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Egizia (EGZ)

You may play if you have read the rules, played previously, or participated in a scheduled demonstration. The GM will be available for one hour in Exhibit Annex to teach the game. Be on time. The GM will remain for only 15 minutes if no one is present.

Demonstration: Tuesday 17 @ Exhibit Annex Table 2

Heat 1: First Sunday @ 16 - Fox Den
Heat 2: Tuesday @ 20 - Seasons 1
Heat 3: Wednesday @ 18 - Seasons 1
Semifinal: Wednesday @ 20 - Seasons 1
Final: Thursday @ 23 - Seasons 1


Andrew Emerick : GM (4th Year)

2013 Caesar






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Egizia is a worker placement game set in Egypt, where you move your boats down the river to pick up needed supplies to help build an obelisk, the sphinx, and the pyramids.

Number of players per game: 4 (first choice); 3 (second choice).

Standings for preliminary heats will be determined by the following formula:
Win in first game played: 1500 points plus (your score/second place score)
Win not in first game played: 1000 points plus (your score/second place score)
Second place, 4-player game: 100 points plus 10 * (your score/winner's score)
Second place, 3-player game: 50 points plus 10 * (your score/winner's score).

If less than nine winners appear for the semifinal, two 4-player games will be played, advancing 1st and 2nd from each. If 9-12 winners appear, three 4-player games will be played, advancing the winners plus best second on a percentage basis. In the case of a tie here, advancement will be determined by preliminary round standings. If more than 12 winners appear, four 4-player games will be played.

In the semifinals and Final, we will be using a bidding system for Turn Order on the first round. After agreeing on how to play the +2 sphinx card (default is rules as written) but before dealing the cards on the river, players will bid for Turn Order. They will bid points which will be subtracted from their score at the end of the game. It will be done the same way it's done for Puerto Rico and Thurn and Taxis. A random player will be chosen to start the bidding, they will bid for a seat in half point increments and bidding will continue around the table until each player has a different starting seat selected. The bids will be recorded and applied at the end of the game.

If there are four finalists and one (or more) cannot attend the scheduled Final, the GM will attempt to contact runners-up (in order of proximity to first place) from the semifinal games to ensure a 4-player Final. If no runners-up can be found, a 3-player Final will be held.

Rules clarifications:
1 The water ring may move when you place a ship on the specific space, the joker must move.
2 The cards "Use an already occupied round space" and "Double benefits of a round space" cannot be used on Heliopolis (the last Nile space).
3 The "Use an already occupied round space" card cannot be used to place a ship on the same spot as your last ship placement (unless, of course, you also have the card that allows you to move upstream).
4 The stones used as markers are unlimited, if you run out, use something else.
5 Cards of type "anytime" cannot be played at the end game scoring, but can be played just before the game ends.
6 If you pass placing a ship, you are done placing for the round and all your opponents can continue placing until the round ends.
7 If a player is tied for the most of a particular type of field or quarry production he doesn't receive the bonus points from the appropriate Sphinx card.
8 The "You can place a ship on a full building site" card is poorly worded. It means that your ship placed "on speculation" will be allowed to build, even if no other player vacates a spot. You can wait and play the card after all other players build.
9 The "anytime" cards that add either 3, 4, or 5 strength to a construction crew are a temporary bonus. They don't adjust your tableau and can't be played during Sphinx scoring.
10 The grave tiles a player collects are placed face-up.
11 Unclaimed cards from the Nile are discarded at the end of the round.
12 Modified field cards count as their modified type for Sphinx card scoring. These must be modified before final scoring begins.
13 "Draw + 2 cards" card requires a minimum of 1 crew and a minimum of 1 stone, not 0 as stated in the rules. (The total of cards taken can still not exceed 5).
14 "At the end of each round take one of the remaining cards" card is used at the end of the "Place Ships" phase (rather then at the end of the round as stated on the card).
15 The sphinx card granting a point per block in the graves is a point per *your* block in the graves.
16 The "You can build first wherever you have a ship" card can affect any number of building sites.

Rules changes for tournament play:
1 The 1/10 scoring card will be removed from play in the semifinals and Final. In preliminary heats, it may be removed if all players agree.
2 If all players agree, redeal the cards on the river the first turn if the +2 sphinx card appears in the first three slots (before the sphinx).

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