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Las Vegas (LAS)

Inexperienced players welcome. The game will be taught to anyone present at the scheduled starting time. GMs may also schedule a demonstration for the Event.Coached events generally require more time and effort to run and can be upsetting to more experienced players impatient with delays. Announce at the outset, that all players are expected to abide by the C rating and help newcomers.

Round 1/3: First Saturday @ 23 - Ballroom


Jeff Mullet : GM (1st Year)

GM Email:




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Las vegas is a quick, easy to learn game. On Boardgamegeek it is rated a 1 out of 10 on difficulty level. Each player has eight dice of their own color. There are six mats numbered 1 through 6. Each mat with have a randomly determined amount of money you can win.

On your turn, you will roll your dice. Choose one number that you have rolled and place all of those dice on the corresponding mat. After each player has taken a turn, continue playing until all players have placed all their dice.

The player with the most dice on each number wins the highest amount of money on the mat. Second most number of dice wins the second highest amount, etc.

If players tie for most, they get nothing. Then, the next highest, untied player gets the highest amount.

Play four rounds to determine the winner.

In this tournament, players will roll one at a time to take their turn, not simultaneously.

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