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Beyond the Sun (BSN) PBeM Reports Updated March 12, 2023

2023 PBeM Tournament

During the 2022 Beyond the Sun PBEM tournament, 28 participants played a total of 42 games over three rounds. The tournament consisted of two rounds of four simultaneous games, followed by a single game final. Within each round, players were ranked according to a 1000-100-10-1 scoring system to determine advancement to the next stage.

Jon Senn led the field in the first round as the only player to win three games. Nine other players earned two wins each. Thirteen players advanced to the semifinal round and a point total of at least 1120 (one 1st, one 2nds, and two 3rd place finishes) was required to advance.

In the semifinal, Jeff Wu finished atop the standings with three wins. With four players advancing to the final round, two wins were required to make the cut. Joining Jeff in the Final were DJ Borton, Jon Senn, and Connie Vogelmann. Antero Kuusi and Andrew Drummond earned 5th and 6th place laurels respectively for their placement in the semifinal round.

In the final game, Jeff was able to use Outer Sector Militia to increase his military power and move around the space board to claim the Warlord achievement. Jon and Jeff were each able to combine planet presence with automation to earn the Efficiency achievement. Connie was the only player to earn the Transcendence achievement with a Level 4 technology. In the end, Jeff’s multiple achievements earned him a 4 point victory over DJ. The top 6 finishers were:

  1. Jeff Wu
  2. DJ Borton
  3. Connie Vogelmann
  4. Jon Senn
  5. Antero Kuusi
  6. Andrew Drummond

Jon Senn had the highest winning score with 69, while Jeff Wu had the lowest winning score at 40 in the Final. Francois de Bellefeuille had the highest non-winning score at 66. The average score was 45.6 and the average winning score was 54.3.

Based on the sample from this event, there does not appear to be much disparity in the initial turn order. Seats 2-4 all won 11 games, while Seat 1 won 9. Seats 2 and 4 each had an average finish around 2.3, with Seats 1 and 3 around 2.7. All four seats had an average score between 44.6 and 46.8. Given the numbers presented, Seat 2 might have a slight advantage, but a larger sample size would be required to draw any real conclusions.

Once again congratulations to Jeff and to all of the laurelists and thank you to everyone who participated in the event.