Collins II

Pittsburgh, PA


Up Front

Jeff Spaner

Glen Burnie, MD


Vegas Showdown

Eric Freeman

Richboro, PA


Victory in the Pacific

Mike Kaye

Pasadena, MD


War At Sea

Pat Richardson

Ava Maria, FL


War of 1812

Dave Metzger

Holtsville, NY


War of the Ring

Kevin Wojtaszczyk

Lancaster, NY


Warriors of God

Jason White

Ashburn, VA



Richard Beyma

Blacksburg, VA



Peter Reese

McLean, VA


We the People

Marvin Birnbaum

New Paltz, NY


Wilderness War

James Pei

Sterling, VA


Win, Place & Show

Ted Drozd

Chicago, IL


Wooden Ships & Iron Men

Derek Whipple

Seattle, WA


World At War

Kevin Milne

Edina, MN



Cally Perry

Foxborough, MA


Bold = Won more than one event at WBC 2009.
Red = Won three events at WBC 2009.
#1 = First time winner
* = Streak (followed by the number of wins in a row)

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