WBC 2008 Seminars
June 4, 2008

  WBC has excellent facilities to host seminars in the Hopewell Room at the Lancaster Host Resort. In 2008, there is a full slate of seminars in this room. We appreciate your support in attending these seminars during breaks in your gaming events.

Teach Problem Solving Techniques With Games • Tu17-18 • Sean McCulloch
Dr. Sean McCulloch, Associate Professor of Computer Science at Ohio Wesleyan University, will investigate ways in which games can be used to teach problem solving techniques in a high school/college classroom.  Specific examples and demonstrations will be used.  The examples will come from college-level Computer Science classes, but should be applicable to high school (or interested middle school) students.

How To Use Boardgames in Staff Training • We10-14 • Jon Lockwood
Dr. Jonathan Lockwood, a professor at the National War College, will present both a discussion and a demonstration of a "what if" staff simulation of the battle of Gettysburg in which two competing "staffs" of up to 10 players each will plan and fight the first day of the Gettysburg campaign using a blind simultaneous movement system with a referee. This “what if ” simulation is designed to introduce the factors of limited intelligence, “fog of war”, and “friction” to the participants in this wargame of Gettysburg that allows you to change the overall operational strategy and tactics for either side from what they were historically. 

Spouse Program (Sit & Stitch) • We15-16, Th15-16, Fr15-16 • Tamara Houde
Are you not quite as enthusiastic about gaming as the crew you accompanied? Or perhaps you are just ready to clear your mind. Bring along your sewing, knitting, crocheting or just yourself and enjoy the camaraderie. Tamara will bring extra supplies and patterns for anyone who wants to learn or pick up a new project. Make connections for the rest of the week and coordinate excursions (with or without children) outside the hotel, including plays, shopping, or mini-golf.
Contact Tamara at sneacta@yahoo.com to indicate your preferences for activities or outings.

Gaming & Ethics • We17-18 • Joel Tamburo & Kaarin Engelmann
A follow-up to last year's open discussion about how the ethical standards we use in our everyday lives project into our gaming lives. For example, how do our everyday ethics affect the “stab” in games like Diplomacy? Is it okay to lie while playing a game? Should we separate our gaming selves from our selves in the outside world? Bring your dinner and ideas. Joel Tamburo is owner and moderator on an online discussion forum for theological issues and is currently finishing is first year of pre-ordination collegiate studies. Kaarin Engelmann is Assistant Convention Director, a BPA Board Member, and coordinates the WBC Juniors Program.

Probability & Decision Making • We18-19 • Chris Yaure
This year's seminar will focus on two-player game theory, including zero-sum games, pure and mixed strategies, Nash equilibrium, minimax theory, and decision-making with uncertainty. You will have the opportunity to participate in simulations as well as discussing approaches to analyzing games played at the WBC.
Christopher Yaure is an insurance professional who uses basic probability theory and statistics to analyze the value of complex insurance claims. This is his second WBC seminar and he looks forward to seeing how many gamers are willing to sacrifice an hour of gaming to discuss the math behind the games.

Primer on Buying, Selling, and Trading Games • We19-20 • Bill Thomson
Bill Thomson runs the Wargame Academy, a resource for historical boardgame simulation, and serves as the GM for Squad Leader at WBC. He has offered his expertise to help you know which games you should buy, sell, or trade; how much they are worth; and how to get a good deal. When should you use e-bay versus and auction, trade, or garage sale? What did you miss out on at the auction on Tuesday? Plan your strategies for the next auction you attend. Attending this seminar will give you the advantage and set you ahead of the crowd!

Secrets of WargameRoom.com • We20-21 • Bruce Wigdor
Get the scoop on Bruce Wigdor’s terrific Wargameroom.com site for play of card-driven and block games. One strong aspect of Bruce’s programs is that they know and enforce all the game rules (in fact they facilitate learning the rules!), so you and your opponent can just concentrate on strategy. Bruce stays very active in updating his programs and running Wargameroom.com leagues. This seminar offers the chance to get the scoop from the man behind the site.

WBC 2007 Video • Th11-12 and Fr11-12 • Debbie Gutermuth
Debbie has assembled photos from last year into an outstanding video with music that will help you relive those good times while creating new ones at WBC 2008. There will be no presentation--the video will simply be available for viewing during these times. We appreciate the time Debbie took to put this together and hope you enjoy it during one of your lunch breaks during the week.
(Remember, you do have to eat to keep up your strength for gaming!)

