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Euphrat & Tigris (E&T)

You may play if you have read the rules, played previously, or participated in a scheduled demonstration. The GM will be available for one hour in Exhibit Annex to teach the game. Be on time. The GM will remain for only 15 minutes if no one is present.

Demonstration: Saturday 16 @ Exhibit Annex Table 2

Heat 1: Thursday @ 13 - Seasons 1
Heat 2: Saturday @ 17 - Evergreen
Semifinal/Final: Saturday @ 19 - Evergreen


Craig Moffitt : GM (12th Year)

Email GM






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The rules for this event will be slightly different from the standard Hans im Glueck (Tigris & Euphrates) and Mayfair versions of the game. In the first round only, the first and second players will make one action instead of the usual two. In all subsequent rounds all players take two actions like normal. All other rules are the same as printed.

The schedule will allow players to learn and participate in an entire event in just one evening. On the 2nd Saturday, the second heat will be preceded by a demonstration, and immediately followed by the Single Elimination rounds. In addition, a heat earlier in the week will allow players an additional chance to advance. During the heats, pairings and Turn Order will be determined randomly.

Several notes regarding etiquette in tournament play:
Counting tiles in the bag is not permitted; players may only briefly hold the bag to get a rough feel of the remaining tiles.
If one player is forced to exchange 1-point cubes for a 5-point cube, all players must exchange for as many 5-point cubes as possible. Players may only voluntarily exchange for a 5-point cube after the completion of their turn.
Cubes accumulated during a turn should remain in front of each player's screen until the end of the turn. This helps ensure monument cubes are awarded correctly.
Tiles used from a players hand for support in a conflict must all be displayed at once.

Players who win or finish second in at least one game are eligible to advance to the semifinal round. Priority in advancing to the semifinal round will be as follows: 1. Win in first Heat entered; 2. Win in second Heat entered; 3. Most second place finishes; 4. Starting position in first Heat entered (first to play is the lowest tiebreaker); 5. High die roll.

If there are less than 16 players who have won or finished second in at least one game, the semifinals will consist of less than 16 players. In this case, all winners will advance and runners-up will be used to fill as many 4-player tables as possible (e.g.nine winners and five runners-up will result in three 4-player semifinal tables).

The semifinal pairings will be determined by distributing the top half of qualifiers among the boards by seed. Then, the remaining qualifiers will be distributed randomly among the boards. In order of seeding, players select whether to play as the first, second, third, or fourth dynasties. Winners advance to the Final. If necessary, a best second would be determined by the smallest margin of victory (the number of hypothetical treasures it would take the runner-up to match or exceed the winning score), or randomly if still tied. Semifinal seeding will carry over to be used to select starting position in the Final.

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