2008 WBC Sportsmanship Award
January 12, 2009

Last month we honored Tom McCorry as our GM of the Year. The scond leg in the BPA Triple Crown is its Sportsmanship Award. Coupled with next month's Caesar honors for prowess on the gameboard and our GM of the Year which honors those who sacrifice their time to make the events possible, the Sportsmanship winner completes our virtual Hall of Fame by reminding us that there is no fun to be had with these games without an affable and enjoyable opponent with which to cross vicarious swords. While some inevitably get caught up in the quest for "wood," our Sportsman of the Year always subscribes to a higher standard. ... a shining example of sportsmanship that we should all aspire to. These folks are the ones that make it all bearable for our GMs and contribute most to the "club" atmosphere of the convention. Their shining example contributes to the remarkable esprit de corps and camaraderie for which WBC is known.

There are those who liken the Sportsmanship vote which is held during our Annual Membership Drive to a popularity contest. If that's so, there's no doubt remaining who is WBC's Belle of the Ball after this year's vote. Coming on the heels of her overwhelming victory in the latest Board elections, the BPA webmaster has proven herself to be one popular lady at WBC. Kaarin Englemann won handily in what was basically a two-horse race between herself and Sean McCulloch. Kaarin, nominated for accepting outrageous fortune with aplomb in the Here I Stand semis, took 21% of the 280 votes caste to become the first two-time winner of the award. Runner-up Sean McCulloch garnered 19% of the vote for stepping in to GM a Junior's event for a no-show. Rounding out the top six finalists were Tom Dunning, Barry Shutt, Craig Moffit and Jonathan Lockwood.

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