2003 Team Tournament - The Early Line [Updated July 23rd, 2003]

The entries are nearing the post in the same old way and we've delineated those apt to be disqualified before they start for failure to pre-register or specifiy a team game in the same old way - with red indicating those in danger of disqualification. To move into the black, indicate your choice of events by email to doncon99@toad.net or mail your pre-registration to BPA, 7766 Valley View Court, Hickory, NC 28602. In both cases, corrections or new team entries must be received by July 24th, 2003 ... yes, the track Seward ... the old softy ... has moved the deadline back a few days to accomodate some late arrivals. But don't push your luck any further.

Band of Fools may be the defending Team Champions, but we all have our work cut out for us if we're to beat the favorite. The anchors of Manly Men have once again recruited with a kean awareness of Team scoring. Perhaps spurred on to greater feats by their dismal one-point showing in last year's race, Manly Men have set their sights on the top rung this year. The addition of Likevich and Metzger to Reiff and Gutermuth yields a combination that would have walked away with the championship last year. But as always, repeating event championships is most difficult at WBC, so they may be yesteryear's team, not the Team of Destiny that eludes them every year. If the recruits pull their weight, then the marquee, high-stakes, head-to-head matchup will come in Football Strategy, where another perennial contender (Peripheral Reach) fields Cleary for team points in opposition to Reiff. Meanwhile, the defending Team Champions are taking a different tack, by keeping the same four players, but switching in two events--but make no mistake about it, they will be tough to beat whatever they play. Baby Seals fields some strong firepower in their chosen events; maybe this year they'll snag the points and improve on their team uniform in tandem. Former Champion, MAWS, rounds out the top five of currently registered teams, but is only barely ahead of a pack of midfield contenders.

Another former champion, Me & Three Stiffs, continues to live up to their name by rotating players through the lineup. This handicapper notes some questionable event choices which hamper their chances. I'd steer clear of FTP--has nobody else noticed that James Pei hasn't lost a game of For the People in more than two years? Let's hope he has an event conflict. Or tires of Wood. Ha. Giddings ought to switch before it is too late! Or maybe he has inside information on Pei's leanings elsewhere?

St. Paul's Rejects and Central FL Game Club both field strong teams, but only one will survive their confrontation over 18XX--a popular choice of event, it seems, as the AHIKS guys return to the field under the new name of Europe's Finest with an 18XX two-time champion as anchor.

We have a couple of name changes to note from last year's lineup. Apparently, the former One Point Wonders did too well for that name and now go by Oh, the Humanity!, while the former Da Pretzelboys also have chosen a more, ahem, appropriate name, Circle of Jerks--who, by the way, continue to baffle me with their inability to score team points. My gosh, they've probably been on the playtest teams for more than half of these games!

We're running a bit slow on team registrations. So we are still missing a lot of "known quantities" from the team competition. Expect the odds to lengthen considerably before we close the windows. We certainly expect a slew of GCOM and EPGS teams to show, but as usual, these nearby gaming clubs are slow to complete their entries. Some of the "family" affairs are missing as well, though I note with pleasure that a new team, Possum Gamers, are playing dead no longer after their individual successes last year.

Finally, I note the return of Karsten to those well-clad Beltway Banditos (they must steal their uniforms) and his teammate's switch. After many years of trying to outroll the best of opponents at March Madness, this handicapper is jumping to Win, Place & Show, a multi-player game (shudder), in which the races are often fixed (yikes), but in which he has proven a certain knack for survival. So, if you don't like the odds below, come see what you make of the ones on the program for WPS (Tuesday night and Saturday afternoon heats). But don't ask me to teach you my handicapping tricks.

...... just off the ticker ... 7/13 ...

The odds just got longer, making room among the favorites for two perennial contenders: We Ain't Dead Yet and 4 Guys from Greenville. Will this be the year that our busy convention director and the Sinigaglio gang sweep it all or will the Carolina boys return to glory? One thing's for sure. I detect a considerable amount of youth joining long-time wood-gatherers on legitimate contenders. We may be on the verge of a sea change. Probably not this year, but sometime soon we may see a Team Champion of players barely out of the Juniors events. Of course, there is still time for such a team of youthful champions to band together and register! But hurry, the window closes soon.

