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War of the Ring (WOR)

You may play if you have read the rules, played previously, or participated in a scheduled demonstration. The GM will be available for one hour in Exhibit Annex to teach the game. Be on time. The GM will remain for only 15 minutes if no one is present.

Demonstration: Friday 17 @ Exhibit Annex Table 6

Mulligan: First Sunday @ 17 - Ski Lodge First Tracks Center
Round 1/5: Friday @ 19 - Ski Lodge First Tracks Center


Kevin Wojtaszczyk: GM (8th Year)

1 Top Six GM nomination

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The story of the One Ring will be retold once again at the WBC! Will you prove your mettle with the SP or the FP? Who will prevail in the battle for Middle Earth this year?

In War of the Ring, one player takes control of the Free Peoples (FP) and the other controls the Shadow Peoples (SP). The theme and mechanics are highly meshed producing a game which captures the overwhelming numbers of the Shadow and the glimmer of hope from the Fellowship quest. Two paths to victory exist for each side. For the FP they can win by destroying the One Ring in the Crack of Doom or militarily by capturing four VPs of Shadow strongholds/cities. The SP can win by corrupting Frodo to succumb to wielding the One Ring or militarily by capturing 10 VPs of Free People strongholds/cities. All the main parts of the books are involved in the game via miniatures, events, and/or combat cards.

From BoardGameGeek: Each game turn revolves around the roll of Action Dice: each die corresponds to an action that a player can do during a turn. Depending on the face rolled on each die, different actions are possible (moving armies, characters, recruiting troops, advancing a Political Track). Action dice can also be used to draw or play Event Cards. Event Cards are played to represent specific events from the story (or events which could possibly have happened) which cannot be portrayed through normal game play. Each Event Card can also create an unexpected change in the game, allowing special actions or altering the course of battle.
The tournament is an Advanced class and all games will use new 2nd edition release, with no expansions. A sheet of the few card changes and 2nd edition rules tweaks will be provided. The base game board/cards can be used to play the 2nd edition. One GM and two assistant GMs will be available to answer any unique rules questions as they occur.

The bidding rules will remain the same as last year, namely the use of Dwarven Rings. The full rules can be downloaded at: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/file/info/28563. In a nutshell, you are bidding an amount of start of the turn action dice re-rolls. Allowing a bid amount of mulligan rolls, based on the rules in the link, can temper bad action dice luck for the side which people figure is at a disadvantage to start.

The tournament will be a Single Elimination format with Mulligan round. See the event days/times above for the specifics.

Tournament Guidelines
15 minutes before scheduled start time: sign in and setup games. There will be a 4.5 hour time limit for each game to complete. A warning will be given when 90 minutes remain and another when 45 minutes remain. Any non-semifinal or Final games which reach 4 hours 50 minutes game time will be adjudicated. Please keep the games moving and avoid analysis paralysis. In the event of an adjudicated game, the GM will take into account action dice rolled, possible draw ahead hunt tiles, board position and cards in hand to determine a winner.

A game owner for sake of these guidelines relates to anyone bringing a copy of the game to the event room.

Tournament Format
The Mulligan round will be randomly assigned from the players present, typically with players who own a copy of the game with one that does not so we can get a quick start. Family and team members will be separated as much as possible. The Single Elimination format will be randomly assigned, taking into account team and family member status and splitting them as best as possible.

During the single elimination portion, players will continue to play as their opponents win and become available. Mutually decided upon food breaks between the players is acceptable, but should last no more than 30-60 minutes and the GM needs to be notified so we do not slow the tournament. So be aware that your next round may start sooner than 5 hours after the previous round started due to the continuous format.

Rules Clarifications:
All rules clarifications and combat card initiative numbers will be in use for the tournament. The Ares FAQ can be found on their War of the Ring -- Second Edition web pages: http://www.aresgames.eu/games/war-of-the-ring-line/war-of-the-ring-second-edition
Odd number of participants (byes): Since we all come to play and not to sit and watch, here are the bye rules in the event of an unavoidable odd number of players at the start of any round.
No person gets more than one bye.
A bye equals a win to advance to the next round.
Players may choose to receive a bye in the following hierarchy
1. Most recent WBC winner, followed by each previous WBC year winner
2. Random selection from any other players willing to take a bye
3. GM sits out the game, if not previously given a bye
4. Random selection from all non-game owner players not previously given a bye
5. Random
An eliminator will be used in lieu of a bye, if available. The GM will play that role if already knocked out of contention. Otherwise, an assistant GM will be the eliminator if available. If all the former are unavailable, then any volunteer could be designated.

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