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The Napoleonic Wars (NW5) PBeM Reports Updated September 20, 2023

2023 PBeM Tournament

25 players total in 2P double elimination

3 players (Patrick Duffy, Rich Beyma and Lance Roberts) had 5/1 records for the last round. Gareth Williams played as eliminator to beat Patrick Duffy, leaving the result to be decided by the match between Rich and Lance.

Rich would win on the peace die roll on turn 2 as the Coalition. Talleyrand got played twice on turn 2, once to pact Prussia, and once to break it. The coalition were lucky to have Sultan's Ear fetch Turkey, who played their home card to draw. Wellington dodged sniper shots in Languedoc and later Ireland Revolted while Wellington occupied Paris (only to be thrown out on the last round by Soult).

Frederick of Denmark routed a much superior force under Bagration, only to have himself and 3 units all die to attrition at the end (4 6s on 4 dice)

The Top 6 were:

  1. Richard Beyma
  2. Lance Roberts
  3. Patrick Duffy
  4. David Sherwood
  5. Michael Day
  6. Trevor Bender

2018 PBeM Tournament

35 players played 30 games in the initial three rounds of GMT's Napoleonic Wars. The top ten players in order included: Darren Kilfarra, Michael Day, David Sherwood, Michael Dauer, Scott Burns, Keith Wixson, Pat Duffy, Gareth Williams, Lance Roberts, and alternate Richard Prast.

David Sherwood, Michael Dauer, and Michael Day advanced to the finals. Lance Roberts (4th), Pat Duffy (5th) and Gareth Williams (6th) gained Laurels.

In the final game at the start of turn one David's French routed and resourced the Austrian army at Linz. He also gained Naples and Denmark. Britain gained Sweden. Russia gained Munich. On turn two France braved heavy fighting at Vienna. The main battle at Vienna involved the French side playing Dysentary and the Austro-Russians playing Turncoats, Hero, and Rally. After the smoke cleared France conquered Austria with capitulation preventing a possible Austro-Russian counter-attack. France also took Lisbonand gained Turkey diplomatically. On turn three France gained Prussia diplomatically and invaded Russia. A Brit-SwedishD-Day was easily repulsed, and David's French juggernaut captured Grodno, Smolensk, Saint Petersburg, and even the crownof Russia; Moscow. Again, the French side played capitulation and Russia surrendered before Britain could even play Russia Mobilizes. Michael Dauer came in third, Michael Day second, and David's aggressive French strategy earned him first place.

2014 PBeM Tournament

A rather ambitious hybrid format consisting of three 3-player games with each player playing a different side once followed by the top six engaging in 2-player elimination rounds has ended with Rob Mull triumphant over Lance Roberts with a French +10 VP win following a Turn 3 Peace die roll. The field of 34 also provided laurels for Rich Shipley, Michael Day, Rachael Day and Scott Fenn respectively finishing third through sixth.

2005 PBeM Tournament

After 34 games and 64 players, the ACTS tourney of 3-player Nappy is now complete. In the last game the France of Steve Pleva continued her sweep of all the semifinal games into the Final by beating the Coalition (Pete Reese as Britain and Tasos Tsoufis as Austria/Russia. The final score after Turn 4 was: France +6 = Dublin + Lisbon + Naples + Salzburg + Venice + SPAIN + TURKEY - Budapest; Britain -2 = SWEDEN - Dublin - Lisbon - Naples; Austria/Russia 0 = +KEY + Budapest - Salzburg - Venice".