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Mage Wars Arena (MGW)

You may play if you have read the rules, played previously, or participated in a scheduled demonstration. The GM will be available for one hour in Exhibit Annex to teach the game. Be on time. The GM will remain for only 15 minutes if no one is present.

Demonstrations: First Saturday 15 & First Sunday 11 & 15 & Monday 19 & Tuesday 11 @ Exhibit Annex Table 2

Optional Seminar 1/2: Wednesday @ 10 - Dogwood Forum
Round 1/4: Thursday @ 10 - Seasons 5
Optional Seminar 1/2: Friday @ 16 - Dogwood Forum
Round 2/4: Saturday @ 10 - Seasons 5


Tom Cannon : GM (2nd Year)

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Learn Mage Wars as you and your fellow apprentices battle to the death in this customizable strategy game of dueling mages. The Event will use the Mage Wars Core Set with no expansions.

This round consists of three continuous matches with players using the Apprentice Mode with the pre-built spellbooks from the Core Set. These are available in PDF format on the Arcane Wonders tournament site (http://www.arcanewonders.com/news/tournaments) for players to preview before the event. Mage Ability Cards will not be used and the Arena size is halved in size for the first round. Players can enter in any or all matches in Round 1, but must play a different Mage in each one they enter. The top eight players at the end of Round 1 will Graduate to Full Mage status and advance to Round 2 for single elimination play.

New - Round 1 Option for Experienced Players
If both players agree before a Round 1 match starts, then full mage abilities, full arena, full rule set and custom spellbooks using the Core Set may be used for that match. This option is only available for two experienced players facing each other when both players agree to use it. The different Mage rule remains in force with this option so experienced players will not be able to use a single custom spellbook for each match in Round 1.

Method of Advancement to Round 2 Tournament Point System
Tournament Points (TP) are awarded for each game using the highest of the following:
Kill Opponent = 5TP,
Highest Remaining Health (Life minus Damage )= 3TP,
Lowest Remaining Health = 1TP,
Tied Remaining Health = 1TP
Mage Death = 0TP
Tiebreakers for ranking players at the end of the round in priority order: Highest Number of Kills, Highest Total TPs of Opponents Played, High Roll of 12-sided Die. Players will be ranked by total points scored during Round 1 with the top eight graduating to Round 2.

Players who advance to Round 2 will need to select one of the four Core Set Mages and register a custom spellbook for that Mage with the GM no later than the registration period at the start of Round 2. The spellbook registration form is available online (https://www.dropbox.com/s/5s9ilknu0baqpez/Spellbook%20Registration%20Sheet%20V2.pdf?dl=0) or printed copies will be provided by the GM during Round 1 of the event. Two optional Spellbook Design seminars are planned before Round 2 so players just learning the game can receive coaching and ask questions. Players that are new to the game who advance to Round 2 can use the starting spellbooks on page 38 of the Core Set rules and customize further if desired. Custom spellbooks are not disclosed to other players before a match.

Round 2 will begin with a one hour registration period for players to finalize their Mage selection and custom spellbook using the Core Set and full Spellpoint limit of the Mage selected (i.e. 120). The selected Mage and Spellbook will be used by that player for the rest of the Tournament Rounds. These matches will also use the Mage Ability Card, the full arena and the full rule set.
Rounds 2 through 4 use a single elimination format using the Tournament Point System to determine the winner of each match. In the event that players end the match with Tied Remaining Health the tiebreaker will follow the priority order listed earlier.

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