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Ticket to Ride (TTR)

You may play if you have read the rules, played previously, or participated in a scheduled demonstration. The GM will be available for one hour in Exhibit Annex to teach the game. Be on time. The GM will remain for only 15 minutes if no one is present.

Heat 1: Monday @ 17 - Seasons 1-5
Heat 2: Thursday @ 19 - Seasons 1-5
Heat 3: Friday @ 9 - Ballroom B
Heat 4: Friday @ 18 - Ballroom B
Quarterfinal: Saturday @ 15 - Ballroom B
Semifinal/Final: Sunday @ 9 - Ballroom B


Claire Brosius: GM (9th Year)

2011 GM of the Year

2 Top Six GM  Nominations

Email GM





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Ticket to Ride is a series of stand-alone railroad building games designed by Alan R. Moon and published by Days of Wonder. The rules are very simple to teach and each game is always tight with delightful tension over when to build in order to connect your cities.

Tournament Rules:
We will be playing 4-player games, with 3-player games as needed. The default game is the original Ticket to Ride (USA), the other maps you may use are Europe or USA 1910. Players will be randomly issued seating/Turn Order cards as they check-in. At the start of each game, players check to see that they have exactly 45 trains in their color. The number of train cars, cards and destination tickets are public knowledge.

If two or more players tie for first place in a game, even after applying the published game tiebreakers, then reverse Turn Order will break the tie (i.e., the player going last at the start of the game has the highest tiebreaker).

The game winner is responsible for turning in the scoresheet, with the information completed at the end of each round.

We use a weighted scoring system, your score is the total in all games entered, where for each game your points equal the ratio of your score to the score of your highest-scoring opponent in the game plus 100 points for a win and 20 points for 2nd place. Standings are posted after each heat, top 64 qualify for the quarterfinal.

In the quarterfinal round, only winners of preliminary games will qualify to advance. If fewer than 64 appear, I will award byes into the semifinals for players with the best qualifying records in the heats, as needed. The semifinals will consist of four 4-player games, and the winners will advance to a 4-player Final using Ticket to Ride USA 1910, Mega-game.

Additional Prizes: Train keychains for all heat winners.

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