2006 WBC Candid Photos
Fun at the 2006 WBC
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"Good thing I brought my machete!"
-Welcome to the 2006 WBC

Bruce leads the shadow bunny contest
-Claims are this was an auction

OK, so maybe it was an auction...
-In fact, it was the largest yet at a WBC

"Well, Bob, the next item up for bid on
The Price is Right is this lovely..."
-Russia Besieged

Wargamers steer clear of Gangsters
-How BPA Webmasters relax

Now, this is how to settle down
-Settlers of Catan

An event so big, the Goodyear
blimp hovers overhead
-Stock Car Championship Racing

Two players have upgraded from
steam to Diet Coke-powered trains
-Empire Builder

A debut event lines up its players
-Twilight Struggle

Would you take a card from this man?
-Football Strategy

One of the top-attended WBC events
has found its finalists
-Puerto Rico

Tanks for the memories
-Memoire '44

It's Been a Hard Day's Night
for train gamers at the WBC
-Ticket to Ride

GCOM's indefatigable Keith Levy
leads the next generation of gamers
-Junior Events

Because not every game has a :
-Breakout: Normandy

"Eeek! A mouse!"

Blood of Noble Men,
Blood of Noble Chicken
-getting refueled

Later: "Honey, look what I got you
at the WBC!"
-the tough to resist vendor tables

Sid Sackson's AH classic lives on

"Note page 4, the rules clearly state
people named 'Bill' get an extra turn."
-Manifest Destiny

"Level 3! Droid parts, light sabers,
and Wookies' lingerie."
-Star Wars Queen's Gambit

"Look, free inside every box is...
ah, um ... ?"
-Triumph of Chaos

The 2005 Steelers would make
you smile too.

"Whoever dies with the most
little plastic pieces wins."
-History of the World

The Little Wood that Could
-The top 5 Rail Barons of 2006

"Look what I did on my summer
-Junior Events

"Playing is such hard work..."

Rest up for the next WBC!

Photos by Debbie Guttermuth
Page assembled by Steve Okonski
Copyright 2006 Boardgame Players Association

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