2005 WBC Candid Photos
Fun at the 2005 WBC
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Don Rickles and Dean Martin lead the
2nd annual WBC board game auction
-Catskills or bust!

Above the Lancaster Host,
it is bah-LOOOON!
-Where are all the boardgamers?

Aha, here they are!
-Swimming in wargames

Why are these people smiling?
-because the WBC has begun, of course!

Someone's horse has just come in
-A good acting job... as if the
Greenville Mafia hadn't fixed this race.

"Can we start our engines, can we?"
-at least these don't use much gas
-Stock Car Championship Racing

Getting down to business
-Memoir '44

Crayons grease the wheels of
train games
-Empire Builder

At the WBC, everyone gets to
be a kid again. Ain't it great?
-Junior Events

Time to pig out!
-in the 10 minutes between games

Don't settle for anything less
than the WBC
-Settlers of Catan

Speak no evil while playing
-Afrika Korps

"Hey! Where'd our table go? ..."
-laid back Pro Golf

...Maybe here. No wonder the
WBC keeps outgrowing hotels.
-Win, Place & Show

"I went to the WBC and
a board game broke out."

"The pen is mightier than the pencil."
-Wooden Ships & Iron Men

Sporadic squirting was reported

We came, we saw, we purchased.
-vendor tables

To the victors go the splinters
-Rail Baron finalists

Don't these guys know how much
easier it is with Pro Golf?

Danica Patrick would be impressed
-Speed Circuit

Perhaps Danica would have come had
she known the Chippendale Gamers
were going to appear. -Slapshot

Celebrate victory! Keith Hunsinger's
first wood after 15 years of trying.

You can join the fun
by coming to the next WBC!

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