Empire of the Sun (EOS) PBeM Reports Updated November 7, 2021

2021 PBeM Tournament
  The final results are in! Greg Waldeck takes the top position with a JP Survival victory. Congratulations to Greg on a game well played

This tournament started on Dec 7th, 2018 and nearly 3 years later with 69 total matches played, it has ended. The GMs are going to go through the data and feedback, make some adjustments and get this thing restarted. Stay tuned for updates and a call for sign ups, which should happen in a few weeks.

Top six finishers were:

  1. Greg Waldeck
  2. Jay Meyers
  3. Frank Riepenhausen
  4. Tom Slizewski
  5. Tom Thornsen
  6. Filip Spacek

Thanks everyone!