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World At War (WAW)
Experienced players only. 
Rules will not be explained. Neither GMs nor players will teach the game to beginners during the event. GMs are encouraged to remind players about the Event Class to discourage anyone who ignored the printed warnings, especially in multi-player games. This is a courtesy to players who come to the event prepared to play without instruction and will greatly speed play.

Round 1/1: Monday @ 10 - Festival
After Action Meeting: Saturday @ 23 - Dogwood Forum



Randy Scheers: GM (3rd Year)

GM Email:



BGG Link AREA consimworld gm laurels



For veterans:
This event consists of one LONG round (60 hours) of the Global War Campaign Game Scenario, played in teams of two or three. This will continue to be the case, although a 2-player campaign game of the European Scenario is also allowed. The Global War campaign games usually last from Tuesday through Saturday, meaning that participants play this game exclusively during that time. It is a unique, as well as highly enjoyable, experience for those who attempt it. Many of the participants have attended multiple times since the inaugural Advanced Third Reich event at Camp Hill, PA in 1992. The addition of Empire of the Rising Sun, as the Pacific companion to Advanced Third Reich, transformed the event from a one theater game, to the ultimate World War II gaming experience. The subsequent publication of the revised game, A World at War, under GMT, continues the tradition.

The game and the rules have undergone continuous refinement since publication in 2003. Some of the recent post-publication changes have included a spotting modifier for patrolling submarines, a combined German-Italian unit construction limit, prohibition against forts on Italian controlled hexes prior to Italian surrender, reduced Italian defensive die roll modifier once Africa is lost, diplomatic penalties for Russian objectives and industrial centers that are undefended, limited Axis exploitation from Russian objectives and ICs, increasing the BRP value of ICs throughout the year rather than at year start, revised diplomatic rules for Finland, further refinements to research modifiers affecting the Battle of the Atlantic, improved counter-interception of transport missions from the US box, use of normal naval rules for Murmansk combat, a pro-Axis modification to the French surrender modifier for eliminated units, reduced invasion capabilities for ground units with a combat training level (CTL) of one, reduced bombardment capabilities for naval units with a CTL less than three, reduced exploitation ability from seaborne invasions, and lower transport requirements for shipping up to three oil counters. The motivation behind these changes has been to make the 1942 campaign in Russia more challenging for the Allies, and to encourage the Allies to defeat Italy before invading France. The naval rules have been revised, and were used for the first time at the 2012 convention. The intent was to make air attacks inside and outside of naval combat more consistent, and to provide more flexibility for carrier task forces when facing surface fleets. Japanese surrender rules were changed to include positive modifiers for American casualties, to encourage Japan to fight. Research of Western Allied combat training level has been tied to American entry into the war, to make a successful Western Allied invasion of France with exploitation very unlikely before 1943.

In addition, clarifications to existing rules have made this rule set one of the cleanest and most playable available anywhere, for a game of this scale. A second edition of A World at War was published in 2013. The first edition from GMT is sold out. The current rules are just a web-click away. A prequel, called Gathering Storm, is also available, and allows starting World War II earlier or later, with different initial conditions.

If you like World War II games on a grand operational level, this is worth your consideration. The players who come year after year are excellent and sportsmanlike opponents. In a game of this complexity it is easy to overlook something crucial. Players are quick to point out such blunders, and to allow correction whenever asked, to ensure the best contest possible. Players will be matched by experience level.

Plaques are awarded as determined by the GM and assistant GMs, with input from all players. To that end, a special meeting will be held Saturday at 11 PM in the Dogwood Forum to conduct the discussion of the campaigns just waged.

For Campaign Game players that wish to do so, and who have already been paired for a match, the first few turns of the Global War campaign game can be played prior to the tournament using Warplanner, a free PBeM play-aid developed exclusively for A World at War and Advanced Third Reich.

The tournament officially begins at 10 AM on Monday.

The preliminary Second Edition rules will be used, as posted on the website www.aworldatwar.com. Scenario modifications will be posted there. This site has a link to the free Warplanner PBeM aid. For preliminary pairings, please join the A World at War Yahoo discussion group (instructions and link on the website). If you are not a member of the discussion group, please join. Rules clarifications and refinements to eliminate game flaws and maintain game balance are hotly debated with the designer, Bruce Harper, who also comes to the convention to play. Strategies are discussed, and game reports are posted. You can find articles on how to play each country, as well as on game design. You will not find a game anywhere more strongly supported by its designer and the community of players.

Additional Prizes: GMT will provide merchandise credits for all laurelists in the amount of $20 (1st), $15 (2nd), $10 third, and $5 (4th-6th). Four additional certificates printed on glossy photo paper are issued by the GM for best play in the European theater (Axis and Western Allies) and for the Pacific Theater (Japanese and Western Allies).

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