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Conflict of Heroes (COH)
You may play if you have read the rules, played previously, or participated in a scheduled demonstration. The GM will be available for one hour in Exhibit Annex to teach the game. Be on time. The GM will remain for only 15 minutes if no one is present.

Demonstration: Wednesday @ 18 - Exhibit Annex Table 3

Mulligan: Wednesday @ 19 - Ski Lodge First Tracks Slopeside
Round 1/5: Friday @ 9 - Ski Lodge First Tracks Slopeside



Ken Whitesell : GM (1st Year)

2005 Hobby Service Award

GM Email:



BGG LinkconsimworldLaurels



Conflict of Heroes will be run as a single elimination tournament this year.

Each round, players will be matched based upon their desired game within the series, with a preference given to the earlier games by publication date. (The priority sequence being Awakening the Bear, Storms of Steel, Price of Honour, and Guadalcanal)

There will be an earlier mulligan round where winners will be given a bye to the 2nd round of Single Elimination play, while losers can rejoin the event with no penalty in Round 1.

Designated scenarios will be provided for each round for each game. This list will be provided at the beginning of the tournament. In addition to the published scenarios, there will be some new scenarios provided as options for brave souls looking for something truly different.

OFFICIAL RULES: The official tournament rules in effect will be the 2nd edition ATB rules, supplemented by the interpretation of COH rules as set forth on Academy Games website. Copies of these will be available for players who need them prior to the start of the tournament.

SIDE DETERMINATION: The following procedure will be used to determine sides if players cannot mutually agree:

Each player will hide a piece of the color indicating the side they wish to play. They then reveal their choices simultaneously. If the sides selected are different, play proceeds as normal.
2. If both players want the same side, they MUST bid CP or VP for sides.

The procedure is as follows:

The players bid a CP/VP handicap for their choice of sides. The two players will roll a die to determine who begins the bidding, with the higher die roll being given the first bid. Bids must be in whole numbers. A zero bid gives the choice of side to the other player with no handicap applied.

Example: If player A wins the roll and bids ONE - he will forfeit one CP or give his opponent one VP to play the preferred side (bidder's choice). If player B agrees - play begins with the bid noted. If not, he must bid one number higher to forfeit that number of CPs or give his opponent that number of VPs to play the preferred side.

KEEPING NOTES ON GAMES: On the GM provided game record, players should make notes about the distinguishing features of their individual games so that your GM will be able to record the noteworthy events for the WBC yearbook entry on the tournament. The more material I receive, the more justice I will be able to do to the tournament players in the report.

A FINAL NOTE: Although matches are not being specifically timed, they should be completed in well less than three hours. Because of this tournament format, it is in the interest of all players to play as quickly as reasonably possible. Players deemed intentionally stalling will be warned twice and if necessary their game adjudicated taking into account that slow play leads to potential disqualification.

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