... this just in ... 7/20 ...

The last minute addition is in, literally. We have a slew of teams from PA and SC as expected, though one has shed the club name to become Wabbit's Wevenge. The competition stiffened against our early favorite, Manly Men, allowing the second favorite, Greenville Mafia #1, to push into an odds tie for top gun. And in a major upheaval, Central FL Boardgamers has been transformed into PrezCon Team Champs after a valuable personnel trade bringing Ann Cornett to the better team, sending Craig Reece back to the minors, and leaving Doug Galullo as a valuable free agent. Clearly Jeff Cornett is not settling for second this year, having improved his team odds by a considerable amount. We'll see if the addition of the Medici defending champ will give them what it takes to hold two convention team crowns in the same year.

--Stuart, The Handy Handicapper, Tucker

 Team Name

Captain Member #2 Member #3 Member #4 Total:
 1. Me & 3 Stiffs

 34 to 1
Mark Giddings|FTP M. Birnbaum|MRA Brian Smith|EPB Keith Wixson|WNW  
 2. Beltway Banditos

 42 to 1
Stuart Tucker|WPS Kaarin Engelmann|TTA Karsten Engelmann|BAT Rebecca Hebner|MRA  
 3. 3 Lumber Barons + KH

 43 to 1
Bruce Monnin|WNW Jim Jordan|BRI Paul Risner|FTP Keith Hunsinger|WSM  
 4. St. Paul Rejects

 40 to 1
Mike Backstrom|UNP Steve Packwood|776 John Pack|GSR Anthony Daw|8XX  
 5. Oh, the Humanity!

 110 to 1
Kevin Youells|BAT James Gundy|SSS Aaron Silverman|FI5 Craig Reece|8XX  
 6. Baby Seals

 33 to 1
Peter Reese| POG George Young|WTP Ewan McNay|BRI Jason Levine|BAT  
 7. Kromp-on-Krew

 145 to 1
C. Godfrey|FSE P. McCarthy|HWD R. Taylor|DIF P. Rodrigues|SUC  
 8. Reservoir Dogs

 51 to 1
Jim Doughan|BKN J. R. Tracy|ASL Phil Barcafer|812 Matt Fagan|DUN  
 9. MAWS

 29 to 1
Dennis Nicholson|MMS Roberto Sanchez|WNW Jim Eliason|BKN Richard Curtin|RSK  
10. AREA

 90 to 1
Bruno Wolff|TT2 Glenn Petroski|WAS Robert Hamel|VIP Bill Thompson|SQL  
11. 3 Giants & A Dwarf

 250 to 1
Paul Weintraub|TTA William Burch|B17 Joe Burch|ACS Wade Fowble|UPF  
12. GCOM Express

 105to 1
Keith Levy|RA! Scott Buckwalter|GXY John Weber|PRO Michelle Goldstein|CAR  
13. Boarding Party

 300 to 1
Ben Knight|ACS Roy Gibson|NW2 Robert Eastman|FDE Gina Eastman|ELC  
14. Polish Lancers

 67 to 1
John Poniske|WTP Paul Gaberson|WNW Richard Young|HOS Bruce Wigdor|UPF  
15. Circle of Jerks

 200 to 1
Andrew Maly|FMR Mike Stachowski|SCT Jeff Paull|SET Greg Courter|UPF  
16. The Misery Burdens

 105 to 1
Ted Mullally|AOR Peter Stein|MMS Mark Mitchell|FDE Chris Byrd|AMR  
17. Europe's Finest

 48to 1
Barrington Beavis|8XX Tom Oleson|ANZ Andrew Cummins|BKN Nick Frydas|POG  
18. Band of Fools

 21 to 1
Gary Dickson|TRC Steve Dickson|DLW Ray Freeman|WAS Tom Gregorio|BTB  
19. Old Guard

 50 to 1
Forrest Pafenberg|TRC Phil Evans|BWD Bob Ryan|ANZ Randy Heller|B81  
20. Manly Men

 18 to 1
Bruce Reiff|FBS Ken Gutermuth|WPS Steve Likevich|B81 David Metzger|812  
21. Late Great Grenadiers 

