1776 (776) PBeM Reports Updated August 20, 2018
2003 PBeM Tournament
  Jan Orband of Belgium faced Doug Pratto of Massachusetts for the first ever BPA 1776 PBeM championship using the first nine months of the campaign game and the Boardgamer's Guide leader rules. Doug bid 13 towns to play the British in an exciting, but relatively bloodless, game of maneuver and counter-maneuver. Both players showed a superb grasp of using troops and terrain to block their opponent. Small, well placed British forces impeded American reinforcements to Charleston in March. In May, after Charleston fell, small American forces then impeded British expansion out of the city. The British maintained a few BRs aboard ships at all times, thereby forcing the American to spread his forces thin in order to counter this constant threat to his coastal towns. By August, the American had formed four main blocking forces: Greene in Albany, Arnold in New England, Lincoln in South Carolina, and Washington in Virginia. Although the British player controlled the 13 towns he needed for victory at the end of his September turn, the wily American found a back door into Alexandria and overran the British garrison. Coupled with seizing Newport, Jan Orband reduced the British to 11 victory towns and became the champion.

Others earning laurels in the 20-player event were:

  • 2nd: Doug Pratto
  • 3rd: Stan Buck
  • 4th: Jim Engler
  • 5th: Stu Bieber
  • 6th: Rod Coffey