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Manoeuvre (MAN)
Experienced players only. 
Rules will not be explained. Neither GMs nor players will teach the game to beginners during the event. GMs are encouraged to remind players about the Event Class to discourage anyone who ignored the printed warnings, especially in multi-player games. This is a courtesy to players who come to the event prepared to play without instruction and will greatly speed play.

Round 1/6: Monday @ 13 - Wintergreen



Andy Lewis: GM (9th Year)

GM Email:




BGG Linkconsimworld wwoalbBGG Link



The key for this tournament is you must play the different countries. You will be allowed to play one country a maximum of twice. The other seven countries can be played a maximum of once for the entire tournament. The Swiss portion will be four games. All four games will use the same map layout. High die roll will be first player and gets choice of friendly map edge or first choice of country. Each game will last a maximum of 60 minutes. Top eight players based on record, then points, will advance to single elimination.

Different map layouts will be used in each SE round.

Please check http://www.lewisresearch.com/Manoeuvre.html for map layouts and points awards.

GMT will provide a merchandise credit to the winner of this event.

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