 60 to 1
Bill O'Neal|PDT Bill Peeck|EPB Bill Place|BCY Rob Winslow|ACS  
22. PrezCon Team Champs 

 35 to 1
Jeff Cornett|NAP Scott Cornett|SCT Ann Cornett|MED Nicholas Benedict|BRI  
23. Possum Gamers

 85 to 1
John Elliott|ACS Joe Collinson|WTP Rolinda Collinson|HWD Angela Collinson|TTA  
24. Peripheral Reach

 25 to 1
Pitt Crandlemire|GSR Bill Cleary|FBS Randy Cox|FI5 Rachel McGinley|PRO  
25. Peckofpickledpeppers

 400 to 1
Peter Perla|NAP Rich Phares|DIF Mark HermanINW5 Grant Herman|SET  
26. T.E.M.P. Agency

 58 to 1
Ed Beach|GC2 Tom Drueding|SOA Mathew Beach|PRS Paul Nied|GC3  
27. Harbingers

 24to 1
Andy Lewis|GXY Carrie Lewis|MMS Debbie Gutermuth|EPB John Coussis|ABN  
28. The Campaigners

 400 to 1
Ric Manns|DIP Bill Beswick|SQL Charles Stucker|GSR Scott Bowling|RSK  
29. Bud's B Team

 80 to 1
George Sauer|BCY Jeff Mullet|AOR Mike Stanley|CMS Sean McCulloch|TT2  
30. We Ain't Dead Yet!

 33 to 1
Bruno Sinigaglio|AFK Buddy Sinigaglio|QGB Frank Sinigaglio|CMS Don Greenwood|BKN  
31. Team Delaware X

 39 to 1
Tim Hitchings|WAS Vince Meconi| GBG Bill Rohrbeck|WSM Evan Hitchings|B17  
32. Lords of the Wood

 350 to 1
Michael Johnson|UPF Michael Rinella|BKN Keith Schoose|PGG James Tracy II| AFK  
33. Team X

 62 to 1
Dan Dolan Sr|ELC Dan Dolan Jr|FBS Tim Dolan|WRS Greg Schmittgens|NW2  
34. GCOMedy of Errors

 125 to 1
Dan Hoffman|LID Brian Stallings|UNP JP Roberts|CAR Daniel Karp|LST  
35. Greenville Mafia #1

 13 to 1
Scott Pfeiffer|BRI John Emery|UPF Arthur Field|TKL Bruce Young|UNP  
36. Ghosts

 54 to 1
Larry Lingle|QGB Dennis Culhane|WNW Charles Hickock|SSS John Wetherill|PRO  
37. Erhaltenes Spiel

 250 to 1
Fred Minard|UNP Tom Agostino|ACS Mario Lanza|MEX Robert Paul|RSK  
38. GCOM Caboose

85 to 1
Rich Shipley|RRY Jamie Tang|HWD Stan Hilinski|ELG Susan Dyer|TJM  
39. Koleszar, Lientz Plat

 75 to 1
Steve Koleszar|TTN Like Koleszar|ACQ Dave Platnick|PRO Gerald Lientz|SCT  
40. Whale Taxidermists

210 to 1
Patrick Beaudoin|PRO Phil Bradley|ELG Joe Nemet|E&T Doug Smith|POF  
41. Bad Dice Again!

70 to 1
Jon Shambeda|GXY Jed Shambeda|TTA Steve Shambeda|ACQ Charlie Squibb|ACS  
42. Team Prezcon

62 to 1
Justin Thompson|KGM Scott Stewart|FMR Bill Alderman|HOS Robert Lightburn|RSK  
43. Beach Bums

105 to 1
Michael Kaye|BKN Bryan Eshleman|TIM Lyman Moquin|HOS Bryan Thompson|POG  
44. PanzerBauch Ein

190 to 1
Chris Bauch|MMS Peter Busch|ACS Mark Pitcavage|ASL Chuck Stapp|WAS  
45. PanzerBauch Zwei

75 to 1 
Terry Coleman|MMS Dewayne Curry|ACS Allen Kaplan|GBG Chris Sasso|FMR  
46. Brazilian Exped Force

