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Diplomacy (DIP) PBeM Reports Updated March 26, 2023

2022 PBeM Tournament

Twenty-seven players Participayed in the 2022 PBeM Tournament

The top six finishers, in order, were Triston Formica, Ethan Edge, Michael Day, Kevin Youells, Austin Lee, and Ray Wolff.

2020 PBeM Tournament

Last year, runner-up Jeff Hayman finished the tournament with a perfect score and two solos, but lost to Richard Prast on a tie breaker. This year he decided that things were going to be different and dominated the competition, going three-for-three and posting a pair of German solo victories and one with France. Let this serve as a reminder for those who play him at WBC—Jeff is evil and must be stopped!

Solo wins were up this year, from seven in 2019 to ten in 2020. In addition to Jeff’s three victories, solo wins were also achieved by Ray Wolff (France), Christopher Lee (France), John Stevens (England), KC Caldwell (France), Kevin Youells (Germany), Steven LeWinter (Italy), and Alessandro Moroni (Russia).

The top three places were obvious this year, as Jeff had a perfect 200. Alessandro, who had stabbed John to take his Russia solo also outscored him by one center in the second game they shared to take second place at 126 and landing John in third at 118. Showing that consistency wins, these three players were the only people to solo in one game and score any points in another.

At this point, as there were five players tied at 100 points, it came down to who had the highest average supply center count. Kevin came in at an average of 17 (based on a 21-center solo) which was good enough for fourth place laurels. Ray Wolff and Christopher Lee rounded out this year’s laurelists.

Unfortunately, real life interfered and the coronavirus managed to take a toll, even in an email tournament. AGM Michael Day runs the Diplomacy Club at the school he teaches in, and they make up a sizeable number of our players. Unfortunately, they access the site and play from computers at the school. When Arizona closed their schools, they lost their connectivity, and No Move Received out of their games.

2021 is going to bring a number of exciting changes to the tournament. We are looking at a new format that will eliminate hidden identities, end the games at 1908, reduce the number of first round games from three to two, and add a final game for the championship, featuring the top seven scorer’s from the first round. The event will also start later in the year, most likely a few weeks after WBC.

The top six finishers were

  1. Jeff Hayman
  2. Alessandro Moroni
  3. John Stevens
  4. Kevin Youells
  5. Ray Wolff
  6. Christopher Lee

2019 PBeM Tournament

Congratulations to Richard Prast for outscoring a field of 28 to win the 2019 Diplomacy pbem tournament.

This year's event used the C-Diplo scoring system which splits a total of 100 points among all the participants in the game. Each person played three concurrent games, and dropped their lowest score. With solos as Germany and Russia, Richard achieved a perfect score of 200. However, Jeff Hayman also scored a perfect 200 points with Turkish and Italian solos. Therefore, we were forced to use the third game as a tiebreaker, where Richard's 17 point France topped Jeff's 3 point France and gained him the championship.

Powered by a German solo, third place went to Jesus Zamora with 105. 2018 champion Doug Ilioff used an English solo to score 102 for fourth. Fifth went to John Stevens at 101 based on a solo with England. Two-time champion Chris Lee rounded out our top six with a score of 75.

Top nations were France, Turkey, Russia, Germany, England, Italy, and Austria.

Full tournament results can be found at https://diplomacywwi.weebly.com/2019.html.

2018 PBeM Tournament

Doug Illioff topped a field of 28 players to capture the 2018 Diplomacy PBeM crown. The field of 28 each played in three seven player games. The other laurelists were John Stevens, Ryan Feathers, Ron Fisher, Kevin Youells, and David Sherwood.

28 players each played in three seven player games of Avalon Hill's Diplomacy for a total of 12 games played. The most favored nations this year were: First GERMANY, FRANCE, ENGLAND, ITALY, AUSTRIA, RUSSIA, and last TURKEY. The top six players were first DOUG ILLIOFF with 36 points, JOHN STEVENS with 31 points, RYAN FEATHERS with 30 points, RON FISHER with 26 points, AGM KEVIN YOUELLS with 25 points, and last DAVID SHERWOOD with 16 points. There were four SOLO wins, six two-player victories, and two three player victories. The 2019 tournament gets an early start in December of 2018 so sign up quickly.

2017 PBeM Tournament

Kevin Youells won his fourth PBeM Diplomacy tournament by topping a field of 35 would- be diplomats in three five-board rounds during a tournament of firsts. One game almost exceeded the time limit, and when two nations both reached 17 centers simultaneously (this has never happened before), the victory conditions were adjusted from 17 to 18 centers. For the first time Italy ranked as the best nation—migrating from its usual cellar status.

Kevin Youells earned 40 victory points (also a new record) for two solo firsts and one 2-way victory. Mikayla Tang and Ken Gutermuth earned 35 victory points each as both had a solo victory and two 2-way victories. Warren Day and Chris Lee earned 30 victory points with a pair of solo victories each. Natalie Howard took sixth place with two 2-way wins. The Best nations were Italy, Russia, France, England, Turkey, Austria-Hungary and Germany in that order.

Best Nations were

  1. Italy
  2. Russia
  3. France
  4. England
  5. Turkey
  6. Austria-Hungary
  7. Germany

2016 PBeM Tournament

Christopher Lee of Peoria, AZ, successfully defended his recent PBeM Diplomacy title by besting a field of 35 in three rounds. Chris recorded two solo wins and a three-way draw in his three games to take top honors. Germany’s Martin Burgdorf took second with a solo win and a two-way draw. Arizona high school student Natalie Howard claimed third over highly-ranked BPA gamer Tom Drueding, while another AZ high school student, Charlotte Anderson, bested ACV guru Kevin Youells for fifth. One of the 15 games logged went to the end of 1913. The best country performances in order were: France, Austria, Turkey, Russia, Germany, England and Italy.

2015 PBeM Tournament

Christopher Lee of Peoria, AZ won the Second BPA PBeM Diplomacy Tournament over a field of 35 players contested in 18 games. A Solo (17 centers) win counted as 15 points, a two-way (12+ centers) win as ten points, and a three way (9+ centers) win as six points. Country survival without being part of a winning split counted as three, two, or one point depending on centers controlled at game's end. Lee had two 2-way wins (France and Germany) and a Solo (England) for first place with 35 total points. Steven Le Winter placed second overall with a Solo, a 2-way, and a 3-way win for 31 points. Jesus Zamora took third place laurels with two Solo wins as France and Russia for 30 points. Kevin Youells of Advanced Civilization fame garnered fourth place laurels with a Solo and 2-way win for 28 points. David Sherwood took fifth with two 2-way wins and a 3-way win with 26 points. Rich Prast, the top ranked AREA player, claimed sixth place with a Solo and a 2-way win for 26 points. Rich, David, and Kevin also won laurels in the 2014 Diplomacy Tournament. Half of the games were Solo victories, A third were 2-way wins, and the remainder were 3-way wins. The best countries in order of victory points were: France, England, Turkey, Russia, Germany, Italy, and Austria.

2014 PBeM Tournament

Scott Nedza won the first BPA PBeM Diplomacy Tournament by one supply center over David Sherwood. Both players had a pair of two-way wins over the 28-player field which generated ten two-way wns and a pair of three-way wins in 12 games. Kevin Youells took third with a two-wayand a three-way win. Also earning laurels were Warren and Bob Day and Richard Prast. Russia earned the most victory points over the course of the tournament followed in order by France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Turkey and England.