World Boardgaming Championships Publicity
June 7, 2006

Want to go above and beyond the call of duty? Hang a few WBC posters at your local game club or gaming store. Or download a copy of one of our flyers in PDF format and print and distribute as many as you like.

download (color poster; pdf; 192kb)

download (color poster; pdf; 373kb)

download (color preregistration flyer; pdf; 344kb)

Press Coverage of WBC 2006

The Brosius family attends the 2006 World Boardgaming Championships by Eric Brosius

WBC, a Memorable Experience by Keith C

The TrimChris WBC 2006 by Chris Trimmer

Games that I played at 2006 WBC by Pete Stein

Games Played at 2006 WBC by John Weber

My First WBC! by Miguel Borba

The 2006 WBC silly games awards go to.... by Daveroswell



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