900 to 1
Fabio Tola|CAR Lucimara Martins|BCY Andre Strauss|UPF Joaao Matsuura|DIF  
47. Luck Not Skill

80 to 1
Steve Katz|NW5 Rob Seulowitz|SUC JayDragonetti|WNW Kevin Sudy|AOR  
48. Cardboard Heroes

130 to 1
Steve Squibb|WTP Cliff Ackman|TTN Bill Navolis|RRY Kathy Stroh|SET  

67 to 1
Aaron Fuegi|TTN David Finberg|TT2 Chuck Krueger|ABN Marty Sample|ACS  
50. Last Minute Additions

100 to 1
Mark Guttag|TJM Stu Hendrickson|LIB Dan Broh-Kahn|UNP Barbara Barry|BCY  
51. The Eternal Gamers

105 to 1
Harald Henning|EPB Inger Henning|RBN Nick Henning|PRS Alex Henning|ELC  
52. Team Chum

550 to 1
Jeff Gardner|LST Steve Smith|PRO Alan Ernstein|MOV Tim McGarvey|BZA  
53. Family Affair 

95 to 1
Tom DeMarco|ADV Anne Norton|POF Carolyn DeMarco| TYX Wendy DeMarco|MOV  
54. Nest of Spies 

46 to 1
James Pei|FTP David Dockter|BTB Ananda Gupta|E&T Bob Heinzmann|ATS  
55. 3 Old Farts & Ray

100 to 1
Ken Whitesell|FBS Chris Villeneuve|PRS Ray Stakenas|PRO Ray Stakenas II|UPF  
56. EPGS I 

1800 to 1
Jim Vroom|FBS Bob Stribula|EPB Frank Cunliffe|WAS Su Hung|MOV  

220 to 1
Jerry Smolens|ATS Steve Cameron|FMR Bob Sohn|ABN Tom Parauda|TOG  
58. Wabbit's Wevenge

67 to 1
Chris Moffa|SET Eric Freeman|E&T Greg Thatcher|ELG Barbara Flaxington|TKL  
59. Team 3K0

400 to 1
Bruce Bernard|UNP Elizabeth Bernard|ADV Brandon Bernard|QGB David Vereb|ABN  
60. Greenville Mafia #2

240 to 1
Davyd Field|ACQ Ralph Gleaton|RRY Ros Jones|SUC Dave Gantt|BRI  
61. Greenville Mafia #3

250 to 1
Bill Beckman|SSB Josh Githens|CMS Mike Hazel|ELG Scott Edwards|UPF  
62. Cannon Fodder 

300 to 1
Matt Evinger|TYX Tim Evinger|EIS Nick Evinger|ACS Steve Zrinski|BCY  
63. GCOM 4 Fun

100 to 1
Paul Haynes|RA! Ben Foy|ADV Pierre LeBoeuf|8XX Jim Sparks|A3R  
64. The Five Barons

 450 to 1
Richard Fox|HWD David Fox|SET Jonathan Fox|RBN Daniel Fox|ABN  

 135 to 1
Bill Edwards|UPF Paul Murphy|TKL Jack Jaeger|MEX Chris Terrell|PRO  
66. Railroad Racers

 85 to 1
Steve Okonski|RBN Paul Van Bloem|EPB Chuck Foster|MOV Kim Foster|CAR  
67. Jokers Wild

 110 to 1
Mike Musko|ACV Mike Bergt|BCY Pat Mirk|A&A John Clarke|WAT  
68. The Four Woodies

 68 to 1
Dave Ketchum|A5A Kon Kwiatkowski|8XX Jim McDanold|PRO Jim Yerkey|EPB  
69.  Nothing Original

 900 to 1
Brian Carr|PRO Gary Carr|VNC Jason Carr|FDE Lynne Carr|SET  
70. The Players 

 180 to 1
Tom McCorry|KRM Katie McCorry|FMR Katherine McCorry|LST Scott Fisher|TKL  
71. 3 Brits & a Yank

 105 to 1
Chris Hancock|SCT Nick Smith|GSR Peter Card|GXY Mark Love|MRA  
72. The "S" Team   Ted Simmons|AOR Steve Simmons|PRO Laurel Stokes|EPB Tom Stokes|MOV