Sekigahara (SKG) PBeM Reports Updated September 21, 2023

2022 PBeM Tournament
  After a round robin phase, 11 players emerged with winning records, advancing to the elimination phase. Many of these players emerged with perfect records 5-0 records. In the semi-finals, Dennis Mishler defeated Robb Effinger, who had won a number “do or die” matches to make it this far. In the other semifinal, Randy Buehler defeated Erin Weir, whose only lost in the first round was to Dennis Mishler. Ultimately, Erin defeated Robb to take 3rd place, while Randy and Dennis engaged in a best of three match to determine the champion.

In the first of the three matches, the game went to Randy on a final score of 14-13 points. The decisive battles at the end of week 7 featured a 2 blocks vs 2 blocks and a 1 block vs 1 block combat, both of which Randy managed to win on ties as the defender. In the second match, Dennis was able to squeak out his own 14-13 victory, by drawing the perfect combination of cards on his final moves to bring down a final castle to gain the victory. On the decisive third game, Randy managed to gain the upper hand later in the game, resulting in a week 7 instant victory for Tokugawa at Kyoto.

Laurelists, in order, were Randy Buehler, Dennis Mishler, Erin Weir, Robb Effinger, Dan Sirbu, and Bob Wooster.

Be on the lookout for news regarding our next online Sekigahara tournament, which should start later this year! Note: The second online tourney will be shorter than the first. Feel free to contact the GM at or on facebook.