WBC Auction Definitions
June 24, 2008

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Physical Condition:

  • Shrink Wrapped: Still in the original shrink wrap
  • Unpunched But Opened/Complete: Item is unpunched, unplayed and complete
  • Punched/Complete: Item is punched and seller verifies completeness
  • Punched No Idea As To Completeness: Item is punched and seller has no idea as to completeness
  • Punched & Missing: Item has a declared flaw such as water damage, torn box, or missing pieces; must be described on form
  • Other: Describe on form


ADG: Australian Design Group
AH: Avalon Hill
AH/H: Avalon Hill/Hasbro
AP: Avalanche Press
COA: Clash of Arms
CG: Columbia Games
COM: Compass Games
EG: Eagle Games
EMS: Engelmann Military Simulations
DEC: Decision Games
DoW: Days of Wonder
FF: Fantasy Flight
G2: Gamma Two which became Columbia Games
GW: Games Workshop
GDW: Game Designer's Workshop
GMT: GMT Games
HIG: Hans Im Gluck
LnL: Lock'n'Load
LBG: Lost Battalion Games
MG: Mayfair Games
MB: Milton Bradley
MMP: Multi-Man Publications
OSG: Operational Studies Group
PB: Parker Brothers
PX: Phalanx
QD: Quarterdeck Games
RGG: Rio Grande Games
RV: Ravensburger
SI: Sports Illustrated
SPI: Simulations Publications, Inc
SSG: Strategic Studies Group
TFG: Task Force Games
TG: The Gamers
VAL: Valley Games
VG: Victory Games
WG: Worthington Games
WEG: West End Games
WOTC: Wizards of the Coast
YG: Yaquinto Games
ZMG: Z-Man Games

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