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Amun-Re (AMR) PBeM Reports Updated August 20, 2018

2010 PBeM Tournament

In a close, low scoring game, Haim Hochboim managed to keep just a few points ahead of everyone to grab the 2009 Amun-Re online tournament Wood! At the half way point everyone was within three points but Haim managed to have the top money going into the second half. The provinces popped up in a non-optimal order, nullifying many of the scoring cards and resulting in a couple rounds of haves and have nots in the bidding. Bidding first in a round proved to be critical throughout with the money being tight for everyone. Still managing to score two power cards, Aran almost managed to pass Haim in final scoring, but fell short by just two points when Haim did get to score a bank of the nile card. For all the details you can check out the game at http://www.spielbyweb.com/game.php?games_id=79240.

The final six spots were:

  • 1st Haim Hochboim
  • 2nd Aran Warszawsk
  • 3rd Curt Collins III
  • 4th Kevin Wojtaszczyk
  • 5th Chris Trimmer
  • 6th Grant LaDue

At this time it looks like the last Amun-Re online tournament since the game has now been pulled off of spielbyweb. Much can happen between now and October, so if things change, there might be another tournament, but right now it is not looking likely. So I'd like to thank everyone that made the last three years of Amun-Re online a success! It was a great time and the competition was top notch.

2009 PBeM Tournament

THATCHER WINS AMUN RE PBeM Spielbyweb: Greg Thatcher prevailed over a field of 30 sharks by surviving two rounds of single elimination play following a five-round qualifying swiss portion to take the laurel lead in Amun Re just weeks before WBC was to begin. Greg started the final game with an impressive 22-point old kingdom score on turn 3. He then managed to stave off challenges despite having the least money heading into the new kingdom to preserve the victory. Managing to get Damanhur early to have some temple scoring in the end proved critical as the sacrifice hit the 3-level by game end. For full details of the tournament visit: http://home.roadrunner.com/~kwojtasz/Amun-Re/amun-re2008.html.

The final standings were:

  • Greg Thatcher (39 points: 22 +17)
  • Haim Hochboim (36 points: 9 + 27)
  • Chris Trimmer (34 points: 13 + 21)
  • Aran Warszawski (33 Points: 9 + 24)
  • Arthur Field (31 points: 9 + 22)

Eric Freeman took 6th place laurels with the best alternate performance in the semi-finals.

2008 PBeM Tournament

Kevin Wojtaszczyk emerged triumphant over a field of 30 players in our first on-line Amun Re Tournament. The 30 engaged in a round robin format of six five-player games to ensure that each player played everyone else once in the six-round preliminaries. Tom Dunning emerged from the Preliminaries with the top score of 47 followed by Kevin in second with 43 points. The top 12 scorers then engaged in a three-round semi-final, again playing each other once in three four-player games which proved to be very close - one game being decided by a total difference of just three points between first and last. This led to a five-player Final for the title. Mike Kaltman (6th in the preliminary round) took second followed by Alex Bove (5th), Eric Freeman (4th), and Tom Browne (3rd). Tom Dunning fell to sixth.