Sampler Showcase Pre-Con
June 23, 2006

Attika, Die Macher, and 10-Game Open Gaming Event
Mon., July 31 thru Tues., Aug. 1, 2006
Lancaster Host, Lancaster, PA

Welcome to the first Pre-Con in WBC Week featuring play of Euros and other new games. Not actually part of WBC proper, WBC Sampler Showcase is something entirely different offered before WBC begins with its traditional tournament fare.

WBC attendees have long lamented the many conflicts between their favorite WBC events. So many games, so little time…so the compromise solution has been to offer a few early events in the form of Pre-Cons so that those who would like to maximize the gaming derived from their travel expense could do so without seriously detracting from the rest of the week for those unable to attend earlier. With play in a Pre-Con, those making the pilgrimmage to WBC can get more bang for their travel buck while increasing the number of events they can play during a glorious nine day stint of uninterrupted gaming if they so choose. Valhalla for gamers…here on Earth and only at WBC. Until this year, those Pre-Con selections have been only for lengthy games whose events gobble multiple days at a time. In 2006, fans of shorter duration games will get their chance in the WBC Sampler Showcase.

WBC Sampler Showcase is a 10-game Open Gaming event with demonstrations and open play of games new to WBC. On the schedule are Traumfabrik, Oltre Mare, Antike, Railroad Tycoon, Parthenon, Vegas Showdown, Reef Encounter, Kreta, Himalaya, Modern Art. (View the Sampler Games page for information about each game.) The A formula similar to that used at the popular Euro Quest Wild Card event will be used to distribute games as prizes. If you ever wanted to just try new games at WBC, here is your chance. Sampler Showcase will start on Monday at noon and run until 5 PM Tuesday and the official start of WBC.

For Euro fans itching for a chance at early laurels, Attika will be run as a tournament with an 11 AM start on Monday. Are you a eurogamer that laments the fact that all of the WBC Pre-Cons are wargames?  Now is your chance to get laurels before the WBC proper.  Attika is making it’s debut as the first official euro Pre-con event. (View the preview page for tournament details.) We will start one hour before the Sampler Showcase so you can warm up for that if you so desire.
Attika has been run its first two years as stictly a four-player game, with one or two three-player games as needed.  But we have had many requests for the two-player version over the years.  So this year, we will give those players their wish.  But since we will be playing two-player games, we will obviously need twice as many games as before. So if at all possible, please bring your Attika game this year.
Attika will be run as a Swiss tournament with four one-hour rounds.  In the past, the four-player games were given 90-minute rounds, but the two-player version is much quicker so a one-hour time limit will be enforced. After four rounds are completed, all players with at least three wins will advance to single-elimination play.  Players with four wins will be seeded higher than those with three wins.  If any byes are needed, they will be randomly awarded to players of equal records, starting with those with four wins first. There is no obligation to play in all four rounds.  Play in as many or few as you like.  But it will take at least three wins to make the single elimination playoffs. Play until you’re eliminated and then join the WBC Sampler Showcase Open Gaming sessions or try your hand at Die Macher on Tuesday morning.

Few events have been harder hit by the urge to experience more of WBC than Die Macher—a golden oldie hurt by its length and the resulting competition from shorter fare at WBC itself. Many are the laments of those who want to play it but just can’t find the time, so this year we’ve decided to put that theory to the test and schedule it early on Tuesday free of competition from other events. (View the preview page for tournament details.) Two rounds will determine a champion without missing a single tournament before WBC events actually begin. If you lose in the first round, return to the WBC Sampler Showcase or visit the ongoing WBC Games Auction which begins Tuesday at 10 AM.

WBC special room rates at the Lancaster Host apply to all days of the pre-con. See our travel and accommodations page for details.

NEW FOR 2006: Tribune level members may freely partake in any and all of BPA’s six Pre-Cons during the three days preceding WBC. Get the details.

Play at WBC Sample Showcase for non-Tribune/Sponsor level members requires a separate registration fee of $20 for BPA members pre-registered by July 22, 2006, or $30 for all others, payable to the BPA, 1541 Redfield Rd, Bel Air, MD 21015. This fee can be paid separately or in addition to other WBC fees noted on the WBC pre-registration form and covers qualifying play in all three events: Attika, Die Macher and the WBC Sampler Showcase.

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