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Wellington (WLL)

You may play if you have read the rules, played previously, or participated in a scheduled demonstration. The GM will be available for one hour in Exhibit Annex to teach the game. Be on time. The GM will remain for only 15 minutes if no one is present.

Demonstrations: First Sunday 16 & Monday 10 @ Exhibit Annex Table 7

Heat 1: First Sunday 18 @ Chestnut
Heat 2: Monday 12 @ Chestnut
Semifinal: Wednesday @ 12 - Chestnut
Final: Thursday @ 18 - Hemlock


Patrick Duffy: GM (4th Year)

Email GM






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Wellington is the second of three games in the series of Napoleonic card driven wargames by Mark McLaughlin. Set on the Iberian peninsula during the years 1812-1814, Wellington pits a well-trained and disciplined French occupying force against a smaller British army and an unpredictable Spanish force. Wellington is a Victory Point game played by teams of two, so allied players must first defeat the other side but also keep an eye on the Victory Point Track to determine who among them is likely to be the overall winner. At times, the best move may be against your ally.

Format: Wellington will have two heats. Up to 16 winners will advance to the semifinal round. Runners-up may advance to supplement the number of advancing winners to the next highest multiple of four (to a maximum of 16). If there are less than four semifinal games, enough runners-up will advance to fill a 4-player Final. If 4 or less winners opt to advance to the elimination rounds, the semifinal will become the Final.

New Players: Beginners are most welcome! The GM will host demonstrations two hours before each heat.

Scenario: We will play the 1812 scenario. Pairings will be chosen by random draw, but new players will be paired with an experienced player or play a game with players of similar experience.

Determining Sides: Players will roll three dice, and the player with the highest result will have first choice of sides, second highest will choose second, and so on.

Rules: We will play with the printed rules and the errata available on the GMT Wellington page.

Time Limits: Games are limited to five hours. The GM will provide a warning four hours into the event, and after four hours and thirty minutes, players will be instructed to end the game at the end of the current turn.

Additional Prizes: GMT will provide merchandise certificates for the top three players.

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