Las Vegas (LAS) PBeM Reports Updated November 7, 2021

2021 PBeM Tournament
  Bruce Monnin’s late entry brought our total number of Las Vegas participants to 30. That raised the semifinal number from 10 to 15. Good thing, because one of the finalists, Rob Kircher, would not have made the cut otherwise. That’s the second tournament I have run in a year where he was the last semifinal qualifier and made the final. As we say in swimming, if you have a lane, you have a chance.

The other finalists were Kirk Porteous (with three first-round wins), Andrew Drummond (tying Rob Kircher with two first-round wins), and Dominic Blais and Chris Wildes, each with one win and two second-place finishes. Here is the recap of the final, as told by the winner:

It was very close and could have gone several ways in the last round. Going into the final round, Andrew and I were tied at $310 and Rob was at $300. Chris was back at $250 and Dominic at $200. Rob and I sort of went mano a mano after a $70K loner on the sixes and I ended up winning that with 6 dice on the sixes to his five to claim the $70K. Rob had two dice left to my one and had he rolled a six, then I would have finished 4th or 5th. Andrew had locked up a $50K and was looking like he would finish with $380 also but Rob knocked him out of the additional $20K. Both Dominic and Chris had good 4th rounds to tighten the match at the end. I was certainly the rookie playing against WBC royalty in this match so I am humbled to be able to win a really tight and well played game by all.

Only $60k separated the first place and fifth place players. The tie for 3rd place had to be broken by the second tiebreaker (number of $90k bills) – Chris had one and Dominic had none.

Top six finishers were:

  1. Kirk Porteous
  2. Andrew Drummond
  3. Chris Wildes
  4. Domini Blais
  5. Rob Kircher
  6. Nancy Arsenault

There were two other semifinal game winners who were just a hair outside of winning laurels: Max Jamelli and Michael McKibbin.

Thanks to everyone who played. I will be turning this one over to Chris Wildes next year.