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Concordia (CNC) PBeM Reports Updated May 15, 2023

2023 PBeM Tournament

This year’s Concordia tournament started off with 27 players. We had additional sign ups, but problems with the website this year caused a few folks to drop out before we even got started. After we got through that, things went more smoothly.

In the preliminary games, Allan Jiang ended up with what I believe is the highest score I have ever seen (159) made up mostly of five Saturn cards (different provinces) and four Mercury cards (different goods) all of which scored 10 points apiece. Three of the twenty-seven games were what I consider “low scoring” (everyone below 100 points) and those were all remarkably close (scores between 80 and 99 for everyone).

Nobody won all four games, but we had three triple winners (Eric Freeman, Andrew Emerick, and Ray Wolff). The GM even managed to make the cutoff of this round, barely.

In the second round the field was narrowed to 14 players. The GM’s glory was short-lived as he came in dead last. Allan Jiang and Dennis Mishler this time had three wins, and they were joined in the last round by Michael Swinson, Rob Kircher, Andrew Emerick (last year’s champion) Eric Freeman, and Ray Wolff.

Interestingly, the second round had five more “low scoring” games, which is indicative of the cards being rushed more quickly than cities. Last year’s tournament has only three such games in the entire tournament.

In game 1 of the finals, the starting city was surrounded by Food and Tool cities. Anyone looking to Architect two cities would have had to settle for Brick/Food or Brick/Tool. There was only one Cloth two spots away, as well. The first two players played Tribunes to get another Colonist. Michael, in third place, went for a Brick/Tool. Michael went on to place the most cities (11) and had a 7-point win over Eric.

In game 2, Michael pulled out another win, this time leaning more heavily into cards, purchasing eight over the course of the game. Rob came in second by 10 points.

In game 3, Eric won the game by 5 points over Allan, with eight cards including the Tool and Cloth cards.

In game 4, Allan had a large win, passing the nearest opponent by 32 points. He had 11 cities down with a fistful of Saturn and Jupiter cards.

In game 5, Michael won in a squeaker (2 points) over Andrew, with eleven cities on the board, a number of Saturn and Jupiter cards, and propped up by two 10-point Mercury cards.

In game 6, a close game had Dennis the winner by just 1 point, with Andrew winning the tiebreaker over Rob for second place.

In game 7, Dennis beat Michael by just 3 points, with all the players within 13 points of one another.

In the end, Michael Swinson, who had come in second in the past two tournaments, finally managed to top the field with his three wins and one second place finish. Congratulations on the win.

Final top 6:

  1. Michael Swinson
  2. Dennis Mishler
  3. Allan Jiang
  4. Eric Freeman
  5. Rob Kircher
  6. Andrew Emerick

Due to the issues, we had with the website, which do not seem close to being resolved, I will not be running this tournament for the coming year. I will be on the lookout, though, if Concordia pops up on another platform, or if the website gets fixed.


2022 PBeM Tournament

This year’s Concordia tournament started off with 31 participants. Rob Kircher managed to have both the highest winning score in the round (137) and the lowest (94). The latter was only one of three winning scores under 100 points. Dennis Mishler, last year’s sixth place finish, won all four of his games and was followed by four triple winners (including previous champion Andrew Emerick, Rob Kircher, Steve LeWinter and Ray Wolff) in the standings. Yours truly missed the cutoff by one spot. At least this time it wasn’t on a tiebreaker.

In the second round, the field was narrowed to 16 players and we played on the smaller Italia map. Dennis Mishler topped the boards again, narrowly followed by Allan Jiang. For the final round they were joined by Andrew Emerick, Michael Swinson, Dominic Blais, Steve LeWinter, and DJ Borton. Of that group, Dominic and DJ were the only ones who didn’t earn laurels last tournament.

In game 1 of the finals, Andrew had an 11 point win over Dominic. He started off with Wine, eventually got the Vintner card along with a good collection of Saturnus and Mercator cards for the victory.

In game 2, Andrew had a 21 point win over Allan. This time he ended with all 15 houses and the Farmer and Mason cards.

In game 3, Michael passed Dennis by just 2 points. This game, too was expansionary with 15 houses and the Farmer/Mason cards.

In game 4, Dennis has a 6 point lead over Dominic. It was one of the lower scoring games. Dennis only placed 6 houses but amassed 15 cards.

In game 5, Andrew beat Michael by 18 points, where he placed nearly all his houses and had a good collection of cards.

In game 6, Allan only won by 1 point over Steve. He snagged most of the Mercator cards and the Weaver.

In game 7, Andrew beat DJ by nine points. Eight of his seventeen (!) final cards were Saturnus cards, scoring 8 points each.

In the end, while the first two laurelists were the same as last year, the margin was certainly wider – Andrew managed to win all four of his games and none of them were particularly close. Congrats to Andrew for such an impressive performance this tournament.

Top Six Finishes:

  1. Andrew Emerick
  2. Michael Swinson
  3. Dennis Mishler
  4. Allan Jiang
  5. Dominic Blais
  6. Steve LeWinter


2020 PBeM Tournament

We kicked off the tournament with 36 players. Each round every player was going to play in 4 simultaneous games, with the second round cut to 16 players and the third round to 7. We played with the Base Game and Same Starting Resources, using the Imperium map for the first round and the Italia map for the second and third rounds.

In the first round, Randy Buehler managed the highest single game score at 152, in which he bought eight cards and placed all fifteen of his houses. Stephen Aslett managed the lowest winning score with 95, only buying three cards and placing ten houses. Only one other game (in the third round) managed to have a winning score below 100 points. At the end of the first round, three players had won all their games (Allan Jiang, Andrew Emerick, and Dennis Mishler). The GM and assistant Robb Effinger managed three wins.

The second round games were on the tighter Italia map, and expansion was more expensive to come by. Robb Effinger and Andrew Emerick were at the top with three wins each. Steve LeWinter and Allan Jiang scored two wins, and there were several more with one win. As seems common in my tournaments, I was on the wrong end of a tiebreaker and got eliminated.

Scores in the third round games were in general much, much tighter than previous rounds. Steve LeWinter won a game where 8 points separated first and last (this win was also with 90 points, the other game below 100). Dennis Mishler won another game where the gap was only 10 points across the four players.

In the end, Andrew Emerick prevailed, with two wins, along with a second and third place finish. In one winning game, he had the Brick and Food Minerva cards and went heavy on expansion, triggering the end game with houses. In the other win, he had more of a mix and triggered the end game with cards. The second place finish was probably the key. In that game, Allan Jiang won the game by about twenty points, but the other three contenders were within 2 points of each other, with Andrew narrowly edging Steve LeWinter for second. One point the other way and the final ranking would have had Michael Swinson in first overall.

Top Six Finishes:

  1. Andrew Emerick
  2. Michael Swinson
  3. Allan Jiang
  4. Robb Effinger
  5. Steve LeWinter
  6. Dennis Mishler

Full results can be viewed at https://epworthian.wordpress.com/concordia/concordia-2020-2021-results/.