Modeling Conflict Between Allies in a 3-Player War Game Using GMT's Savannah 1779 • Th16-18 • Mark Miklos
Designer Mark Miklos will review of the Battle of Savannah with emphasis on the dynamics of the Franco-American alliance (French arrogance and American mistrust were manifest and our discussion will look at many specific examples), examine the award-winning Battles of the American Revolution Series core game system and how it was modified to reflect the nuances between the Allies—including initiative, momentum, diversion and stacking rules, and look at the innovations that were grafted onto the core system to make Savannah a unique 3-player game—in particular, the concepts of separate army morale and Random Events. 

History of GMT's Conquest of Paradise • Th18-19 • Kevin McPartland
Designer Kevin McPartland's recently published Conquest of Paradise is a game of empire building in the "Polynesian Triangle" of the central Pacific Ocean. Players explore the unknown ocean around them, hoping to discover the most lucrative island groups, and colonize them. They build canoes and train warriors to create a force to defend their empire, while forging lines of communication with their developing discoveries. Find out where his ideas originated and what it took to get those ideas into print as a game. Conquest of Paradise will run as a Trial Event on Friday and Saturday.

What Wargaming Can (and Can't) Teach You • Fr14-15 • JR Tracy
ASL champion JR Tracy will take time out of his gaming to talk about what the learning that comes from sitting down and pushing counters or cards around in historical scenarios. Whether you are trying to enhance your own learning opportunities, you are a parent, or you work with youth, this seminar is the perfect opportunity to find out how to integrate gaming into the educational experience.

Would Wargamers Make Good Politicians • Fr16-17 • Nick Palmer
Nick Palmer, Member of the British Parliament, will fly across the Atlantic ocean to
examine the characteristics that make a good politician and how they overlap with the characteristics that make a good wargamer. (Okay, he's really coming to defend his Diplomacy title, but doesn't the other reason sound more business related?) Find out if you have what it takes to run for and win a political office. This is a good seminar to invite your spouse to attend to convince her that what you are doing is really vital to national security!

Wargaming as a Career Choice • Fr17-18 • Don Chappell
A discussion of Operations Research and Systems Analysis as a career choice to include how games are used as analysis tools, comparing and contrasting computer simulations with wargaming, education and training required of an ORSA analyst, where to find ORSA jobs are (military, defense industry, consumer industry), ORSA Professional Associations, what an ORSA analyst does in a typical day, and certainly most important, the frustrations involved with being an ORSA analyst.

Wits & Wagers Game Show • Fr20-22 and Sa10-22 • Dominic Crapuchettes
Take a break from your competitive tournaments for this 90-minute trivia event you can win without knowing any trivia by betting on the best answer provided by another team. Seven teams of from 4 to 10 players compete to win prizes. Bring your own team or form one when you get there. No need to learn rules beforehand—just show up and play! Win funny money for having the smartest team, best team name or simply for making the hosts laugh! You can use North Star Funny Money instead of U.S. dollars to purchase North Star Games products. See Northstar Games' website for additional details.

The Real National Treasure – a Good Die-Cutter • Sa11-12 • Steve Rawlings
Steve Rawling, publisher of ATO Magazine, talks about one of the most critical elements of game manufacturing, the successful creation and die-cutting of game pieces.

How to Grow the Hobby • Sa12-14 • Keith Levy
Keith Levy, President and Founder of Games Club of Maryland, has been working to share and grow the hobby of gaming for more than 12 years. Under Keith's leadership, Games Club of Maryland has become one of the largest group of affiliated clubs in the Western Hemisphere, with more than 30 locations spanning across hundreds of miles. The seminar will cover the ingredients required for putting together a gaming club including how to organize volunteers, types of clubs, ways assemble a game inventory, what gaming supplies and equipment are required, considerations when selecting a sites.

Election Games in an Election Year • Sa15-16 • Jason Matthews and Erik Arneson
Game designer Jason Matthews, a die-hard Democrat who is chief of staff for Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, and Erik Arneson, a writer for About.boardgames.com and die-hard Republican staffer for the PA legislature will take time during this election year to discuss various election games. (They will undoubtedly talk politics, too!) You won't get an opportunity like this for at least another four years. Don't miss this presentation!

Charles S. Roberts Awards Presentation • Sa19-20 • Allan Rothberg
The Charles S. Roberts Awards are presented annually for excellence in the historical wargaming hobby. Charles S. Roberts, in whose name this award is given, invented the modern wargame industry almost single-handedly. As a designer and the original owner-operator of The Avalon Hill Game Company. This year Allan Rothberg, one of the executive directors for the award committee, will recognize the 2007 winners and present them with their awards.

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