WBC Auction and Auction Store Sales
Sept. 23, 2009

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The WBC’s auction and auction store was another huge success as pre-registered lots were at an all time high. Overall, the auction sales were up 15% with 600 lots. The auction also attempted to categorize the items into Wargames, Euro’s, Sports, Magazines, and Collectibles once again this year which seemed to be well received by the attendees.

The number of items sold at the auction this year was 600. This is 10% more than the quantity sold last year. All lots sold as the quality of the items in the auction continued to improve. Only 76 items (13%) went for $10 or less. The average price per lot came in at $32.77, slightly above last year’s $31.96.

A total of eight lots went for over $200. Three items topped $300 lead by a GDW Europa Fire in the East/Scorched Earth pack for $340, a Cirrcus Maximus big board for $310, and a La Bataille Bundle for $300. Others over $200 were GRD Second Front ($250), GMT Barbaroosa: Army Group South ($240), TG This Hallowed Ground ($220), L2 Streets of Stalingrad ($210), and an ASL/SL Lot ($200). Another 17 items went for over $100, up slightly from last year. An additional 71 items went for over $50. Only 1 lot went for the minimum bid of $1, and only 11 items went for $5 or less compared to 8 and 45 last year, respectively.

Overall, 101 different individuals walked home with additions to their collections, a new high for number of buyers, up from 95 last year. A total of 35 buyers spent over $100 dollars and 7 individuals spent more than $500, including one of your head auctioneer’s. Three buyers spent over $1,000 with $5,170 leading the way.

The pre-registration of Auction Store items was a success last year in decreasing the time spent on compiling the results of the auction store and allowing the auction store staff to game more, so it was required again. The fear that this would kill the auction store proved to be unfounded as 1,283 lots were available for purchase A total of 1097 items were sold for an average price of $12.65, slightly down from $13.50 last year. The total number of items sold was a new high for the auction store.

Based on the continued success of the Auction and the Auction Store, it looks like they are both here to stay at the WBC. As we keep learning each year, the staff will continue to improve the process. Improvements planned for next year include: 1) continued use of categories with approximate selling times at the auction, 2) opening of the auction store at 9AM so the auction store doesn’t open at the start of the auction, 3) scheduling the short breaks we take during the auction to coincide with the price change times at the auction store, 4) pre-registration of auction store items to smooth the after store auction work required by the staff, and 5) auction store check-in only on Monday but with expanded Monday check-in time.

We hope you enjoyed the auction and auction store. We look forward to seeing you all next year as we continue to attempt to improve your WBC experience.

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