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Ace of Aces (AOA)
You may play if you have read the rules, played previously, or participated in a scheduled demonstration. The GM will be available for one hour in Exhibit Annex to teach the game. Be on time. The GM will remain for only 15 minutes if no one is present.

Demo: Monday @ 14 - Exhibit Annex Table 4
Heat 1: Monday @ 15 - Dogwood Forum
Heat 2: Wednesday @ 15 - Dogwood Forum
Heat 3: Thursday @ 20 - Dogwood Forum
Heat 4: Friday @ 9 - Dogwood Forum
Semifinal/Final: Saturday @ 15 - Dogwood Forum


Bill Burtless : GM (1st Year)

GM Email:




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The sky is alive with rotary engines and those great flying machines. The Ace of Aces tournament will be held in scheduled Circus heats, as well as, free form style. The GM will retain flight logs for each pilot during scheduled Circus heats, but will allow pilots to take a Recon Patrol flight record for games played outside of scheduled heats. Players can PICK UP A SCORESHEET AT ANY TIME FROM THE EVENT KIOSK or from the GM.

For Recon Patrols, players are free to engage in dogfights at any time during the week before 6 PM Friday. All results must be returned to the GM or the event kiosk by 6 pm Friday, or at the last scheduled Circus heat. Each game reported on the scoresheet must include your name, badge number, result of dogfight, damage to each player, and opposing name and badge number.

Learning the game takes less than five minutes. You will be playing a game quickly and completing it within another five to ten minutes. At least one Demo event will be scheduled for a formal opportunity to learn the game, or you can come to one of the prearranged Circus heats. In addition, many current players are willing to teach new players. Veterans please bring your green Ace of Aces button (designed and graciously provided by Greg Schmittgens during previous WBCs).

As the GM will not always be available to resolve disputes, good sportsmanship is vital. The game will be played using only the beginners rules, except that aces will not be included. Players must have at least 15 dogfights against ten different opponents, with no more than five against the same opponent. No more than 40 dogfights will be counted. Advancement will be determined by highest point average of those qualifying. Points are awarded as follows:
5 for shooting down opponent unless both shot down on same turn,
3 for battle that ends without a kill if you have inflicted more points than received and for event where both are shot down on the same turn,
1 for flight that ends in the same amount of damage and the battle ends due to being lost in clouds or if you get away after sustaining more damage than inflicted, and 0 for being shot down.

The point total will be divided by the number of flights flown. Ties will be broken by highest number of flights flown followed by greatest difference in damage inflicted over damage received. (Games played against opponents who do not register with the GM will not count.) The top six pilots (check the results on the event kiosk for eligible pilots and alternates) will advance to the Final Circus. The Final Circus will be a round robin where the top six qualifiers will face each other one-on-one for a total of five flights by each Ace. The winner will be based on most points during the Final Circus. In the Final, when breaking contact with the opponent, players return to page 170, so there will be no draws. Ties will be broken by head to head record, followed by another round of dogfights if needed. If still tied, points inflicted vs points received during the Final Circus will be the ultimate tiebreaker.

The Final will use this additional rule: You cannot do continuous stalling in place. With the Rotary series, if you are on one of these pages187, 188,198, 205, 209, 213 you may not call one of these pages that continues a stall pattern.

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