Underwater Cities (UWC) PBeM Reports Updated June 21, 2023

2022 PBeM Tournament

We started with 24 participants, with the top 12 advancing to the semifinal. Three players (Assistant GM Felicia Alfieri, DJ Borton, and Ray Wolff) had three wins in the first round. None of them advanced to the final, although DJ was the closest with a win and three third place finishes. Ricky Boyes, with two wins in the first heat, was the only player with three wins in the semifinal round – perhaps a premonition of things to come. Other players with two wins in the first round were Cary Morris, Oliver Searles, Chris Wildes, and Sam Wolff. Only Cary and Chris went on to the final. The other three finalists each had one win in the first round. Brandon Buchanan had two wins in the seminal and the others had one win.

The margin between the last qualifier and the next player in the first round was razor thin. Both had one win, one second, and two third place finishes. After tallying the points differentials, Dominic Blais just edged out Mike Freix for that 12th spot. Christopher Yaure also had a win but added only three third place finishes to also finish short of the semifinal cut line.

The cut to the finals was clearer, with the last spot going to GM Jay Spencer with a win and two second places.

Each of the six finalists played in two of the three four-player games. The results were a nice even spread of 2 wins, 1 win, 2 second place finishes, 1 second place finish, 2 third place finishes, and 1 third place finish.


  1. Ricky Boyes
  2. Cary Morris
  3. Jay Spencer
  4. Chris Wildes
  5. Scott Burns
  6. Brandon Buchanan

Thanks to everyone who played.