WBC Open Gaming
July 13, 2015


Though the emphasis at WBC is on tournaments, our space dedicated to Open Gaming continues to expand, along with our Game Library. This year, the 13,000 square foot Lancaster Showroom dinner theater will be dedicated 100% to Open Gaming and the Games Library for the entire week of WBC. The Auction and Auction Store is in the Lampeter Exhibit Hall to free the Showroom for Open Gaming Monday through Sunday. Overflow Open Gaming will be available in the nearby 23,540 sq. ft. Expo Center during peak times. A message board will be located in the Open Gaming Area to help coordinate open gaming activities on-site and an on-line Opponents Wanted page will be available in the weeks preceding the convention. Scheduled Open Gaming with reserved tables, signage, and schedule inclusion is also available. NOTE: Admission (in the form of a current badge) is required for anyone participating in Open Gaming.

So as not to lose track of time, a constantly updated rotating schedule announcing the minutes remaining to the next event starts elsewhere in the hotel will be projected from the stage. Attendees in the Open Gaming Area will enjoy free use of the expanded BPA Game Library for use Monday through Saturday. The library signed out more than 1,800 games last year. The library is made possible through the generosity of leading game publishers and sponsored by Alliance Game Distributors and Marbles: The Brain Store.


To ensure plentiful resources for all, the following pertains to Open Gaming/Library usage at WBC.

Lancaster Showroom

  • The 13,000 sq ft Lancaster Showroom is 100% dedicated to Open Gaming and houses the WBC Game Library.
  • The Showroom is available from 9 am Mon., Aug. 3 through 6 pm Sun., August 9.
  • The WBC Game Library is available daily Monday to Saturday from 9 am until midnight.

Room Rules of Use

  • A WBC badge must be worn and visible at all times.
  • Tables abandoned for more than one hour will be cleared and their contents sent to Lost & Found in New Holland.
  • Tables must be vacated if there is no gaming taking place thereon.
  • No sales solicitations or commercial signage of any kind are allowed.

Game Library

  • The WBC Open Gaming library is available daily Monday to Saturday from 9 am until midnight.
  • Library games are available for free check out and play solely in the Showroom.
  • Games appear in approximate Alphabetical order, with numerical titles such as "1989", coming before the letter “A”. The words “A”," The” or “An” at the beginning of a title are ignored.
  • Expansions are kept inside or with their parent game.
  • A system of 8 1/2" x 11" alphabetic signs and clipboards assist in locating and returning games.
  • When the library is closed, it will be covered by tablecloths. Do not remove tablecloths to return or borrow games.


  • Borrowing a game either for play or inspection of contents is a loan requiring checkout. Loans are limited to one game per person at a time.
  • Library checkout sheets will be attached to lettered clipboards matching nearby lettered alphabetic signs.
  • Complete one line on the checkout sheet for a game checkout. No abbreviations. Print legibly.
  • Upon return, note the time and condition of the game in the same line used for the checkout of that game on that same clipboard.
  • Return games by midnight. If past midnight, please sign game back in and place game behind the monitor desk.
  • Games may not leave the Showroom. [EXCEPTION FOR TOURNAMENT GAMES: The tournament GM must inform the monitor on duty that the games are for the tournament. The monitor will record the GM’s name, badge number, and the number of games taken.]

Caring for Our Library

Please treat our games with care so that we may continue to offer this resource. Ensure that all components are placed in the box appropriately. If pieces are missing, list them. Better yet, give the game to a monitor after you check the game back in and notify them about any missing pieces. Extra Storage baggies for game pieces will be provided at the monitor desk for any games that need pieces organized and stored.

Final Library Inventory

  • The midnight return deadline will be strictly enforced on Saturday for inventory and storage of the library. Inventory will start at 11:30 pm and all checkouts will cease at that time.
  • At midnight, we will require the return of all games.

Showroom Monitors

  • Monitors with red caps and special badges will be on duty throughout library hours.
  • Monitors will do room sweeps daily checking for badges. Aid them—and avoid interruption—by wearing your badge.
  • Hourly sweeps will be made to check for tables that are not in proper use.
  • A “parking ticket” will be issued to any occupied table where gaming is not taking place. If the offense is still present one hour later, the contents will be sent to Lost & Found in New Holland. We assume no responsibility for lost or disorganized pieces which have to be moved for this offense.

Overflow Open Gaming Space

Open Gaming Space is not available during the Pre Con. The Expo Center directly opposite Paradise Terrace—across the parking lot—is available for overflow Open Gaming Wednesday thru Saturday. Library services are not available in or transferable to the Expo Center.

Volunteers Needed

Help with unpacking the Library on Sun., Aug. 2, (time to be determined) and and taking inventory on Sat., Aug. 8 at 11:30 pm is appreciated. Careful handling and attention to detail is required. If interested, contact Keith Levy at gamesclubofmd@verizon.net.

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